13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

Best Natural Foundations. Hello guys, Right now currently here. I have a full day a fun stuff ahead of me And you guys love it when I try more affordable Best Natural Foundations for Flawless Skin makeup products So recently I came across these concealers right here by L’Oreal they are called the infallible more than concealer Concealers these are $12.99 and they have a bunch of claims that we’ll get to later on in this video But in today’s video we are really going to put these to the test You guys know that my heart lies with joues essential high coverage concealer. It’s like it’s like that bitch. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/17/10-ancient-beauty-secrets-that-are-useful-even-today/

It’s like that girl It’s like everyone wants to be like her I’m excited to see how this compares to that and where it ranks up on my favorite lists So today I’m gonna be trying a couple of bargain products out and seeing if I actually like them.

So let’s go Alright, let’s get to it now first of all thumbs up this video if you love a good affordable makeup product I have two of the L’Oreal and I don’t know if it’s infallible or infailable more than concealer concealers. I have two colors right here 320 porcelain and 324 oatmeal. Let’s look up some of these claims so it says shape cover and contour a full coverage concealer be unstoppable, experience full-on coverage and full face wear for up to 24 hours Wow our waterproof non-greasy formula Won’t transfer fade or flakes or your full coverage look is locked in all day.

All right Those are claims that sound like makeup heaven to me Stuff like this just gets me so excited. I’m like full coverage? Yes. waterproof? Yes. non fade, non-transfer. What? Yes, you guys know that this combination right here for primer will keep my makeup looking flawless all day so I feel like it’s just fair to use it today as well Huda Beauty N.Y.M.P.H in luna and Hydro grip by milk together are a dream team Oh, and by the way, I do wanna let you know that there will be a crazy givea way at the end of this artical Before we get to the fun stuff which is the concealer.

first We have to go in with foundation and today I am using the cover FX Power-play, do you want a drink? No, thanks for asking Oh, no no ay Okay, I can’t be the only one who can only do their makeup in like a small tiny mirror for me it just I can get so close to my skin and make sure that Everything is like blended in perfectly and I feel like I do such more of like a neat makeup job when it has like a really tiny hand mirror like keeping me close to the facts and Closer to reality than a big one.

So, alright. Here we go so the entire reason why I have such a like darkest color for my skintone is Because I like warming up my under eyes and then lightening them up a bit more to really conceal my dark circles so first, I’m going in with a 324 oatmeal. Ooh Wow, oh my god.

That is like as big as like shape tape like the applicator and I’m just gonna put some on it Smells it definitely has a scent. It’s like this flowery sort of like paint smell it definitely has this makeup painty smell but it’s like L’Oreal was like Let’s add some flowers to it to like hide that upon first application I can already feel like it’s kind of Thick and full like I like what I’m feeling so far. It feels like it’s rich in coverage It feels like it’s really hugging my skin.

I can already tell that it’s kind of oxidizing on me So that’s a little alarming since I already went with a bit of a deeper shade anyway, okay It feels like it’s rich and hugging the skin now, let’s find out how it blends out. oh wow, okay oh wow, okay yeah that has amazing coverage oh wow. Under eyes, let’s go the moment of truth I always start towards the lower portion to get that flawless first Then I move up towards under neath my eye. I look away and I get it right up to my lashline and Oh my god.

13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

Oh My god, that’s good. Oh Holy crap Okay So coverage wise this is absolutely insane and I will go as far as saying that I feel like coverage wise It is very near to my jouer. I feel like out of all the concealers that I love This is the most Matte. It’s not accentuating any dry parts so far It is oxidizing a little bit now after that. Let’s go in with the lighter shade to highlight a bit Alright 320 porcelain your up and that is a whole lot lighter Wow. Look a whole lot lighter I’m just gonna put this under my eyes then on my nose get that nose first.

Oh my god That is such a gorgeous light shade. Oh, I can actually highlight my skin using drugstore makeup. What is happening? Okay, here we go. Lets bounce that in Let’s see how that is so light. oh my god, I’m shocked. It is hugging the skin Beautifully it is not making anything look more dry, It is not making any pores look bigger so far This is really really good guys.

Now quickly setting that using my Fenty loose powder in butter Okay, the Fenty powder too is working beautifully over top of it now one of my favorite tricks Of course is to put some concealer on kind of let it dry in for a little bit to make it like get more coverage you Don’t want to do that with this This already has so much coverage But also I don’t think you have enough play time To really let it sit there and get matte because that already is such a matte sort of drier Concealer anyway.

so you want to be careful about that? I also didn’t think it necessarily creased a lot I feel like I had quite some time before it started settling into the fine lines underneath my eyes, which any Concealer on planet earth does for me but this one had a little bit more Room to play with when it comes to you know setting that in time. I am excited.

We’re off to a good start, you know drugstore concealers Claim they are all that but once you actually play with them they are not even close to do all that and this so far is You know keeping up to their claims, of course We’re gonna find out if it’s you know waterproof and if it stays on for hours But so far good makeup day, GOOD makeup day alright So the whole shebang of makeup is on my face right now, and I’m just gonna finish off with a bit of gloss This is by beetique.

This is called deep dimension and it looks stunning oh my god, it’s blue gasp Oh my god, okay, so I don’t know if blue is like the mood for.. well, why not? And then because literally everyone has been talking about this the Huda beauty resting boss face It is time for me to finally try it out. oh my god oh my god, ooh That smells like a grandma.

Whoa, that is really Intense, I still smell it. It kind of smells like a luxurious old lady It definitely feels very matte and like like it’s grabbing my skin It’s like we’re keeping on to this for the entire day so that is my face completed using the infallible more than a concealer concealer by L’Oreal and My face completed with the Huda Beauty resting boss face for anyone interested This is what the face looks like after I’m done with everything I feel like where it’s on my nose where it’s on my chin and where it’s on my forehead It looks flawless.

You know when I look at my face, I don’t see it like exaggerating any pores or dry parts of my face So so far really good. Alright guys, so it is now ten o’clock I’ve had this mixture on since 7 o’clock this morning And I’m actually about to leave to go to Amsterdam because some you may not know that I am huge I am a huge bag collector I love bags and I think they are such an incredible investment like it’s smarter to invest in some bags than Houses now a days.

13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

So today is actually the day where Chanel is launching their brand new collection I’m going to go to Amsterdam right now to check it out and take you with me and also for today’s giveaway I need to go to this Chanel store because I need to grab a couple of items for the actual give away i did not have to go that hard with the rhinestones on a fine Tuesday morning, but I am because I can Yesss, yesss Alright guys, I am back I even changed clothing.

I am super super impressed I don’t feel like I’m super super oily. I don’t feel like things are running down Not a whole lot of Darkness has come back up from the concealer Of course, my lips are a mess, but I am very very impressed I think this still looks amazing. And this is one of the better makeup days.

I’ve had in a while I think the L’Oreal infallible more than concealer concealer is Amazing for $12.99 you get an amazing full coverage dream of a product. That is matte But doesn’t look cakey or cracked onto the skin. It stays looking beautiful throughout the day I think it covers darkness beautifully. Of course. I didn’t test the 24-hour claim, but it didn’t fade It didn’t look crusty.

It didn’t look weird I feel like it’s a very good makeup day for me and I don’t look as shiny as I Normally do, now maybe the boss face if I Huda beauty helped in that a little bit But that smell stayed with me for at least four hours I mean all the stores I went to and even people recognized me on the streets were like your skin Looks amazing and one of my favorite comments I get is that people in real life are like.

13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

13 Best Natural Foundations For Flawless Skin

wow your skin actually is really good because people feel like I facetune it a lot and then they’re like Oh, wow, you actually do have amazing skin So, um, I think this is a beautiful beautiful concealer and if I’m being very very honest I think this is in my top 5 Maybe top three favorite concealers in my collection and that is a high hefty claim see if you’re looking for an affordable Drugstore concealer that is really gonna give you that full coverage fantasy.

I believe we have found our winner So without I need further ado. Let’s go on to today’s Dutch word of the day plus my giveaway In my previous video the Dutch word of the day was for show For selling and here is the winner as for today’s such word of the day I wanted to give you the word for a drugstore So anytime you can be like hey, where can I buy the nearest drugstore makeup around here?

Here you go: Drogisterij. Dro-hiss-tuh-rei Hey, excuse me where can I find the nearest drogisterij make up around here, someone as always if you want to be featured in my next video All you have to do is leave a comment below featuring the Dutch word of the day under the hashtag Dutch word of the day and that also enters you into today’s giveaway So as you see I spent a couple of hours this morning at the Chanel store, and I got some amazing amazing Purchases, but I also had to get something for you.

So I fell in love with this bag right here So if you like this video if you are subscribed to my channel and leave a comment down below Featuring the Dutch word of the day as well as your Twitter or Instagram Handle, so I can contact you that will enter you into this very special Chanel wallet giveaway so in here is This little wallet which is a little sister a little sibling to the purse that I got and I have it packed up Right here.

one lucky winner will win this Chanel bag Which has the little wallet and I thought this was an amazing gift on such a special day with the new collection and kind of giving you a peek into one of my favorite things to do which is collect bags and invest and Yeah.

so if you want to enter that giveaway, all you have to do is do all the things that I just said I thank you so much for reading this fun artical. I had so much fun doing it And yeah, we have found another concealer Queen at the drugstore. So thank you so much for reading I love you, and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one. Bye!

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