10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

How to prevent and cure a mass acne. I’ve got some secret home remedies that can help you clear up your acne. Now, if you do this all the time, I’m sure not only your acne will clear up. You’re going to have a smoother skin. I’ve been an Aesthetic Therapist for over 10 Years. And in this channel, I’m going to teach you the most effective way to stay young and pretty now. http://beauty

If you do like my videos, please give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel turn on your notifications. So you don’t miss any of my videos Today I’m going to tell you how to prevent and treat mask acne. Of course for the Asian and Korean methods the most effective and fastest way are to do laser treatments like Fractional lasers or Erbium lasers, but if you We have access to these machines. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/08/5-awsome-beauty-tips-for-womens-skin/

It’s okay, because today I’m going to teach you some home remedies that you can also do to prevent acne number one. Now, if you do wear a mask every day and you don’t have a lot of Mass to change for each day, it’s okay before you wear a mask put a tissue underneath the mask and wear it for every one hour or so throw the tissue away. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

And change another tissue to put in between the reason behind that is because acne develop more when there’s bacteria and is more humid. So therefore having a tissue between your face and a mask keeps the humidity away and is also absorbs the water or any sweats that you come up from and you can just throw up the tissue and change it and this can maintained a very clean face and clean environment between the mask and your face. Number two, please do wash your face twice a day.

Like duh who doesn’t know about that. Right? But I’m serious the reason why is because if you actually wash your skin more than twice a day you actually dry up your skin and actually more acne could have caused and could have come out because it’s drying it will secrete more sebum. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

So twice a day is fair enough, but however, how you wash your face is also important. If you do wear sunscreen, make sure that you remove the sunscreen very well enough when you clean your face. So it’s better off to use an oil based cleanser like you remove your makeup. And then you also clean your face again with a foam cleanser.

So you wash your face twice one with cleansing the oil part. And then the second is cleansing the water part. So if you do that, I’m sure deep cleansing of the face will help to cure your acne. Number three, of course during the mask time that if you want to prevent your skin from actually having acne is better not to wear makeup underneath the mask, but because of your job preference, if you do really have to put makeup on my suggestion is maybe use mineral makeup and in Mineral base makeup because they’re they’re bigger in sizes. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

So they actually doesn’t clogs up in your pores. Now a lot of people come in handy of using Something like a BB cushion. Now if you actually do really like to use BB cushion, no, I don’t think it’s a good idea because BB cushion is very oil in based and if you notice a lot of times if you use a BB cushion, your face is nice and shiny but it also has kind of oily at the same time and especially during the summertime this sponge.

It’s like do you wash it every day? If not then with this humid of the sponged and with the The temperature so hot definitely there could be a lot of bacteria grown on to your sponge. So if you apply this on your face every day, definitely, I don’t think it’s a good idea and maybe more acne would grow. Now if luckily your acne are ready for what can you do now? The best way of course is easiest would be if it’s only break out of one or two. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

You can just use salicylic acid or any product that have salicylic acid to dab it on or some salicylic acid cream to place it on your face. Now the other options are if it comes into a lot of clumps like a really big patches of clumps. Then probably it’s a lot of bacteria involved and then you might need to use benzoyl peroxide.

So any products that contains benzoyl peroxide now for me, actually, I do find a product that is quite good. So the two things the two products I find is quite good is the La Roche-POSAY this one that is actually for the acne treatments. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

You can also actually do it as a hydration lotion. It does have a 24 hours that for hydrating now, however only thing bad about this is if you apply this and you try to apply any sunscreen somehow the sunscreen and this product they’re not friends after you put it on your sunscreen actually the whole product. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

I don’t know which one rubs it off. But the whole thing the whole thing you just kind of like put on your face everything just comes off everything just drops off. So if you actually do brought this buy this product you probably need to put on sunscreen that are in the powder form or something. Because it just doesn’t work with other sunscreens. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

For some reason now, the other product that I really really liked is Rice Force It’s called the acne spot clear. The reason why I like this is because it really works when you just dab it on no matter how small or how big your acne are. You just kind of have to dab it on there. And then basically the next day you can see that it already dries up in maybe one or two days. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

It already comes up and the good thing about this is you can actually apply it even on top of your makeup. So, let’s say if I had makeup on and the acne breaks out. I can just dab this on and still applying the mask on it perfectly fine now if you want a link, I do put a link down to let you see where I can get this product from now the other things I want to talk about specially when your acne do actually have, please please please do not use your hand to touch them and do not try to use any.

10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

Temps with any sharpen things or your nails try to touch them try to squeeze them tried to do anything with them because naturally they will go away. Just let it dry out on its own or put on I just told you about the salicylic or the rice force product or the other any products to let it dry up and it will come off on its own and just let it come off on its own especially when it’s prone to have a lot of bacteria inside and you do that you’re whole face, it’s going to get worsen. So please remember that. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

Okay now in the beginning of the video, I told you there’s a to Little Secret home remedies that I used that used to clear up the acne or any problem of my skin and look at the smoothest skin and here I’m going to share with you right now. Number one is watermelon watermelon.

What are you talking about? You mean eat watermelon? No, I’m About the watermelon as an applying it onto your skin. Are you kidding me? No, I’m not kidding you it is true because watermelon are very prone to have a very good in vitamin A as well as in vitamin D. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

Watermelon also have a beta carotenes and lycopene all this a very good in caring of a damaged cells now for your acne normally is because of the dead cells including your sebum oil and you get skins are not removing and that’s why it just clogs the pores and Ta Da! Acne, right? So for watermelon because it does have this repair of your damaged cells so it can help a nice natural exfoliations of removing your dead skins and which you don’t have much of a clogged pores.

So if you by all means had watermelon you’re eating and then you can save the skin and some of the watermelon into your washroom and when you clean your face you just apply it on your As a toner and you find that the next day your skin does feel a lot more supple smoother and softer, especially if there is an area that has acne on there. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

you find that it can come out easier and it can heal faster and the second is to Rice water rice water. Yes. Now an Asian family what we do is normally we have Rice we wash every day We soaked it in the water for 30 minutes. We remove the rice and then the leftover starchy water is actually very good for your skin. You can actually use that water to wash your face.

If you have acne you can just use that water to dab it on it and just dab it on your acne. There are so many scientific reports that have studied that rice water are very good for your skin because it has anti-inflammatory. So especially if you have a acne prone skin. It’s very good. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

Now. Normally the fermented rice are even better. But of course at home, it’s hard to make fermented Rice So rice water, it will be do fine. The other method you can use is rice Force lotion, because the rice Force lotion actually our process of Japan and has been certified in the Japan that is a fermented rice And actually they used this to clear up your skin.

So every day after washing your face, you can dab it on a cotton. And just wipe all over the face, and it helps you clear all the pores from your face. So as a very good method, and you can try it if you like these two home remedies are free of charge. So why not give it a go! now today. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

well obviously masks are helping to stop the spread of kovat 19 like it or not they’re here to stay at least for a while and if you’re like me you wear yours to help protect yourself and others from the virus but what if you’re getting rashes or acne breakouts from these masks well I’m going to show you what to do to prevent that in five easy steps in this video. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

hi everybody welcome back to skincare with Chris Gibson if you’re new I’m Chris I’m your skin care expert I’m here to help you find skincare that will work for you not into your wallet and not cause more harm than good so if that’s your thing please hit the subscribe button and that little notification bell so did you get notified when my new videos are up okay face masks and skin not always a good combination.

10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

especially if you’re allergic to some of the synthetic materials that are in some of these masks or you could have a situation where the mask is simply touching the skin and trapping oil dirt sweat bacteria all of that good stuff down in your pores and leading to Frank outs and of course trying out different masks of different materials is a really good option if it’s an allergy situation but what if you’re dealing with acne breakouts. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

while breakouts and rashes are really truly the downside to wearing these masks it’s so important that we try to do this because you may have heard or you will hear or see in the news very soon about the group of people that went to a bar in Jacksonville Florida which is not too terribly far from here and one of the girls in this group had gone through lockdown all the way through April into May and not gone out and she finally did go out with her friends to a bar and people were not wearing masks.

they weren’t wearing face coverings the staff wasn’t and all 16 of that group got kovin 19 so clearly clearly clearly masks are very very important but rashes and breakouts what do you do well there are some steps that I want to give you right now in this very quick down and dirty video that will help you avoid getting those rashes and breakouts. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

if you are getting them what to do to help correct them and keep them from coming back okay the first thing that’s really super important that when you remove your mask for the day that you take the time right then to cleanse your skin it’s very very important that you do it after you remove the mask that you don’t go to bed without doing that and that you don’t walk around for hours on in at home without having cleansed.

your skin here’s why it’s important that mask has trapped water vapor sweat bacteria from your breath also bacteria that already is on the skin automatically oil dirt all of that stuff gets trapped and it sits on the skin all day with no air so cleansing it is super important in keeping the skin from breaking out and getting those contact dermatitis rashes and it’s very important that you use a cleanser that is very mild gentle to the skin. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

but able to cut the oil dirt and bacteria get that stuff out of your pores now a couple of these come to mind one of them is CeraVe hydrating cleanser and the other Aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser and there’s two differences here if you have a normal skin sensitive skin all the way to oily skin but you don’t have acne then the CeraVe which is a non foaming glycerin based cleanser is going to be the perfect cleanser for you.

if you have acne prone skin or you are in the throes of a rash or a breakout you’re going to be better off using a Vino’s ultra calming cleanser because it’s going to be able to ferret out all of that I like that word ferret it’s gonna be able to ferret out all the oil dirt and bacteria from your pores it does foam but it’s still very mild and gentle the idea. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

here is to keep the skin clean and hydrated without over-drying it and further irritating your skin so we want to make sure we use something that’s very calming next it’s very important that you apply a moisturizer that has barrier boosting ingredients and that’s hyaluronic acid that’s also nice in amide or ceramides those three ingredients help boost protect moisturize.

the skin from further damage and friction from the mask that you’re wearing hyaluronic acid is a skincare ingredient that can carry 1,000 times its weight in moisture per molecule so it’s able to pull moisture into your skin and hold it there which keeps your skin moisturized keeps it from drying out and chafing as easily ceramides help build up your skin’s natural barrier to protect it from friction from the mask from oil dirt. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

and bacteria seeping down into the pores and creating breakouts contact dermatitis while niacinamide which is one of my favorite skincare ingredients is very helpful at calming the skin down reducing redness and irritation so those three combined can really make a big difference on your skin especially when you’ve been wearing these masks for hours on end now. 10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time.

my nose gets pushed down by my mask I don’t even think I have a big nose but it does it gets pushed down and I get this little area or dry scaly area from the cloth and then I acetamide which is a derivative of vitamin b3 or niacin in a serum form really helped my skin out with that particular issue so I know that it works very very well from personal experience now some really good products that I’ll recommend for this are Neutrogena hydraboost which is what I use this is the one for extra dry skin fragrance free oil-free.

10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

10 Spot Treatments That’ll Clear Up Your – Maskne – in No Time

it’s the hyaluronic acid that will help moisturize your skin throughout the day then also the niacinamide this is the ordinary it’s just plain ol niacinamide and a serum that will help reduce redness and really calm your skin and Cetaphil has a moisturizing cream that is excellent that will help build up that protective layer to help further protect your skin against the rubbing.

the friction from the masque so those three items together can really go a long way to help protect your skin while you go through this period of having to wear these things now the other thing you can do that is really really helpful is to apply a healing ointment at night before you go to bed either a cortisone creams.

if you have contact dermatitis and a rash or a cream like Survey’s healing ointment these are really great products to use to help calm the skin overnight now while you sleep your skin is in a natural repair cycle so you’re giving it all evening for these particular products to calm and soothe the skin and really put your skin in good shape for the next day when you have to wear the mask again.

this is particularly helpful if you get the dry scaly patches that a lot of people are experiencing particularly the health care workers with their particular types of masks now another thing that’s also important is to make sure you are using your mask and handling them correctly a disposable mask means well you need to dispose of it don’t wear that thing for a week long in when it’s designed to be worn.

one or two days at the most 16 hours toss it and always change out to a new one and when we’re talking about cloth mask it’s really important to wash does every couple of days because oil dirt bacteria gets absorbing into that material and that it sits on the skin and causes you more problems.

it’s really better if you have more than one safe two or three of them that you can rotate it out every day or so and make sure that those get washed at least every two days now if you’re a healthcare worker or someone who has to wear elastomeric reusable masks here is a very helpful tip before you use those masks every day apply another thin layer of the healing ointment or cream to your skin and that will help protect your skin from the rubbing and friction of that mask.

it also puts a barrier between those synthetic materials that can be causing some allergies and some irritation and your skin so that should help you out a whole lot now obviously wearing these masks is going to be around for a while probably a long while so I hope these tips in this video really help you and your skin through the process.

I know that they really have helped me out a whole lot please let me know in the comments below what your top skincare concerns are I’d really love to know what they are and be sure to check out my other videos on how to take care of your skin and also how to perfect your skin care routine I’ll put those right over here thank you.

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