3 Common Mistakes: Separating the Glass and LCD on a smart phone or tablet

3 Common Mistakes: Separating the Glass and LCD on a smart phone or tablet

3 Common Mistakes: Separating the Glass and LCD on a smart phone or tablet

All right, three tips on replacing the shattered glass on your new Samsung phone. Works from the Galaxy S3 and on, all the way through the Nexuses, the Notes, all that good stuff. This artical is just about tips, so if you want to see the full complete restoration of the phone, click in the bottom left hand corner and that will take you to a full video. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/11/01/10-ways-tech-revolutionized-fashion-amazing-advances-in-style-technology/

Right now I am separating the glass from the buttonson the phone so so the buttons stay with the phone itself. You don’t need to open up the phone to replace the screen on it. Right now I’m just peeling off the glass because the glass is just a solid piece of glass.

There’s no wires coming out of it or anything. SoI’ve got the buttons separated, and I’ve gotten the glass pieces coming out. And you’ll seein a second why I call this mistake the teeter-totter effect, for lack of a better scientific term. You can see as I lift up on one corner of the glass the other side of the glass is pressed into the digitizer under neath. And crack.

The pressure cracks the digitizer under neath and it doesn’t take very much pressure at all so you have to be really careful as you lift up to not put any pressure on the screen under neath the phone. It cracks the digitizer over the LED, and once it is cracked there is no fixing it.

You have to replace the screenas a unit. Mistake Number 2: Not enough heat. So you can see I had my blow-dryer, I was going on this phone and I was kind of melting the glue between the glass and the digitizer. You want to get it to a point where the glue is liquid enough that the glass kind of peels away by itself. Here you can see I”m kind of struggling with it.

The glass isn’t wanting to separate from the phone. So I’m heating it up again with a blowdryer which just never really gets hot enough. Some blow dryers might. Mine did not. If all you need is the glass for your phone you can usually find them on Amazon for less than ten bucks.

This artical is all about the common and very costly mistakes that people can make when swapping out your own screens, and how to avoid them. This saves you a lot of money and everyone is happy. Right here you can see that the glue is actually super stressed.

You can see all the crack lines in it. It’s just because it’s not getting hot enough still. I’m kind of forcing it apart from the screen underneath. And it’s not happy about it. So right here I”m going to come up from the other corner and the digitizeris so stuck to the glass above it that it just starts cracking apart. And once it starts cracking like I said before there is no saving it.

It is completely destroyed and you just have to replace the whole screen as a unit. And I have artical for all of these Samsung phones and how to replace these screens as a unit, so just kind of search through my other articals if you end up destroying your screen.

This is usually just a cheaper alternative for the people who don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. The screens for these phone sare about ten bucks just for the glass part. Anyway, once I realized it was broken I just ripped off the whole screen. This kills the phone.

All right, mistake number 3: too much heat. So I got a new heat gun, and I started off way too close to the screen. It heated up way too fast. So you want the screen to be at the point where you can barely touch it with your hand, where you wouldn’t want to rest your finger on the screen. And that gets the glue to the right temperature where it will separate from the glass. So here you can see through the crack in the screen that it’s heated up so much that it’s actually started to discolor the LED underneath the glass.

At this point I realized that I had messed up but I decided to keep going on anyway. So you can see that the screen is super hotat the moment and as I kind of peel it up from the phone, it’s super–the glue is super liquid underneath. It just slides away and the glass is actually really easy to justpry up and away from the phone. Right now I’m also pulling it up at an angle to avoid that teeter-totter effect, so I’m not putting any pressure on the digitizer underneath theglass. Same thing with this. http://tech

You can see the glue separating from the digitizer and theglass itself. You want to find a happy medium, you know, between this and mistake numbertwo. You don’t want to see those stress fractures in the glue. But you also don’t want to damageyour LED either. It’s a fairly expensive mistake. Now I have the new piece of glass on top ofthe phone and I am just running the heat over it really quick just to make sure that thedouble sided sticky tape that I have under neath kind of melts again to the glass and holdsit a little stronger than it would normally.

I have that same screen attached to my test phone there’s no fixing it. Ifyou want to see how a screen swap is done correctly go ahead and click in the bottom left hand corner and that will take you straight to the video where 100% is done perfect. I’d love to see you around. Thanks for reading.

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