10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know

10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know

10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know

I am going to share with you amazing beauty hacks we deal with hair fall & frizziness issue during this weather even we step out after flat iron our hair the moisture in this season turns back our hair as before & ruins our hairstyle too so we need to use such an oil which is infused with Ayurvedic ingredients which helps to control our hair fall. http://beauty

whenever you do oiling to your hair need to wash your hair after an hour of oiling also you can add this Macadamia or argon oil to your shampoo or use such an oil which already infused with these oils which helps in reducing hair frizziness and make our hair manageable too you can select product according to your budget. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/19/top-10-beauty-glowing-skin-tips-for-womens/

one thing have you ever apply any face mask on your dirty or unclean face haven’t you?? you wash your face first then apply that mask but what we mostly do with our hair like we apply mask in that dirty or unclean hair so never do that so you need to do apply a hair mask instead of your conditioner wait for ten minutes or you can do any other work parallely and then rinse it of as we rinse our conditioner. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

you’ll get best results if you apply any good hair mask on your clean hair just for 10 minutes As in this humid weather all the dirt impurities get sticks to our face and for removing it we generally wash our face but only this prevents pimples still pimple occurs as dirt get deposited or enters in our skin pores so to clean our skin pores.

you can use any micellar water or toner like rose water or cucumber water etc.. this will prevents pimples if you do this often it happen our skin feels dry even we apply body lotion sometimes skin feels dryness or itching when you carry body hugging clothes this causes if we don’t wipe your body after taking bath so keep these fancy towels aside so wipe well your body with a thin cotton towel. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

also necessary to wipe out the private parts otherwise occurs itching problems there too so just need to wipe out your whole body with a cotton towel and then apply any of your favourite body lotion mine favourite is delon’s body lotion this makes my skin soft most of you deal with the problem of dark under arms and the problem increases in this weather as whenever we do waxing hairs doesn’t get pulled in one round so our skin gets more sensitive due to that frequent waxing. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

and then we mostly apply deo containing alcohols makes our skin dark so need to use roll on deo rather than that alcohol sprays these roll on deo has cream like textures which moisturises your skin all day long so helps in whitening to your underarms sometimes our foot or hands skin get hard means if you have corn problems there’s a band-aid named corn caps available in the market so apply this band aid to the affected area.

you have to keep it dry keep this band aid for two days on the affected area and when you’ll remove it after two days that hard skin get removed without any pain and your hands or foot again get soft like before if you are dealing with problem of skin tag a medicine named podowart available in the market for skin tag can use this after consulting from your doctor once then apply this on your skin tag. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

then gradually your skin tag will get removed pimple develops from inside and then bursting out from our outer skin so need to use such a nightcream which helps in reducing that pimple whenever its inside of our skin so as to prevent pimple to burst out to our outer layer of skin so use green tea or tea tree oil infused night cream which really helpful to prevent pimples. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

but if you already have a pimple on your face so use Plum’s green tea face mask as a spot treatment on your pimple this help in suppressing pimples also helps in reducing pimple scars and makes your skin crystal clear most of you prefer bleach to lighten their facial hair we all know that bleach contains ammonia which is not so good for our skin so you can use this D-tan pack of O3 plus instead of bleach as it doesn’t contains ammonia. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

just apply on your face keep it for 5 to 7 minutes then wipe it off with a damp cloth avoid contact it with your eyes and lips it lightens your facial hair at the same time help in reducing tan from your face this product contains least chemicals than that of bleach have you face itching problems in your private parts especially during periods do not ignore it first need to do is try to keep skin dry means avoid using too sticky creams. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

there secondly use such a soap or body wash which maintain skin’s pH level if you do this helps to prevent itching or irritation but if itching already exists to you there so you can use this anti fungal powder do not use too much of it only in one or two application this anti fungal powder will resolve all your itching issues in your private area sometimes our liquid lipstick get mash up in the very first swipe or sometimes looks patchy first you need to line or fill your lips with crayon or with any of your matching lipsticks and then apply your liquid lipstick don’t press your lips until the lipsticks get dried up then after drying your lips become picture perfect.

beauty hacks – desi vs modern moms

10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know

mom please give me a dress from zara why little bit have complete brand new second hand means didi’s one i think that you will find a second hand groom for me you are saying right, second hand is also cheap It was better that I would have been born in a rich house baby wake up let’s do exercise, wake up baby why are you sitting, go and have shower baby what are you doing, come and do breakfast. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

come mom please feed me i applied nail paint baby eat by your own, you are grown up desi mom is good how nicely she feeds me, i miss you mom oh my god my daughter become so skinny, don’t you eat well skinny, OMG how fatty she is still she needs to loose some weight no, from my beauty hacks you will become beautiful live with me you will become modern no, she will do desi hack you tell me modern.

you tell me desi and you please hit 1,50,000 LIKES to video fast and what are you doing? you guys are not subscribing, so let’s make a target of this video of 30,000 subscribers so fastly share video with your friends & family and let’s enjoy the video is it looking designer dress?

no, must be expensive no, in how much you purchase it? must in thousands dad’s money is free you are purchasing thousands of clothes i didn’t purchased my saree from last 1 year and you do hang out after purchasing designer top of thousands have it ,see it’s not a designer now happy have it keep silent my mom this is amazing, you told me this hack. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

i always wear second hand clothes so if you are also get bred from your old kurti so let’s go and give new look to it so first make plate from kurti and keep it inside like this take it out from neck area then spread plates and pin up from both corner like this now the part remaining keep it inside the jeans and tuck it like this baby we need to go to wedding you are not ready yet?

no mom i’m having so much dandruff and hairfall so that in wedding my hairs will spread so much compare to flowers so for this i’ll tell you a remedy fast and effective tell me fast apply onion in hairs, it will stop dandruff, hairfall and 100% result but there’s a problem if bride will get faint from onion’s smell i’m not talking about that onion. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

i’m talking about this onion i use this onion black seed hair oil from wow science this will moisturize the scalp without making it sticky and make strong the weak scalp after that i use shampoo & conditioner it improves the texture of hairs along with make hair strong & lustrous so you applied shampoo and condition but if you want more nourishment or smoothness to your hairs so you can also apply hair mask in 1 or 2 weeks.

because of that you don’t need to apply conditioner and hair will look nourished wow mom it seems my hair will become wow from wow baby see who in on gate? have this, mom what you bring i don’t anything about this? there’s not a big thing in this, if you don’t know then will know see here there’s a QR code on back of product scan it from any scanner you will get complete information of product and you know every scan will give you point that we can use in next purchase from where you take this?

i purchase it by my own baby hold this bag and please give me some water i did reverse nose contouring from parrot’s nose for that first apply powder on nose after that apply contour on nose, then apply highlighter on it that’s it then just remove extra powder see how much pointed nose contouring is done it seems mother daughter going to collect scrap no no we are going to market. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

by seeing her jean it looks like she is a garbagewoman oh my god this girl insulted me a lot what i did now? you did this you don’t wear jeans you will not understand so to fold jeans correctly firstly inside the jeans like this then the make it upward that ankle part like this folding this type of jeans will not show wrinkles and it will also look clean wow you are not mom you are super mom it seems you go twice in a day tomorrow is your crush’s birthday party what look yu will going to have? what will i take?

she likes kangna a lot? kangna!! see first divide hairs in two section then take of piece of fabric twist on hairs like this and then secure the end with rubber band now do this second side and don’t forget to spray water before sleeping then after waking up in morning remove fabric now you can also see hairs are looking curly and beautiful if you go outside because of crush then i’ll crush you aunty wait. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

you are not allowed to go inside why we can’t go inside? aunty you wear black downward and our dress code is yellow aunty i’m talking your sandels, go and wear yellow i didn’t eat anything till morning because of party so to uplift our face we need little concealer and the place where i’m applying concealer you also apply on the same place your face will look uplifted by doing this hack so you need to blend the concealer in upward direction you can see the different first face was looking round not it is looking in v shape.

how to get ready fast – mom hacks & tips

10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know

I’m going to be sharing with you my top 10 tips on how to get ready fast in the morning. And also some of my morning hacks. I feel like I’m prettyquick at getting ready now cause I’ve got it down to a fine art in the past four or five years. I have to do the school run and I’ve always been a working mom. So once I do do the school run, I also have to go to anoffice or to have meetings. So I need to look pretty presentable. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

So that means I have to getmyself and all three kids ready by about a quarterpast eight every morning. So here are my top tips. Tip number one is to geteverything ready the night before for yourself and also for your children. Lay out the uniform thatthey need to wear to school or whatever they’re gonna wear to nursery and think about the type ofday that they’re gonna have. Do they have show and tell for instance? Is it football club? Is it karate? Get it all ready the night before and set yourself up for an easier morning.

And that also means yourself. Lay out what you plan to wear the next day even if it is leggings and a jumper. Or what I really like todo is to wear dresses. Dresses are the easiest outfit for me. It stops me from thinking ifa top goes with some trousers or if this top goes with jeans. It’s just really simple to just throw on a dress and leggings. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

Whatever the season is, Ijust love wearing dresses. For tip number two, Iwanted to show you a product that has really sped up howquickly I can get ready. It is the Dyson supersonic hairdryer. I was very kindly sent this to try and I was so excited when I received it because you know I love Dyson products.

In all of my speed cleaning videos, I’m running around withmy Dyson cordless hoover. I love the technology that they bring out and it’s definitely quiet. But one thing I wasn’t expecting, is this little thing is so powerful. For such a small littlething, it’s amazing. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

Lots of you all know thatI have hair extensions, so they can take a long time to dry. So it’s really importantthat I have a good hairdryer because I really don’t have much time. As a busy mom of three, timeis really valuable to me. So basically the Dyson hairdryer has a very powerful digitalmotor in the handle of it here.

One other thing I really like is that it doesn’t havea filter on the back that I’m constantlygetting my hair caught in. Because my hair is very long, I used to have that problem all the time. It also has four different heat settings that you just turn on bypressing this little button here and they light up withreally cute LED lights. The design of it is so so sleek. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

This would be perfect for travel. I’m so glad that I got to try it out cause I am a complete convert now. I know it can seem quite pricey. I believe it’s 299 pounds, but this is amazing and it would be a brilliantluxury gift to receive or to give someone. So I will put the links down below because it’s honestly mademy routine so much faster.

Tip number three is toget a few things ready the night before for breakfast. Just by doing little thingslike setting the table, or putting out bowls and cereal, can really save time in the morning. One other thing I like to do is make little smoothie bags up. So you can put the fruit,or the protein powder, or the spinach, or whatever it is that you have in your smoothies. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know

10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

You can put them into little Ziploc bags, put that in your freezer, and then in the morning all you have to do is dump that into your blender with a little bit of almond milk or water, whizz it up and your breakfast is healthy and it’s ready to go and it sets you up for the day. Or if you have time in the day, you can even make up really yummy little muffins for the kids as like a grab and go breakfast. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

I make these really nice ones that have carrot in them and also yogurt. And the kids love them and then I know I’m sendingthem off with grains in them, with vegetables in them, and a little bit of protein. So yeah, I really love doingsome preparation for breakfast. My next tip will reallyspeed up your morning and this was amazing whenI was a busy working mom. And that is that you wake up early. Wake up before your children. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

You can get so much donein even just 20 minutes of children free time. So what I like to do isto set my alarm for six AM because the kids normally wake up at about six thirty to seven AM. So that gives me at least a half hour to wash my face, brush myteeth, get ready for the day, and then when the kids are up all I have to do is focuson getting them ready, getting breakfast intothem and also into myself. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

And honestly it makes such a difference. I can get so much done ifI wake up before the kids. My next tip is to try and not look atyour mobile phone very much. This is a time zapper. Yes, have a quick lookif you’ve had any texts or anything urgent overnight, but then put it away. Maybe even put it in your bag for the day because I am the worst for just looking and scrolling through Instagram.

I’ll end up looking at what other people arehaving for breakfast. And it just wastes time. So unless you have to, putthat mobile phone away. My next tip is about makeup. I’m the type of person who likes to wear makeup every single day, but what I do is I have one big makeup bag that has absolutely everything in it. So if I ever have time to put on makeup, I got to that bag. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

But then I also have a smaller bag which I just keep my top five products in and that’s what I basicallyuse from day to day. So I will let you just have foundation, concealer, a quick brow product, bronzer and blusher, and that is it. And I will just really quickly use that bag in themorning and those products. And if there is ever a morning where I don’t have time to put on makeup, I can just grab that whole little bag and stick that in my bag and off I go.

If I need to put on makeup on the train or wherever I’m off to, I can do that. And another thing that I do is I keep a brush, a lip gloss, and also some sunglasses in my car. So if I am ever running out the door and I haven’t even hadtime to brush my hair, or put on lip gloss, or I look really really tired, I have those things in the car. For tip number nine, I actually have a few hacksfor people that ironing or don’t have time to iron in the morning. 10 beauty hacks tips every girl must know.

When I was little, mymom used to always say, hang your item of clothing in your shower when you are having a shower. The steam that is created from that will actually get some of thewrinkles out of your clothes while you’re having a shower. Another tip I really like to do is to put my item of clothing into the tumble dryer with a damp cloth. And that will actually takeout some of the wrinkles.

It will absorb a littlebit of the moisture and get some of the wrinkles out. So definitely try that. And another hack, which I really don’t knowif you’re gonna like or not, is if you have an item of clothing and it’s not that wrinkly, but maybe just the collar needsa little bit of sorting out or just a little bit of a sleeve, what you can do is getyour hair straighteners if you’ve been using them and just quickly iron the collar with that or iron a bit of thesleeve if you need to. I know it sounds crazy,but honestly this works.

Tip number ten might horrify a few of you, but I reckon if you’re a momyou’ve probably done this. That is to have a baby wipe bath. Actually give this video a thumbs up if you’ve ever had a baby wipe bath. That is basically justgetting your baby wipes, making sure you’re all clean, and then putting on deodorantand going out the door.