10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Video games live and die by the sword of criticaland commercial reception. Some new releases do well enough to spawna sequel, some may be the beginning of a sprawling franchise, and some do well in practically every regard and then we never hear from them again. Over the years, PlayStation has hoarded arelative cornucopia of such exclusive IP’s. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/27/how-to-control-technology-and-human-trafficking-in-2020/

While it would be impractical for a new it eration of every exclusive to be in development all the time, it’s still rather sad to see older but still very solid franchises get pushed to the back as Kratos elbows his way to the front once more with his big… handsome beard and face. With the like lihood being that the PlayStation5 will be announced this year, we thought it time to look over Sony’s vast library and pick out what we think should make a return.

Things do get a little tricky when you lookback to the PS2 and PS1 era, as most prominent exclusives from the time have since been boughtup by other publishers, or released on other consoles, so this will predominantly be aPS3 and PS4 list. Let’s look at some. I’m Ben from TripleJump, and here are 10exclusives we want to return on PS5. 10. Resistance Best known for their work on the Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter series, the announcement of Resistance Fall of Man by developers Insomniac, marked their first real foray into darker subject material.

A PlayStation 3 launch title, fall of man wove the tale of a mysterious disease racing across Europe and turning humans into hive-mindcontrolled sort-of alien things called chimera. With England about to fall, the US sends ataskforce in to find out what all the fuss is about, but by the time the sequel rolledaround the chimera were invading America, and in the third one they were hiding undergroundso it clearly didn’t go too well.

There were 5 Resistance titles in total: atrilogy developed by insomniac for the PS3 – with the 3rd one being absolutely outstandingI must say – and two portable offerings for the PSP and Vita respectively. As a lore and story rich franchise that was well received by both players and critics, it’s a shame that the dust cover is verymuch over resistance for now, and with all online servers for the trilogy turned offin 2014 with Insomniac head Ted Price claiming they were done with the series, who knowsif we’ll ever see a Resistance 4 or soft reboot in the future.

What we can do however is put it on this list,which I have done, so there. Please sony. 9. Little Big Planet DOO DOO DOO DOOO DOOOOO oh wasn’t the sound track for the first little big planet the absolute best? Launched with the tag line ‘play, create,share’ in 2008, media molecule’s PS3 exclusive earned massive critical acclaim, receivinga 95% rating on metacritic and a slew of awards in the process.

Starring the adorable sackboy OR SACKGIRL, little big planet was a physics-based side scroller with several planes of depth thatthe player could jump between. Looking like the entire thing was hand made BEFORE IT WAS COOL, YOSHI, and putting an emphasis on user created content, it wasn’tlong before players created some truly spectacular things, like a working calculator, yeah, really.

MM released their follow up in 2011, deepeningthe creation tools and essentially allowing players to make their own games, oh and didI mention that the whole game had voice over provided by the legendary Stephen fry? I once tried to interview him about it fora podcast I do and his agent’s response was ‘this is not something Stephen wouldlike to do’. Ouch.

10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

The little big planet franchise is really special, and despite taking something of a step back with the Sumo Digital-developed Little big planet3, there’s still a lot of love for this series. We’d just need Media Molecule to consider returning. 8. Uncharted A lover of wearing his shirt half untucked,Nathan Drake has been treasure hunting, quipping, and encountering slightly out of place super natural phenomena for over a decade now.

From the more light-hearted Amy hennig-scriptedoriginal 3, to Neil Druckman’s more grounded and grizzled Uncharted 4, the uncharted seriesis absolutely one of the jewels in Sony’s crown from one of their best studios in NaughtyDog, and one of few PS3-founded series that absolutely nailed the leap to PS4. There have been spin-off titles too, includingBend studio’s Vita-exclusive golden abyss, and 2017’s excellent uncharted: lost legacy.

It’s through this most recent entry however,that we could see the series continue, as it was stated numerous times during uncharted4’s development that it would conclude Drake’s story and without spoiling anything, it doeshave an appropriate end that would imply that his arc has concluded. Indeed, Lost Legacy is the only title in theseries not to star Drake, instead putting series mainstay Chloe Frazer in the lead role.

Whether we continue as chloe, a new challenge rapproaches, or Nate makes a surprise return, we have no doubt Sony will want the flagshipuncharted brand on PS5, but only time will tell who gets to be the protagonist. 7. inFamous Before the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Manreleased last year, there’d been a long drought of decent superhero games.

We’ll fix that! Exclaimed sucker punch studios, slamming acopy of inFamous down on the table. Launched in 2009 and starring Cole ‘I’vebeen voiced by two different people in two different games’ McGrath, inFamous gaveyou electric powers and shoved you into a crime ridden ‘not legally new york’ totry and restore order and uncover the truth behind how you got your powers. If you want. You see, infamous gave you the choice to make good or evil decisions.

They were usually typically comic book ‘killthis man or spare him’ stuff, but the world and story would change depending on your actions. The sequel took Cole to ‘legally not neworleans’ which is a bit of a nightmare for the poor guy considering his fear and weaknessto water. The franchise did make the leap to PS4 within famous second son, which stars the – dare I say – douchey delsin rowe, and a spinoff title first light would see second son side character Fetch take the reigns. http://tech

With fans clamouring for a return to the universe,particularly wishing for an evil Cole mcgrath to clash with a good – but still douchey– delsin rowe, we may be waiting a while. At least, if suckerpunch is to develop a sequel,because their hands a are a little full at the moment with the beautiful looking ghostsof tsushima. 6. Horizon Zero Dawn Known for a series with the on-the-nose name KILLZONE, guerilla games surprised everyone a couple of years ago with their very firstforay into open world RPG’s with the outstanding Horizon Zero Dawn.

Set in the distant, DISTANT future on earth,hulking mechanical beasts roam the land, with humans reverting to an almost nomadic stateand living in clans, worshipping the sun, and killing each other just because they liveone valley over – okay, so not much has changed with that last one, but still, a very interesting setting for a video game. Post apocalyptic is a genre done to deathin game-form, so something truly unique has to be created in order to stand out, and that’s absolutely what guerilla achieved here.

Posing the question: what happened in the past to get us to where we are now, the roller coaster of revelations that you slowly unpick is utterly fascinating, and rivals the very best science fiction novels on the matter. Hell, I – for my shame – ignored the majorityof side quests, electing to instead sprint hell for leather towards the next story missionjust so I could find out the next piece of the puzzle.

It’s unlikely we won’t see a sequel tohorizon on PS5, but whether they can recapture the allure of the mystery at the centre of the original remains to be seen. 5. Ratchet and Clank Launching in 2002, the adventures of cuddlylombax ratchet and miniature humanoid toaster clank have seen the pair grace PS2, PS3, PSP,Vita, and most recently PS4.

Full of fun characters, colourful scenery,and huge guns, the series has a massive following, and sony clearly believed in it so much thatthey only went and released a movie about the pair in 2016 – but it didn’t do well. Under whelming at the box office and crushedby critics, this kind of failure would usually be enough for a company to shelve a franchiseentirely, but thank fully work had begun on a retelling of the original game with original developers Insomniac returning, and that fared far better.

10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

Earning high scores across the board as well as various game of the year nods, this was a return to form that playerswanted: a love letter to the series if you will. Whether they continue by retelling Ratchetand Clank 2, or start work on a brand new title, sony would be mad not to continue theseries on PS5. 4. Spider-Man Spider-man spiderman, lucrative partnershipwith marvel spiderman. Insomniac again now, rocking in with one ofthe greatest superhero games ever made.

Released last year to rave reviews, players as sume the spandex of an already established peter parker and spiderman and I can’t thankthe developers enough for this choice because I will not abide seeing my namesake shot bya mugger ANYMORE. It was absolutely gorgeous, with a compellingplot, fluid and intuitive combat, and that traversal across the city – I never thoughtI’d ever have this much fun swinging – ooh my.

It also sold a copy to every single breathingperson in the world, selling 3.3 million units in its first 3 days – making it the bestselling game of the year so far. It’s also the best selling Spider-man game,the best selling marvel game, and the fastest selling superhero game. Ever.

As of November last year, it had sold 9 millioncopies, so I mean, it’s fairly safe to assume Insomniac have gone straight back onto Spideyduty, right? If there isn’t a sequel released on PS5, playstation need a good old biff and pow until they make some sense. 3. Motorstorm I loved motorstorm, or let me be specific, I loved its sequel Motorstorm pacific rift.

Launched along side the PS3 in 2006, motostormwas pitched as a big crazy racer with realistic physics even though there was a boost button, where you could race in everything from big rigs to bikes. The environment, other racers, holding downboost until you just blew up: everything was against you in motorstorm, creating a trulychaotic and fun arcade racer.

The sequel, pacific rift, took the game toa tropical island, offering tracks themed around lava, water, jungle, and sharks? I think? It’s needless to say that outside of granturismo, whose racing sim status makes it unappealing to some, sony doesn’t reallyhave a catch-all mainstream racing series under its belt anymore, especially with theseries bowing out with the lower-rated motorstorm apocalypse in 2011.

Developers Evolution Studios were sadly shutdown in 2016 after the failure of their new racing IP: Driveclub, so while it’ll beimpossible for the original team to return, I’m all for a PS5 reinvigorationof a greatdumb racer where your car can explode only for you to clamber back in and continue racinganyway. 2. God of War Boy! Dad jokes! Kratos has heard them all and he’s so bloodytired. Look at him, all tired with that big tiredbeard. He seems tired.

Taking a huge note out of Naughty Dog’splaybook, 2018’s god of war was a total 180 from the somewhat mindless hack and slashit once was, instead focusing on a linear and tight narrative, touching moments withyour son Atreus, and some light open exploration.

10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

10 best Exclusives We Want To Return On PlayStation 5 (PS5)

You can still rip enemies in half though. Yep, the greek god of war had journeyed farto be free of Zeus’ meddling, washing up in the Norse realm of mythology, and it isa revelation. Sony Santa Monica studio under the guidanceof corey barlog absolutely knocked it out of the park, creating one of the greatestgames possibly ever, and perhaps even more impressively: putting together a touchingand heartfelt story about kratos, you know, the man who yells all the time and kills peoplereally violently.

It truly is an incredible achievement. And this achievement is only heightened when we came to learn that development on the title was far from smooth, with president of sony’sworldwide studios shuhei yoshida reportedly ‘horrified’ after playing an early demo,and walking out without saying a word.

Shirking the usual DLC duty, you’ve gotto imagine the developers are hard at work on a follow up, especially given the INCREDIBLEend game tease, and while it looked amazing anyway, just imagine what could be achievedwith the power of the PS5. 1. Bloodborne From the twisted minds behind Dark souls anddemon’s souls, bloodborne is perhaps one of the greatest exclusive games ever to graceplaystation hardware.

Set in a gothic, victorian-esque world wherethe use of ancient beings’ blood as medicine and the like hasn’t ended so well, it isthe night of the hunt, were you – a hunter – are tasked with running around in an utterhellscape, destroying what the blood hath wrought and escaping the nightmare.

Probably From Soft ware’s greatest game, it avoids many foibles committed by its sister series’, changing up the healing mechanics, speed of combat, and replacing the use of a shield – if indeed you actually used one– with a firearm intended to parry a foe when fired at the optimal time.

It weaves a dark and twisted tale of man’sgreed and inability to control oneself when presented with power – quite literally inthe case of bloodborne, becoming beasts and monsters as a result. In fact, for the first time in their history,you can actually just about follow along with the story of what’s happening without needinglore videos and wikis, so cheers to series big boy hidetaka miyazaki for that. From Soft have stated on numerous occasionsthat they’re finished with dark souls, but that doesn’t mean they’re done with blood borne.

If we were sony, we’d be throwing all of the money in the world at them to secure a sequel, but if it’s going to happen, it’lllikely be on PS5, so let’s all hold out hope for that. And there we have it, 10 of our favourite playstation exclusives.

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