12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

Read instead of reading the newspaper. I have to read a biography and fit it in hmm. You know it Wow an amazing process. Hey, I think that leads really well into my first question if you’re ready to roll. I’m ready to roll Sure. Oh, all right And where do I look look at you? That’d be great. http://nature

Let’s move other direction. No Conversation Here’s a time when being aggressive is good You want to be aggressive with your work? You want it to succeed you want to be persistent?

When something is unjust in this world when you think something is unfair you want to be aggressive in finding it? Okay? I know I’m aggressive here. I can show so awareness of your nature is So much better than denial and repression So Robert, my first question is The relationship of mastering something and time. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/13/7-making-sense-with-technology-and-sports/

How do you navigate that? Are there shortcuts are there ways to to get there a little quicker things like reading maybe Well, I’m of the belief That if you want a shortcut You’re already not very well-suited for becoming a master Your need for a shortcut is a bad ideas already a sign of trouble To master anything you need patience You need to know about the 10,000 hour rule Which is a bit of a cliche now everyone sort of spouts talks about it Nobody really understands or has gone into very few.

People have gone into depth about what that means It’s a great study that pretty much demonstrated that after 10,000 hours of repetition and practicing a particular skill set something literally happens to the human brain a transformation occurs and the study was based on simple things that you could study like chess where you’re basically playing the same game and you’ve put in 10,000 hours and you have a mastery of The board and the process you’re not having to think anymore.

And so after studying great chess players and musicians It was determined that reaching at 10,000. Our mark was something magical now it could be 9,000 9,500 hours. It could be 10,000. It depends there’s a little leeway, but it’s it’s great science. So To answer your question. You have to be willing to go through that process and go through those hours Every field is different some fields require several skills.

You’re not just learning chess You’re learning business and you’re learning the tech certain technical aspects and etc You’re combining skills. So that might require a little bit more than 10,000 hours. But the idea that I can somehow Short-circuit the process is a bad Psychology, you’re already setting yourself up for failure and impatience.

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

I say that there’s one Shortcut that I will be willing to acknowledge and that is having a great mentor. Mhm. So if you have somebody who is an expert in the field or you respect and has already put in the 10,000 or 20,000 or 30,000 hours that person can steer you they can say look Brendon you.

you were Pretty good at this skill, but you have this weakness start working more on that and normally if you didn’t have a mentor you might our Tendency in practice and practicing a skill is to prat over practice what we’re already good at So let’s just take basketball.

For instance. You have a great outside shot. It’s three-point shot, but you really suck when it comes to taking your you’re the defender off the dribble and you know being able to Create some space for a shot or a layup Your tendency will be to practice that outside three-point shot because you’re already good at it and it feels good and it’s fun and you don’t want to have to practice taking someone off the dribble because it’s Hard you have to work with a defender.

It’s it that you have to overcome that and practice exactly what you’re not good at and it’s not easy a mentor will tell you well, look at you and say you were weak here practice that Also say avoid this don’t waste time here They could cut that $10,000 down to nine thousand maybe if they’re really good. They’re really smart or Instead of wasting your time and you having to go to twelve thousand hours.

They’ll bring it down closer to that target level That’s the only shortcut I will acknowledge but in general Relying on that crutch thinking in your mind goddamn if I can find an alga Shortcut it you’re already a loser. Yeah in my book. Yeah, so get over that Embrace the pain is what I say Pain is good for you. It’s great for you when you workout We all like to work out.

I’m a fanatic working out and particularly swimming is my thing It’s painful. Yeah, you know I swim long distances. I used to swim several miles now I can only do my can mile and a half at the most But you know you reach the half a mile or three-quarters a moment It’s like this is no fun.

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

But when you finish and you go through weeks and months you feel Some you the value that you get is much greater than the pain That pain that resistance is good for you and the idea that you want to Sweet, you’re sweeten the pot and or a short cut or get something.

you know, like a sugar high You’re already and you’re already on dangerous ground Yeah So were you naturally? inclined to do things like these long swims and and take on pain and Go through a rigorous writing process or did you have a way to build into taking pain? I probably have a high tolerance for pain. I kind of probably built up.

I don’t know what that mean. It’s a good question Some of it I think is slightly genetic. It’s hard to say. I know my father for instance was very meticulous He was not an intellectual or by any means he was somebody really good with his hands I told he was a mechanic in the Navy.

He loved building models and he would build elaborate models of ships You know 18th century 17th century galleys galleons, etc And I didn’t watch him and he’s just incredibly patient for that kind of detail I had no patience for working with my hands.

I’m not very good at that So, but maybe I kind of inherited that a little bit and some of it, you know, when you’re younger when you’re in your 20s, I probably didn’t have Nearly as much patience as I did you’ve got that youthful energy You’re bursting you want to try many different things, you know It’s so I’m sure when I was in my 20s.

I was a bit scattered and trying different things But I found working on books The kind of books I write was actually the perfect thing for me If I never found the kind of book like the 48 laws of power I might not have amounted to much because I am a little bit Scattered by nature.

and having to write a book made me focus made me it it worked into all of my strengths mmm because I love reading so I think writing the books has kind of altered my brain and made me a Lot better able to withstand that but when it came to exercise.

I’ve always sort of liked long distances cross-country running I can’t do that anymore, but I used to run I don’t know why but I liked the distance type things where you had to overcome your Your own mind you had to kind of discipline your own that those levels of pain So I always sort of enjoyed that kind of thing. Maybe I have a masochist at all Well, maybe I have to I was a cross-country runner in college Yeah could completely relate Well.

also those two things like cross-country running or the sweat of swimming distances, very meditative. Mhm You kind of zone out after several miles running It’s kind of nice you get a little bit of a high from it. You think that high gets addicting?

Yeah, absolutely so so to this idea of shortcuts and maybe a mentor being The shortcut there is one you’ve talked to mastery about how you can you can learn from a book how you can kind of see a book as A mentor and you can even have a conversation with the author you can read in a more active way How how should some one go about that process? Well god that’s a good question.

I talked a little bit about it in my new book a Lot of the time when you’re reading a book. It depends on on what the book is about. Really? I mean You’re kind of the material that you’re reading is you tend to make it dead and I’m Thinking what you want to do is to make it all come to life So reading a book is like bringing something dead to life. It’s like taking Frankenstein and Imbuing it with life.

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

Now, What do I mean by that? Well, you’re kind of reading it Mechanically just the words. You’re not paying great attention You don’t realize that the writer if it’s a good writer When they had those thoughts that they’re writing about it was something very exciting to them at the moment very alive And they tried to put it on paper and and whenever you write an idea Down something is lost in the translation Like when it was in your mind, he was very exciting and but it came onto paper it’s not quite it your process is to kind of get inside the writer and Feel that excitement feel it’s it’s what I call empathy.

It’s partly empathy. It’s in mastering I call it thinking from the inside out you go inside the book Inside the spirit you try and recapture What they were feeling not just what they were writing.

I know that’s abstract and we could talk for three hours about the process but for instance On another level. Let’s say a biography. Mm-hmm Napoleon Bonaparte was the hero of the 33 strategies of war one of my favorite people to study I call him the Mozart of warfare he Went well beyond the 10,000 hours when it came to strategy.

He was absolutely a genius I Read Maybe 4,000 pages worth of material on Napoleon to prepare for this book Particularly one great book called the campaign’s of Napoleon by I believe it’s David Chandler it’s about thirteen fourteen hundred pages and it it’s Deep incredible detail about every battle with great maps I highly looks way out of print I’m quite expensive but it’s if you’re loving to Polina and you’re into battles and maps this is the book for you Anyway, my goal was I want to bring Napoleon to life I want to I want to feel like he’s in the room with me here.

I want to know what how he thought You know what made him a genius so I go into it and I’m trying to dig it up and come to terms with What’s alive about Napoleon and I found that the books I read were missing His genius they were they were not quite getting at it I’m not saying I’m the only one that did but I felt like at a certain point.

I understood him I understood how his brain worked and I came to the conclusion that what made Napoleon’s so great Was he had a mind? for organizing information that was vastly superior to anybody else before the invention of computers and it was his ability to assimilate vast amounts of information and Create strategies in the moment that made him feel so superior.

That’s the kind of reading that I’m talking about Where you’re not just on the surface not just reading the words but you’re thinking you’re analyzing it you’re bringing it to term in relation to your own life your own experiences and You’re making Frankenstein come to life.

Yeah, is there any mean it’s very abstract. I can go into more but that’s that’s sort of my method Yeah, I’d wonder if you have any any specific tactics on that. I know like when I read mastery I held a pen and I was all over circling dog-earing jotting notes in the margins.

and That helped me To engage with the ideas in a deeper way than I would have if I’d been sort of more passive Do you have anything specific I mean you just hit on it? You’re it’s versus the passive form of readings. So you’re active So you’re arguing With the with the writer as well.

I’m this is one Idea, yeah, so I always write in the margins. Some people hate that they feel like writing in a book is sacrilegious like you’re You know you’re spoiling it or you know, yeah But I’m not like that. I write a lot and if I don’t like a writer and that happens often And I get angry. I start putting giant X’s and I say fuck you I get really angry.

Yeah But otherwise usually I like it and I putting exclamation mark great Yes, and I’m I ain’t gay. So you’re engaging with the material not app. As you said you’re not a passive reader You’re arguing with it. You’re thinking So the problem here is it slows you down, you know You’re not unless it’s a bad book bad books or mediocre books I kind of can skim but it’s a really good book it engages you you’re arguing with it.

You’re writing and it slows you down That’s for sure. But I I maintain it’s better to read one. Juicy book that grabs you that really? Engages you that really makes you think then to read ten You know kind of trivial books that don’t have it. So writing in the margins Arguing with the book Trying to think more deeply about what the writer is saying Analyzing instead of just reading it and Bringing it to your own life so if I’m talking about like in mastery just to bring in the war aspects cesar rodriguez the the Fighter pilot.

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

Yes, who’s the last? Decorated, what do you call it? An ace ace in the Airforce in the airforce of the Marines Air Force the Air Force. Thank you God You know, you’re I’m talking about he was someone who was not your typical ace he wasn’t a golden boy He’s like five foot five He didn’t look like a fighter pilot.

He felt like he was had three strikes against him the moment he started he was a slow learner He wasn’t a natural at it And so he had to learn I call it trusting the process That if he practiced harder than the golden boys If he spent more hours on the simulator than they did if he didn’t take for granted his skill he would catch up with them Now you’re reading that and you’re going Love love then you’re you know everything but if you’re smart you’re going.

All right, when did that happen to me? Hmm, you know when if I like in a sport I felt like this wasn’t good for me Maybe I gave up too early I talked about the frustration and how frustration is a good thing for you if you’re frustrated it shows your body is telling your body and your mind is telling you that you can actually Overcome something.

and the moment you’re feeling frustration is actually a turning point a good moment Relate that to yourself don’t still read about Cesar Rodriguez and thinking of the BLA Relate that to your own experience when you felt frustration and you either gave up or you push through it.

That’s Active reading that’s making something come to life. Yeah, so Frustration as a good thing. It’s something that we want you saying. It’s it’s a it’s a trigger. It’s something to look for definitely If you don’t feel frustrated when you’re learning something You’re not learning.

Okay, and you’re in here you’re deluding yourself and you’re probably going so they call that practice that I mentioned before Where you practice what you’re a week at? Deliberative practice in in the business when people talk about skills. You’re deliberately working on what you’re not good at Your tendency is to try and make things easy for you because you don’t like pain humans don’t like pain So if you’re going through your practice and things at Wow, things are really easy. I’m enjoying it’s fun.

12 Secret Laws of Human Nature should improve in 2021

You’re probably not learning You’re probably doing this lopsided Practice that we’re talking about and you’re avoiding your weaknesses and Things are going too smoothly it’s the frustration isn’t just the fact also that You’re not mastering it it’s also that it it’s kind of It seems like a mystery. You don’t quite know what you need to do.

Something is eluding you and I maintain and it’s a little bit you have to Believe me because there’s not rigorous science behind this I usually like to have things back by rigorous science is based more on things that athletes talk about but that moment of frustration actually mathematicians have talked about it that moment of deepest frustration is Actually a signal from your body physically a signal that you’re actually on the way to a break through.

that you feel You’re it’s telling you it’s a signal that Something is churning up inside it inside you and you’re not yet aware of it So a lot of that is based on anecdotal evidence like a Great music mathematician like this man jacques hadamard that I talked about he would say his greatest breakthroughs or einstein came just at that moment where I were about to give up and there’s the great instance of Anecdote about the composer of Brahms and he was so frustrated with this one symphony that he was trying to write That he said I’m giving up I can’t write that’s it.

and the moment he gave up the next day All this the solution the perfect solution came to him so there’s a lot of and Athletes talk about that so I’m basing it on anecdotal Emmons and my own experience When I’m writing a chapter, I could solve frustrated and so annoyed my girlfriend I’m like driving her at the wall, you know I’m just like yelling at the cat.

I can’t take it anymore. I’m the worst writer I’m about to give up and like it’s almost Mechanical the next day or two days later it all comes to you know it all fits so If you go through that enough you know that that frustration is a good thing and once you know that It’s very liberating because you’re able to wait for them for the breakthrough a moment That will come you don’t give up you give up Maybe but you’re kind of kidding yourself knowing that the moment you say I give up Tomorrow or the next day?

the great idea will come to you so It’s a little bit of faith, but frustration if you don’t have the frustration, you’re not on the right You’re not on the right path. Well, it’s a there’s a fascinating. Take class. Yeah I wish I had more science, but maybe it’s another book to write something about maybe yeah, but yeah I think I think most of us tend to go with what’s comfortable We tend to follow the path in of least resistance and to go where it feels good.

So amazing Robert you you talked about Cesar Rodriguez and and being a golden boy and so many people Go follow sort of a predetermined Track in career and I see this in the military all the time people talk about in their particular line of work They want to follow the golden path You go to this job and then to this job and then you you become a commanding officer one day For people who want to develop mastery.

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