17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

Technology: its impact on your world of work. The world of work is constantly changing. 65 percent of children entering primaryschool today will be doing new jobs that don’t yet exist. Technologies that haven’t yet been invented will solve problems that aren’t even problems yet. You are part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. http://technology

Technology is changing quickly. It affects most things you do in life and will impact how you work in the future. What you think is modern andtechnologically advanced now might look old and slow in five to ten years time. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/13/7-making-sense-with-technology-and-sports/

Think about how the iPhone has changed over the last ten years… So just imagine what the future ofmobile technology could be… New roles are emerging all the time; just think about the jobs of today that didn’t exist ten years ago… jobs such as an App Developer, Social Media Consultant, and 3D Printing Engineer. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

Some of the tech predictions of the future include: 10% of the world’s population will be wearing clothes connected to the internet. By 2026, “smart clothing” will be available, that changes colour and shape, and keeps you cool or warm. Artificial intelligence already exists among us in our everyday lives, and whilst they are predicted to take some human jobs, they still need humans to control and program them.

Think about those in charge of controlling space robots, police robots, or controlling a robotic arm during surgery. Within 15 years some things AI and robots are expected to do include driving cars, shopping, and cooking for us. Some of the jobs we know today will be consideredbeing high risk for future automation. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

The jobs are there, just in a differentand technological way. and remember, employees of the future need the skillsto do the things that AI cannot easily do… critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Some of the digital technology jobs that exist today include: Cyber Security Specialists, Big Data Analysts, Coders, and Software Engineers.

Think: Digital Technology jobs are on the rise. Wales is playing itspart at the cutting edge of new technology. The Academy of Robotics, based atAberystwyth University is aiming to have their Driverless Kar-go todeliver packages ready for testing in 2018.

Comparison Creator in Cwmbran is developing the latest software for leading comparison websites, such as GoCompare and confused.com. Opportunities to work in the digital sector in Wales will be expanding. The digital sector in the UK is creating jobs two times faster than jobs in the non-digital sector. These jobs are usually highly skilledand highly paid. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

The average advertised digital salary in the UK is £51,000, yet 3 in 5 businesses are suffering a shortage of digital talent, and more than half say this talent gap is on the rise. Have a think: would you like a career linked to the digital world.

It’s important to understand what the 5g is doing and what they say it’s doing We’re told on the I Triple E beam informing document that this technology cooked your eyes like eggs in world or you And you all need to understand these military weapons, these are assault frequencies If you garner nothing more than that, that’s what you need to know it’s microwave radiation for sure is what it is Ladies gentlemen, please. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

Join me in welcoming to the National Press Club Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom wheeler It’s an honor to be here at the National Press Club The first generation wireless 1g was voice the second generation 2g Allowed both talk and text the third generation 3G the Internet in a limited way and today’s technology 4G Completed that digital migration.

but if anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5g is going to become Run the other way This video is brought to you by the number five and the letter G and pretty soon everything else will be too I Have to tell the people 5 G’s akela I’m mocking anybody who hasn’t heard me and what the systems head-up display expert leading experts in the world I’ve actually brought over a million to this. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

The reason I became an expert it was to invent them what I’m going to see it eats idiot Do not believe a single word. I see it Not one. I want you to do your research. You’re playing it up fine This 5g rule of there’s a weapon system I’ve got a letter with several good because I know about what the system is more than anything all that In Britain in a place in the north of England called Gateshead a scientists they’re called mark steel has been very publicly and actively warning people about the effects of LED streetlights.

which he says in Gateshead are emitting now 5g I’ve just come to where these kids have talked to rumors about the piercing this say This these tribesmen has on these lakes that of course and harm assault in the community This is an existential threat to the economy to the environment and humanity of these transmitters are everywhere then everyone’s at risk There’s a lot of confusion about what 5g is The G stands for generation. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

So you started off with the first Transmitter system back in the 1980s and then yet ETS We have one G then you had to G in as the generations moved on we started to see more complex signal systems Cleverer pieces of you know, antenna designs, etc. Etc. So the whole thing became More data quicker dealer quicker downloads, etc, etc however 5g is something completely different Alright, let’s get a break though.

Let’s tell the people what this really is. This is the 5g transmission device Bring that’s a hell of a beef start, isn’t it? These are the uninsurable transmitters Just get a good look at that guys because obviously I know there’s quite a few experts who want to see More detail about the transmitters and the chipsets Stava good luck boys. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

This is the control management system Masseria There’s no antenna that you see that what is this fears? The rear antenna here? What’s that? This is for Fears. Are you alright? as you’ll see it’s got a drive that’s got some chip pegs one chip with a chipset on this this is Destroyed in World Order this what it gets it comes to see I’ll tell you what I think the Vela sent some of these educated fools by the school or just send them to prison Which I was the easiest I think prisons probably better Right about 5j guys.

That’s 5g hard way Must consider the whole part played by electricity in nature human beings cannot go on developing in the same way in an atmosphere permeated on all sides by electric currents and radiations It has an influence on the whole development of man this life of men in the midst of electricity notably radiant electricity will presently affect them in such a way that they will no longer be able to Understan. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

the news which they received So rapidly the effect is to damp down their intelligence such effects are already seen today even today You can notice how people understand the things that come to them with far greater difficulty than they did a few decades ago Rudolf Steiner 1924 Rudolf Steiner noted that in 1924 since then our atmosphere has become far more permeated with electric waves of widely diverse types there’s no doubt now that electric waves Electromagnetic forces cause direct biological effects.

There’s thousands of peer-reviewed papers on this subject There’s no doubt about it. But what are these effects? How are they affecting us? What can we do about it? We’re now at a stage where we’re putting in what’s called 5g? which is a special type of broadcast for high density information Transfers and it turns out that this is the same frequency bands that are used in crowd dispersal weapon Five key first and foremost is densification. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

So it’s significantly more transmitters at close proximity To a human and it is also a sophisticated Illegal, unlawful transmitter what I mean by that is it is a high gear Dielectric lens antenna and what that allows 5g? Transmitters to do is to 3d map its environment in your home the 868 Megahertz frequency is specific for both field interrogation systems so so gigahertz that allows the signal to travel through concrete brick work with ease and It can actually data Geller.

It is a target the choir in the system Fears. The rear is basically read off the battlefield it is extremely good that identifying targets and being a lock on the tolerance and Not only that it can specifically target you as an individual. So any judge said no. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

no In in breast in case let’s see any lawyer and he barrister anybody doing any work that is potentially controversial Your life could be a threat So the antenna design that you currently have non-stop of these LED streetlights masquerading as a contour management system it basically Barfield interrogation equipment.

The first phase the rear unit was actually called mum it used to by the Germans during the Second World War to identify Allied aircraft Obviously things have moved on significantly since then Well, I joined the Royal Navy in 1960 and I specialized in microwave warfare Radar, obviously which uses microwave but they don’t just teach you radar. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

They teach you all about microwaves and other uses So I understood about microwave warfare and how it can damage people how it can harm people Microwaves then were used as weapons as they are today it is a Perfect stealth weapon and when governments don’t like a group of people for instance that the ladies who protest at Greenham common In England about the American missile base.

they camped they were microwaved We might throw both Catholics in Northern Ireland to make them sick It goes on all over the world and it’s a weapon that you don’t know you’re being targeted Because the dose is very very low which is actually more dangerous than a high dose It’s very very low and it may take a year or two. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

but you can you can cause neurological damage and cancers with low-level microwaves and you can make all your Opponents sick it it’s a perfect weapon for a government Our impulses are being redirected We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep their intention to rule Rests with the annihilation of consciousness.

We have been loaded with friends They have made us indifferent to ourselves to others. We are focused only on our own gain Please understand. They are safe as long as they are not discovered. Keep us asleep Keep us selfish give us sedation Almost immediately. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

I had near buzz knocking on the door talking about children bleeding from the nose I had images posted on Facebook the modern era in particular killed a my door and Mentioned the fact that since the LED street lighting had been installed. She was bleeding from the nose every single night I thought was unbelievable however, spoke to another neighbor who lived not far from the first lady who mentioned.

this and she also Confirmed that since the LED streetlight had been installed she also had started to develop nosebleeds and never had nosebleeds before in her life that then Put me on a journey to investigate Imagine microwave radiation levels from the transmitters on top of the LED streetlights the basic 868 megahertz. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

it was significantly higher than the current comes through 1815 resolution which is a maximum of 600 millivolts of measure doctors over 3,000 millivolts Five times five to six times higher than the than the guidelines Significantly higher than then the current comes through Europe guillotine 15 resolution, which states that 200 millivolts Should be the maximum that by your initiative report States that it should be significant lesson Matt’s who have got a counselor Europe.

17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have

That’s you know, the International Criminal Court or state nut, you know The learner have said that 200 millivolts and are measuring in bedrooms and get set minimum minimum 600 an upper 4000 does this mean that in 2020 2021 when 5g is destined to roll out globally. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

That you’re going to get those kind of readings everywhere all the time everywhere all it’s worse than that worse enough Yes, 5g will connect the Internet of everything if something can be connected It will be connected in the 5g world hundreds of billions of microchips Connected in products from pill bottles to plant waterers requiring massive deployment of small cells We won’t wait for the standards now to make this work five. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

The 5g build out is going to be very Infrastructure intensive we must reject the notion that the 5g future will be the sole province of urban areas the 5g revolution will touch all corners and that’s damn important the interconnected world of the future Will be the result of decisions we must make today The main issue before us today is Senate bill 637. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

Senate bill 894 the former by Senator Hugh and the latter by Senator nobs We’re gonna invite the first four witnesses in support of the legislation and that would be John Jones with Sprint David Lewis and Andy Emerson with AT&T Neil CREB de with Verizon and Frank act committee jr With t-mobile, so be straight with me Is it true it could be Gentlemen Practice these words in front of the mirror Although we are constantly exploring the subject Currently there is no direct evidence that links cell phone usage to brain cancer I’m Sharon Goldberg.

I’m an internal medicine physician I’ve practiced medicine for 21 years and my background is mostly academic internal medicine Hospital based Clinical research and medical education. I’m a certified Microsoft small business specialist I’ve worked on space station designing the cabling system for the airlock module. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

Where as responsible for EMI EMC analysis Which is electromagnetic interference electromagnetic compatibility a professor in the Department of Epidemiology biostatistics and occupational health and I teach there both toxicology and health effects of electromagnetic radiation My name is Donna Tocqueville. And I’m the founder of organization called we are the evidence We are an organization that represents the many adults.

unfortunately many children who has become very sick from wireless technology Radiation there seems to be a couple false Easter eggs being put out there right now I want to make sure we dispel that right off the gate the effects of Wireless on health Scientifically are very very clear So it’s always pushed back to the definition of an acceptable level of radiation. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

And that’s what this is By the way, this is about radiation Wireless radiation has biological effects period my name is dr. Angie Colbeck I’ve been reviewing the studies showing the impacts of wireless radiation on our health and there are now thousands of studies Showing the following adverse health impacts to wireless radiation cancer oxidative damage DNA damage DNA failure things like memory dizziness anxiety brain fog headaches nose bits Cognitive problem exhaustion.

We have an evidence of DNA damage Cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure short and long term memory loss decreased attention spans lower reaction times Even involuntary contractions of muscles causing misalignments of spines and jaws breast cancer We suddenly have breast cancer in women have no DNA predisposition disrupted immune function and change in stress proteins reproductive and fertility effects. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

there are dozens and dozens of studies that show beyond any doubt what this Radiation is doing to our sperm now if you take this the the cell phone out of your pocket The sperm will recuperate within three to four months. What would not recuperate would be the damage to the DNA of the sperm? That is irreparable.

The wife of the ex governor of Indiana was diagnosed with glioblastoma Same brain tumor Ted. Kennedy have and John McCain had did you look at John McCain’s car? This is a cell phone brain tumor LeBron James one of our sports people had a salivary gland tumor. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

That is another cell phone Tumor you didn’t hear about it because immediately after that was discovered. He would pay it was paid by Samsung to become their spokesperson We are seeing increases in in brain tumors We’re seeing increases in Alzheimer’s we’re seeing increases in all of the neurotransmitter diseases ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease Parkinson’s. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

these are all disease systems that are known to be associated with low-level energy exposures we talk about 24/7 around-the-clock exposure wherever you are and your whole body You never get away from it and it seems from our studies that maybe your immune system can cope with for a time but it will deteriorate then the irradiation will Definitely damage cells at the deeper level and the question is what will then happen? These are out of peer-reviewed papers. 17 New Technology Inventions You Must Have.

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