12 Best Concealers For Dark Skin

12 Best Concealers For Dark Skin

12 Best Concealers For Dark Skin

Hi, I’m Makeup artist and beauty expert. Today on “The Real Deal,” we’ll be talking about the best concealers and correctors for darker skin tones. I don’t know who likes concealer more than I do, but I know I need it. I’m a professional makeup artist, I have a busy schedule, I work long hours, and I need a great concealerto help me out to get me through the day. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/15/5-beauty-tips-for-the-light-skinned-and-white-adjacent/

A lot of times my clients might ask me, ‘How do I get rid of the puffiness under my eye?’ Concealer doesn’t work for that, more sleep does. But if you have darker or a little more pigmentation underneath your eye, concealer is your best bet to lift that eye area and help you to look more awake and brighter. And I need that a lot of the time. I’m really excited about theMake Up Forever Ultra HD concealer. http://beauty

It’s fairly new to the market and it differsfrom their previous packaging which had the concealer in a tube. I love itbecause it has a wand and the wand allows you to have more control andglide the product onto your skin. And what’s best about it is that I know Itend to have creasing underneath my eye area and a lot of my clients talk abouthow they can limit the creasing. Well, there you have it.

This is self-setting and it lasts for 12 hours of crease free, concealed, bright wear. Darker skin tonestypically have yellow undertones or red undertones. I personally have acombination of both but in my t-zone area, my skin is more on the yellow side. So, my color and Make Up For Ever HD Ultra Concealer is 43 Honey, which haskind of a yellow tint to it.

And so it acts as a great highlighter so you can just start off… less is more. You can build it up. It’s buildable coverage andyou can tap it right into the skin for that instant lift. And brightener underneath the eye. If you feel like you need alittle more, you can take the wand back out and tap it again. Start off with a small amount and build up.

Can you see the difference in that? So the greatthing now is now that it’s applied, you don’t have to do anything to it. And sometimes powder underneath the eye area, can also cause creasing to happenbecause the powder will fall in the lines that are underneath your eye, butthis is perfect and it will stay in place for up to 12 hours.So the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer is a great option to concealand correct.

So I love the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer, but if I’mlooking for something that has a little bit more “extraness” to it (if that’s a word?), I go to the Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape Concealer. It is a highlighter and aconcealer all-in-one. It’s a little lighter in consistencythan the Makeup Forever, but what I love about it, it’s a little smoother but itstill offers the same amount of coverage.

But what I love about it is, look atthe size of this wand! So you can cover more of your eye space which means less swipes and strokes. It has such a juicy tip. I love that about it. Plus, it’ssmoother in texture which means it’s a little lighter and it won’t be likely tofall into the cracks under your eyes. So you can just take the wand and tap again directly, but listen, we’re going to swipe. It’s such a big wand.

We can do a light swipe. So great, easy and then again you can tap it inwith your finger, or makeup sponge, or brush. This blends in very well. It’s softer. But, I notice the highlight effect instantly. So much brighter than it wasbefore. So I’m getting that coverage no more dark circles. No one needs to know that I didn’t sleep last night. And I have highlighter. Simple, simple.

You just blend that in. I like it. To choose the best color for your concealer,the rule of thumb is to go a shade lighter than your foundation, If you gothe same color as your foundation, you’re not really gonna experience thatbrightness and that highlight that you’re looking for. So one to two shadeslighter than your foundation would make for a perfect concealer color. Tarte comes in $10 a bottle 30 shades, similar to our NARS concealers.

They come in 30 shadesas well so it covers a wide spectrum of skin tones and it has the sameconsistency and I love the wand that it comes with as well. It’s a little smallerthan the Tarte, so a little… You have to do a little bit more work, but not too much.It’s medium to buildable coverage and the formula in the NARS concealer blursout imperfections on the skin and creates a nice, smooth, flawless finishand it’s perfect for multiple skin types.

I tend to have oily skin, which, don’t beafraid of oil. People don’t like oily skin but oily skin is fantastic because I’ve embraced it, because you have less wrinkles that way. So it’s fine. I love the fact that NARS comes in a wide range ofcolors so you have from your lighter to your medium shade. As well as yourdarkest shade.

And as you can see the consistency is very, very smooth. Glides on easily and the wand really helps to achieve that nice, flawless and smootheffect that you’re looking for. So these three concealers are frommedium to full coverage. But suppose you don’t need all that coverage. Suppose you just want tobrighten underneath your eye just a little bit to just even out your skintone. A great option is the Yves Saint Laurent highlighting pen.

So Yves Saint Laurent is great if you want light to medium coverage underneath the eye you don’t want that full coverage. But it comes in 14 shades as opposedto the other brands that have about 30. But I would use Yves Saint Laurent. My shade is Luminous Toffee. And I would probably use this maybe ifI’m going to the gym and I don’t want to look, you know, that tired. But I want toeven out my skin tone, but I don’t really want to put a full makeup beat on.

I’llprobably opt for this, which is great. It smoothes right in, gives me thehighlight and the boost that I’m looking for. It doesn’t have a broad of range ofcolors as the other brands do, but they come in 14 different shades from light to dark and my color was easily found and blends right in. So it works for me. It will work for you too. Alright, these don’t like to stay in this spot… So “The Real Deal” on concealers and correctors for darker skin tones? Well, the reality is that these brands offer a wide range of colors to suit the deepest of skintones.

Drugstore brands are not quite there yet, but these offer a range thatcan complement most people’s skin tone. So they work well. Right now, we have somewonderful brands from Make Up Forever, Tarte, NARS and Yves Saint Laurent thatserve a wonderful purpose. Yves Saint Laurent may not have aswide of a range of colors as the others do, but it still has enough of a range goes down tothe deepest of skin tones which is… I’m in that category and it matched mine and smoothed on perfectly.

maybelline fit me concealer – light to medium skintone

maybelline fit me concealer – light to medium skintone

I am going to review the Maybelline Fit Me Concealers This is the concealer. You guys might be using it already In this video I am going to show you the four shades which are suitable for light to medium skin tones Maybelline fit me have 8 shades In this artical I am reviewing the starting four shades suitable for fair to medium skin tones I will write another artical for rest of the shades.

Right now I am going to show you these four shades let’s start Let me give you the basic information first. These concealers come in plastic packaging so they are travel friendly and not fragile You get 6.8 ml of product for Rs.475/- You will find the shade name and number on the bottom. In the new packaging the shade is written on the front also There is a small difference between the old and new packaging Made in China does not mean that it is a Chinese product.

It means that the product was manufactured in the unit in China. The ingredients are given on the back and it contains parabens You will find this type of applicator it is very long and easy to use. The shelf life of the product is 3 years Coming to the shades, the lightest shade is LIGHT 10 and the darkest shade is 50 CAFE So the four shades I have suitable for light to medium skin tones are 10 Light, 20 SAND (my shade), 25 MEDIUM and 30 HONEY Let’s see the face swatches The formula is dilute but not too dilute.

These are liquidy concealer. It is very good for highlighting purpose and for people who dont like heavy layers of concealer. It is very light. It gives medium coverage but you can build it up. But adding too many layers can become cakey and creasy Because of the diluted and light formula it works well for dry skin types as well. You have to set it with loose powder or compact to prevent creasing.

They claim that these concealer can hide all the blemishes and dark circles. But I have seen that even after applying it dark circles peek out through the concealer. Even after colour correcting the dark circles I could not see the best results. This concealer is not my first choice to hide dark circles. This is my personal opinion. I’ve done the oxidation test of these concealers. After applying I waited for 1 hour. After 1 hour I reapplied to see the difference. I personally feel that the concealer oxidizes within 15 minutes.

I felt that after 1 hour the shades became 1 shade darker, not all the shades though. HONEY had become darker but there was not much difference in SAND So guys that’s it for today’s.

women test top rated concealers for uneven skin

women test top rated concealers for uneven skin

And you don’t even see my vitiligo now. This is really good coverage. I’ve had pretty bad acnefor a very long time. – I feel like I have uneven skin just because of where I’m from. In terms of my dark circles, I’m a mom. – I started gettingvitiligo around 14, 15. – I’ve never really found anything that fully covers all my acne, all my scars, and makesme feels really confident throughout the entire day.

I actually don’t doanything for my dark circles. I am very proud of them, – I have tried literallyevery single concealer you can think of, every shade that they have out there. – Oh, that’s interesting. I feel like I’m in fourth grade, and I have those colored pens, and I’m annoying my teacher. – Yes. I’m putting it over here. – Yeah, this straight upsmells like I’m going to Cabo. – I figured that. – Okay, not bad. – Really good coverage, though.

Overall not terrible. It doesn’t smell good, but the result aren’t bad, so I’m not mad. I might use it again. – Oh, wow. They put some shiny stuff in here to make it deflect the light from these dark areas. – I definitely like how it feels. It doesn’t feel heavy, it’s very lightweight I can say. – I’ve heard this one’s pretty heavy duty. – This applicator’s like a lipstick. – I’ve used Dermablend before, I’ve used it when I was younger, when I first started doing makeup, and I hated it. As a woman of color, I have extremely oily skin, and I never knew howto put it on correctly.

I will put it on in the morning, by like 12 in the afternoon, my face will look like an oil pan, I’m about to fry some chicken on my face. – This is pretty thick. – It’s not as gooey as the other ones. – Dermablend has the undertone of red, so right now I’m not liking this. – Oh yeah, this covers really well, but it might make me break out. I’d have to test this out for a week or so to make sure it didn’tcause any break outs, but if it didn’t, thiswould work really well.

I don’t know, I feel likeI still have dark circles. I think it makes me look sleepy, actually. – It’s heavy. It feels like I alreadyhave on foundation, so the coverage is a lot. It’s a no for me, Chante. Sashay away, you can’t stay. – I’m super excited about thisbecause I really like NARS. – Got a lot of stuff to cover up. – Okay this is definitely my color. – This feels very light, which I like. – Now I have vitiligo of course, but you shouldn’t let everybody know that you can’t do makeupbecause you have vitiligo.

It’s very sheer, and it’s super light. If I put a layer of foundation over it, it would look better, but just the concealeralone isn’t doing much. It’s definitely illuminating. It also felt like I could probably just go with this alone. It is full coverage, but it takes longer to dry, I guess. – I like the bottle. It’s very fancy. – It seems like their applicator’sa little more intuitive. Oh, definitely full coverage. – Yeah, this almost feelsmore like a foundation because it’s a lot thickerthan the other ones. – Oh my god, it smells amazing. It smells like flowers.

This color is poppin’, like how Cardi B would say, ooooh, this is poppin’. – This covers really well. I actually really like this. I think because it’s a little thicker, and I need somethingthat’s a little thicker. – I feel like this isa lot easier to blend. I feel good with this one. There is highlights init that kind of deflect the light everywhere else. – Okay, this is the best so far. Tarte, I underestimated you, and you don’t even see my vitiligo now.

This is really good coverage. – I’m gonna have to go with the Tarte. It feels a little bit lighter. I got really good coverage. This is the one I wouldkeep in my makeup bag and use all the time. – My favorite was the NARSRadiant Cream Concealer. It was just really, really easy to apply. I just felt like fiveyears younger, maybe 10. – Tarte, I love it. The coverage was totally awesome. And it covered my vitiligo, even though I love my vitiligo, but you know, I gottalook cute on the street, so Tarte, you’ve won for me, honey.

I’m really the only person who notices my skin. That’s not what anyone’s ever thinking about when they’re looking at me, and so makeup helps me feelmore confident about it, but I don’t actually need it. – I always tell people, you don’t have to wear makeup. I love the skin I’m in. I never wear makeup on a regular day, unless I’m going out. I just enhance my beauty because I’m cute. I’m going to do my makeup tomorrow, just because I like Tarte. Y’all got me, y’all got me.

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