10 Winter Skin Care Tips All Men and Women Should Follow

10 Winter Skin Care Tips All Men and Women Should Follow

10 Winter Skin Care Tips All Men and Women Should Follow

Now that winter’s here, we already take care of our bodies like wearing jackets. But still there are many who don’t, especially for the skin. Women usually do but men ignore just cos they’re men When we don’t take care of our skin, normally itching occurs or like skin-rash and chapped skin especially lips are common Moreover. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/11/15/winter-skin-care-routine-beauty-tips-for-dry-oily-and-normal-skin-in-2020-2021/

when UV rays from the sun strike the skin, it causes like tanning even in winter So to have a great and glowing skin, we don’t need those 50 steps of skin care like grooming tools and others A great and glowing skin is achiev able for all if we follow the right steps which I’ll break down in 10 steps in this artical.

So please read this artical till the end 1- The skin-care routine especially for winter is to reduce a bit the use of hot water which is a nice thing for winter Also we should reduce the time of taking a bath in winter to like between 5-10 minutes only Unlike in summer which is exciting to take a cold-bath even in a chaotic manner, in winter, we need special care And if we get any type of skin-rash while using hot water, please stop using it.

Rather we should go for the lukewarm water or cold water which could be tolerated for a few minutes Using it will help more in cleansing our body from germs and other particles Not only that but hot water disturbs the skin moisture that takes proper care of skin-itching or rashes So luke warm water helps more in maintaining proper skin state according to Centre of Disease Control and Prevention.

I know it’s really nice to take a bath with hot water or soak the legs or the whole body in it but if you want glowing skin, pls use luke warm or normal water Coming to no. 2 -Apply a sunscreen even on cold days or cloudy ones cos 80% of UV rays can penetrate through the clouds So if it penetrates the thick clouds, then is questionable why not easily our jackets? That’s why you should always apply sun screen even in winter days.

I suggest you use it all year round If you want to know about this sunscreen, then it’s for LOTUS with an SPF 50. So what is suggest is to choose always atleast an SPF of 30+ sunscreen So wherever you go either to the office, school or just an outing even when you wear a jersey or it’s a cloudy day, pls use a sunscreen always all yr round Moreover pls apply it 30 mins before going out anywhere either on hands or facial region Also we should always take it whenever.

we go out to reapply it and if we’re to be out long, we should reapply it every 3-4 hrs to replenish its value for maintaining a perfect skin Coming to no.3- Remember to eat right and stay hydrated like eating healthy, exercising well and drinking enough water As we all know how it goes saying, “Drink enough water for beautiful skin”.

It is very true Not only getting beautiful skin but it also releases harmful toxins from the body, helps weight loss and body mechanism and is important in every aspect of our lives For this point in my experience too, I had this very bad skin like whitish dry type and looked quite aged too But after I lost weight and changed my life style of burger, pizza, cheese, fritters, other oily fried things and sugary drinks like soda, my skin got drastically changed, not perfect but indeed glowed up It however improved a lot from my old self.

Pls try it for your own by observing taking green vegetables, fruits, exercising well, drinking enough water and getting sound sleep for atleast a week to a month Pls observe it how it improves not only the skin but overall aspect of life What I believe is that we’re what we eat i.e.

if we eat good, we feel good and the same for bad food like if we really only consume good things, we become good Sometimes I also take the burgers or pizzas as you gotta enjoy once a while but on a daily basis, consistently I eat healthy, exercise regularly We can enjoy ourselves a burger, a plate of fritters once in a while for after all we’re humans But for more beautiful skin.

Omega 3 fatty acid can be included in daily diet like salmon, tuna although not found normally in our regions Instead supplements like fish oil from Muscle Blaze, etc and consuming nuts like almonds, cashew nuts can help glow skin and helps make it more beautiful So guys, this is what I talk about in my artical.

if you enjoy it Coming to no.4- is to use a moisturizer. This here is called Cetaphil found in pharmacies and is fragrance free Why we use moisturizer is to heal those chapped skin being dry in winter which is not pleasing to see but more than that, for our own self to avoid wrinkles, ageing, etc.

So is recommended for all seasons Moisturizer must be used more in winter like after we wash our faces. When we should be using is while our skin is not completely dry so that the skin gets properly hydrated like water hydrates the body So to have a child like glowy skin, skin must be moisturized like plants are watered to have proper skin Coming to no.5- to take special and first care for the hands cos they’re the first parts to become dry in winter too.

It is bc our hands got thinner skin and reduced oil glands compared to other body parts So like I said before, we should give more importance to the hands and face properly Further wearing gloves while going out will give much protection too.

10 Winter Skin Care Tips All Men and Women Should Follow

10 Winter Skin Care Tips All Men and Women Should Follow

Coming to no.6- What we should especially care about is to exfoliate the skin not more than once a week What we usually complain about winter is for dry and rough skin but why exfoliation is to prevent dull appearance on the face due to rapid dead skin cells’ formation So exfoliation will remove all the dead cells as dead cells don’t reflect light so will appear dull eventually.

Hence is required to remove the dead cells to glow up So it is required to exfoliate for atleast once a week As for me, I use this facewash product of Plum which is made of green tea and of pore cleansing type, just mentioning the product I use So while choosing, it’d be better to choose a one with scrub rather than a normal one as it will help in exfoliation.

The ones with scrub are useful in removing dead cells Having said that, it shouldn’t be done too harsh like you’re using some stones to do it but very softly as the skin is very thin Like how there are some people who even while washing the face or drying the hair, are being too rough and harsh.

Pls avoid doing that as they both are very soft spots But how many times should we wash the face is already said much, that is atleast 2 times a day- when waking up in the morning and before going to bed, which people normally don’t at this time but I guess you’ve now We can also wash it 3 times a day like when we go out earlier or like sweating too much from cardio workouts. But it’s recommended to not much be exceeded than 3 times Coming to no.7- Is like what I’ve said before, to wash the face with a proper facewash twice a day.

And what type of facewash we should choose is one which is too natural, mild and of course a chemical free one Nowadays it’s easy to pick a good one easily online too and choose a bit of cost worthy one with natural ingredients as it’ll give the proper skin care you need Coming to no.8- Is to take care of chapped lips in winter.

And it’s the only time when we remember of our lip balms But I always suggest it that it should be used throughout the year. So before it gets chapped it should be hydrated earlier regularly like we hydrate the body It isn’t meant not only for women but men too so here I use a Nivea one with an SPF of 15 which further protects from the sun.

So hydration should be remembered for our lips too No.9- It is for the bearded men, well for every man while shaving beard with razor special care is to be taken of. when y’all shave like any time or taking a bath So the best timing for it is while taking a bath or after a bath, because some people usually do it before a bath in the sense that’d make it more cleaner after a bath If you do it before a bath.

then you’ll find rashes in the moustache region the next day, making the skin to get hurt as the hair is finely strong before a bath And if you shave while taking or after a bath, your body will have more moisture thus softening your shaving region and will hurt less Coming to no.10- about cracked ankle feet This can be easily fixed with a very cheap item like you can go to Amazon or any store to get the pumice stone.

It should be used while taking a bath when the skin is softer and later to apply a mild moisturizer While using this pumice stone, it it’s the first time then proper care must be taken not to remove extra skin which could cause rashes to avoid irritation So if it’s your first time use it a bit softly for each day and not harshly Next a bonus point is while shampooing our hair.

It shouldn’t be used everyday because it strips off the natural oil of the hair and for oily hair, dry shampoo could be used available in Amazon even However conditioner should be used daily to soften the hair and give its natural look. And oiling is essential too Oiling must be done atleast 2-3 times a week and if not possible, before a bath the hair must be oiled to the hair roots atleast 30 minutes before.

This is like hydrating the hair This will help the growth of the hair, reduction of hairfall etc. unlike mine which is genetically So guys let me finish today’s artical here for today. Until next time, bye guys.

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