5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

today I’m going to show you the five bigmistakes women make when applying makeup to mature eyes hi I’m Schellea and this isfabulous 50s a lifestyle channel that explores fashion beauty and lifestylefor women over 50 and if you’re a woman over 50 click subscribe and click thebell and you’ll be alerted every time there’s a new video.http://beauty tips

they’ll allrelate to you I’m going to show you the five big makeup mistakes that we can allmake on this site and then I’m going to show you how to apply your eye makeupwith some technique so that you look younger fresher and more vibrant okaylet’s get started the first big mistake women make whenapplying makeup to mature eyes is not to prime. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/02/20-super-easy-beauty-tips-for-even-the-laziest-girls/

the reason we prime our eyelids isbecause our eyelids are very oily and particularly as we’re getting older theybecome more oily so if you apply eyeshadow to your eyelid without aprimer by the end of the day or even after a couple of hours you’re going toget creasing in your eyeshadow and you don’t want that because it looks really cakey so to use a primer is the best thing that you can do so. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

I’m going tostart applying my eye makeup to show you what not to do on this side and what todo on this side I love the Too Faced insurance eye primer you only need areally tiny bit and you tap it into your eye just really gently and you don’tneed too much of this because you want it to be a smooth film rather than athick coating and this is just a really small thing to do. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

it makes youreyeshadow last so much longer so what it does is it make sure I shadow pop morethe color becomes more intense and it stops the creasing so prime is the firstthing and I think everybody over the age of 50 should be using a primer for thateye shadow okay the second big mistake we make withour mature is to go against basic color theories sowhat I mean by that is we applied dark. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

the wrong places and light in thewrong places so I’m going to show you what the mistakes are and I’m going toshow you how to fix them basic color theory tells us that dark colors recedeand light colors make bigger so we wear black and dark colors where we want tolook skinny. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

we would paint a room white if we want to make it look morespacious and this rule applies to makeup it applies to fashion it applies tointerior design it’s one rule fits all so we’ve got to use it when we’reapplying our makeup so I’m going to start by showing you. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

the wrong way toapply dark color and then I’ll show you how to apply it on the other eye thenI’m going to show you the wrong way to apply a light color and I’ll show you onthe other eye how to do it correctly I’m using my eye shadows here they’re justin a little palette that I make myself so when I buy an eye shadow. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

I take it outof the container and I put it in here and these are the ones that I use everyday so it’s really easy everything’s here in one place the part of our eyethat we want to make skinny and recede is this part here it’s the hood it’s thepart that’s loose skin and as we’re getting older.

this skin becomes looserand falls down a little bit so it makes our eyes look quite heavy and droopy sowe’re going to receive this with a dark color and the part we want to make look bigger is this part here because as far as eyes go that’s our most importantreal estate because if this part of our. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

I can appear bigger we look moreyouthful okay so I’m going to show you the wrong way first and I’m going toapply a dark color to the part that we want to make bigger but actually we’regoing to make it smaller.

I’m not going to use a primer it feels so wrong putting this onwithout a primer it doesn’t glide very nicely okay so I’m going to do that andanother thing I’m going to do with my dark color is. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

I’m gonna follow natureand sort of go down where my natural eye goes so I’m just following the natural folds in my eye now the right way toapply dark to a mature eye is where we want to recede it so we would put it uphere now let me show you what I’m going to do there. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

I would normally do this part after I’vedone my eyelid but I’m just showing you so you can get an idea of right andmistake now that needs to be blended but you can get the idea so this has madethis part of my eye look smaller and what I wanted really is for this part my hood to look smaller. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

now I’m going to show you how to use light colors in thewrong way so I’m going to apply a light shadow onto the hood which is what wereally want to recede but this light color is going to bring it forward justlike painting a white room it’s going to make it look bigger okay so can you see that another thingthat’s done is it’s made all these lines way more noticeable. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

it’sbringing attention this is where I’ve got wrinkles here at this part of my eyeby adding the light to them it’s making those wrinkles appear a lot bigger thanthey are actually I think they were already bigbut I’m making them look bigger okay now I’m going to show you how to apply lightthe correct way so we take the same eye shadow.

I’ll leave all these colors theones that I use in the description below to show you but we’re going to add alight color to our eyelid now now I’ve got to blend out but just toshow you what that looks like what I’ve done is I’ve made this part here. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

the important part bigger and you can tell the difference I’m just going to goahead and blend those colors together now so make sure that you always blendyour dark colors very very well because you don’t want harsh lines and harshcolors so you just add a little bit more and you blend back and forth back and forth until.

you’ve got the consistency in the color that you love while we’retalking about light colors I’m going to show you another two things that I do toadd light to my eyes so I take a nude eyeliner pencil and I line the bottomwaterline of my eye. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

so I’ll do that on the right side and I won’t do it on themistake side so you just gently will put that in the water line and this NARS oneit doesn’t wear off all day again you can see that’s opened my eye everythingon this side is opening and everything on.

this side is drawing down making lookheavy and making look older and I’m going to add a little bit of light uphere to just pop that out a little bit and a little bit of light here so I’m bringing this forward and I’mbringing that part forward and just tap that in and when you’ve added a littlebit of light here you can just go over that with.

the tinybit of eyeshadow the third really big mistake we make when we’re applyingmakeup to mature eyes is when we follow nature with our eye liner so that’s theone thing that makes us look a lot older because naturally our eye comes downhere. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

if you follow this line with an eye liner again you’re bringing it downit’s just so heavy so to fix that problem we slightly give it a kick up atthe end of our eye and this’ll lift so I’ll show you how to do it the wrong wayand then I’ll show you how to do it the right way ah I just feel like I wanna clean allthat up but I want to show you what it does.

I’ve done two things wrong here I’mgoing to show you the first thing I did wrong is that I made the line here verythick and because this is our most valuable real estate this area here ifwe darken it again with a thick line just here we’re going to reduce it so that is the first mistake. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

the second mistake you see how I’ve gone down hereand it’s just drawn it down and that looks terribleso the basic rule of thumb for eye makeup is not to follow nature we’ve gotto create a lift and I’m going to show you on this eye how to create that lift now what I’ve done here is on.

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

the last eye lash I’ve kicked it up like this and then you come down into a line andform a triangle and that leaves a little bit of the end free of eyeliner so youhaven’t used up all of that space as opposed to this side we’ve drawn a lineall the way down another thing to note is. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

if you’ve got a very small amount ofskin here showing the finer the line you use with your eyeliner the better I havemore area to work with and I can use a thicker line and that’s what I like butif you don’t have much here go very fine and do the kick. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

you’ll love the lookand if we’re going to follow nature with our line underneath that will actuallybring attention to drawing our eye down unless you’ve got a really straight lineunderneath your eye already we have to create that so let me show you.

the lineunderneath so this is following my natural life butwhat I want to do is create a lift so I’m going to do a very gentle and softline but I’m not going to follow down here I’m going to keep this part where it droops straight.

okay so that’s really subtle it’s notthick and then once I’ve done that line I’m going to take a little bit ofeyeshadow a more neutral color and I’m just going to go over that to blend itout and to soften it up okay the eyeshadow is really great atsoftening up a dark heavy line. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

the softness is much better on mature eyesone more thing that lots of people still do is to add a light color here on thebrow bone and I’ll just show you what happens when we do that because we’rebringing more attention to the wrinkles and the droop so I’ve just gone up alittle bit higher just to show you that okay the fourth big mistake.

we make isto follow nature again and go with our natural eyebrow as we’re getting oldermany of us lose our eyebrows or we’ve over plucked them and they didn’t growback and a good shaped eyebrow really helps create the perfect look for ourface so I’m going to show you how to measure out your eyebrows. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

what willsuit your face the best so you grab an eyebrow pencil I use the benefitprecision brow number two and you take your eyebrow pencil and you put itbetween your nose and your corner of your eye and then you leave a mark likethis so that dot there is where your eyebrow starts. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

then on the otherside you take it from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eye and yougo up like this and that dot there is where your eyebrows should finish sothat’s the symmetry of your face and they’re the perfect measurements so you can see. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

I’ve got a good distance between here and here with no eyebrows and whenI show you on the other side of my face it makes a big difference when there’ssomething there because it puts everything more in proportion okay I’mgoing to do this side so I’ll do this that’s the dot there and on this side with the eyebrows it’s really importantto only feather strokes on this part of your eyebrow. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

you can line the resthere and fill it in but if you’re going to color this in and make it reallyheavy it looks too much and it makes us look too old so I’m going to show youhow to do it properly so basically you’re just adding somestrokes and then when you come underneath you can fill in the gap you can also create a little bit of alift here. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

if you like it does bring your eye up so on the top you just do alittle bit extra and then bring it down okay and on the other end of the eyepencil you’ll have a brush and you brush your eyebrows upwards and that’s it andI love to use an eyebrow setting gel on top of that this is also benefit I’llleave.

the links below but it’s just like hairspray and it keeps your eyebrows inplace and it kind of accentuates the hairs that you do have and makes it alllook a bit fuller so you can see the difference there these eyebrows havereally helped shape my face. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

this side looks like it just needs somethingand that’s what it is it needs an eyebrow and the fifth biggest mistake wemake with our mature eye makeup is not to curl our lashes now a lot of peoplesay it’s not worth the trouble but I’m going to show you what it does for myeyelashes and again we’re creating a lift so everything about this side islifted and everything about. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin

this side is droopy so let me show you the differenceso an eyelash curler if you haven’t used one of these beforeit is definitely worthwhile getting it takes a little bit of practice if you’rebrand new to it and if you’ve got straight eyelashes like you’re going tonotice such a difference this one’s a shoot memory.

I’ve had it for yearsand years and years and it still works perfectly I like to heat it gently witha blow dryer because the heat will set your eyelashes and keep them curled upso you can try that at home but don’t let the rubber get too hot because it can burn your eyelids. 5 awsome beauty tips for womens skin.

so be safe with that and here’s what you doyou clamp your eyelashes like this plant them and then you gently turn ittowards your inner eye and hold for 10 seconds or you can pulse it lightly I’mgoing to do the mistake side first and we’re going to not curl them and we’regoing to apply.

the mascara in the wrong way so this is a thrive mascara and isthis beautiful I’ll leave the link below and to do it the wrong way to get theleast benefit for our mature eyes is to apply from the top and to apply yourpressure downwards so we are doing it the wrong way okaythat’s that I now I’m going to go to the curled eye and I’m going to go fromunderneath up and I’m going to zigzag it a little bit towards close.

the eyeand bring me mascara upwards and then gently on the top of my eyelashI’m just going to do it gently and kick it up and then go back underneath andset that again okay that’s one coat of mascara so let that dry a little bit.

you can add a second coat on top of that if you like which is what I always do soI’m going to go in on this eye again and if you’re just rushing and not doingyour mascara with purpose it does tend just to look straight and then they justdon’t look nice okay that’s my second coat to the mistake eye and now I’ll domy second coat to the good eye okay.

so there’s some results I have a mistakeone mistake after the other five in fact and this side I’ve done it with a littlebit more finesse and I think I’ve got a much better result let me know if you’vegot some great eye makeup tips I’d love to hear themplease give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with any of yourgirlfriends who have mature eyes thank you so much for watching and have abeautiful week.

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