5 hair beauty tips for womens

5 hair beauty tips for womens

5 hair beauty tips for womens

hello everyone and welcome to ourchannel do you sometimes experience slow hair growth hair fall or even baldnessyes most of us do but there are many easy and unusual hair growth hacks fromall around the world that will help your hair grow thicker and longer today. http://beauty tips

I’m going to share with you some of my hacks that have really helped me grow my hair super fast you can see my hair I have used this hacks all my life for longthick and beautiful hair so let’s see how you can get those long hair you havealways wanted with six super easy hacks before. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

we go ahead please like and subscribe to this channel so let’s go on with today’s remedy the first super easytrick that helps hair grow faster while sleeping is simply calming your hairthoroughly before going to bed did you know that your hair grows. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/03/03/beauty-and-boldness-is-the-best-thing-today/

the most whileyou’re sleeping this is because this Kulp gets the maximum blood supply whilelaying down brushing or combing your hair is an exercise for your scalp thatincreases the blood circulation on the scalp and increases the flow of blood tothe hair follicles doing. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

this exercise before sleeping is especially very effective for hair growth detangle your hair before bedtime also helps your hairto remain neat and frizz free in the morning you will wake up withtangle-free and highly nourished hair second hack that helped me grow.

my hairlonger and stronger is the upside down or inversion technique which is done bylowering the head from the bed just before you go to sleep lowering the headdown increases the blood supply to the skull the blood containing oxygen rushesto the scalp and nourishes. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

the hair folicles this fresh supply of bloodhelps the hair grow faster lower your head from the bed very carefully andslowly massage your hair with your fingers for at least five to ten minutesthis can be done every night or at least three times a week for visible results massaging the scalp increases the blood supply to the scalp.

when you’relying down with your hair lowered it will speed up the hair growth processeven more another easy way of lowering your head is to flip all your hairforward you can do this by standing or sitting comfortably on a chair or acouch flip your hair forward and gently massage your scalp with your fingers forfive minutes. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

this will increase fresh blood supply toyour scalp and will nourish your hair and make your hair grow faster andlonger pregnant women should be very careful while doing this and should notput too much pressure on the abdomen third easy hack involves.

the rubbing ofyour fingernails together with some force you should grab all your fingerstogether except your thumb rubbing the fingernails together for at least 10 to20 minutes every day will help your hair grow longer and stronger and will helppreventing hair loss people with high blood pressure and pregnant women shouldnot perform. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

this therapy my fourth super effective hack for her growth whilesleeping is to tie your hair in a braid before bedtimetraditionally braiding is a very common practice in Asian culture to help thehair grow at night tie your hair in a loose braid before going to bed you willsee a lot of difference in how your hair grows when you tie it in a loose braid. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

when you sleep with your hair lose and spread all over the bedit breaks the hair and makes it tangles and unmanageable in the morning but whenit is tied in a loose braid the hair stays in place and remains neat andmanageable next morning the fifth hack that I’m going to share with you is to avoid tied hair styles hair strands are pulled by tight braids buns or any sort of accessories that cause stress on.

the hair follicles help follicles hold anindividual strand of hair on the scalp tied hairstyles and pulling of the haircauses hair breakage and reduce blood supply which can result in permanenthair loss the hair should be tied in lose her styles so that there is nodamage caused to the hair follicle my sixth and last hack is to not wrap yourhair in the towel after you wash it. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

if you do wrap your hair in the SAU aftershower you are making a big mistake when the hair is wet it is more prone tobreakage the weight of the towel can easily break your hair from the roots bypulling the wet hair just squeeze out the excess water andlet it air dry these were the super-easy hacks that can help hair fall break edgeand can grow your hair long.

what if instead of that hair fall during rainy season we get that thick, long and shiny hair Is it possible?? yes it is As today I’ll be sharing five solutions for hair and if you follow them you can make your hair thick, long and shiny as Navratri & Diwali is nearer so need to give extra care to our hair. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

if you start to follow these tips from now your hair will become awesome till this Diwali so watch this video till the end as you’ll find amazing hair care tips so first talk about Hair Oiling have you ever thought??

why you didn’t get that benefits even after hair oiling cause you are not applying hair oil in a proper way so the right way is take 2-3 tsp of Castor Oil or according to your hair length If you don’t have Castor oil then you can use any of your regular hair oil make it little warm As warm oil get absorbed deep into the scalp massage your scalp with your finger tips. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

taking small hair sections so all the goodness of oil deeply penetrated into your scalp also you feel relaxed need to apply oil into hair root instead of hair length sometimes we wash our hair so quickly if getting late for college or else so that scalp remains unclean.

5 hair beauty tips for womens

5 hair beauty tips for womens

we often dry them too harshly with a towel or use hair dryer or sometimes combing wet hair too harshly this I told you earlier too about shampooing need to wash your hair twice a week. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

if you wash your hair so frequently this depleting your hair’s natural oil & this natural oil is essential for our hair health so try to wash your hair one hour before most of you think no need to apply conditioner after shampoo but this is wrong conditioner is important too as moistures fades away after washing.

your hair and hair gets dry and conditioner provides moisture to our hair take coin size conditioner on your palms rub it well apply this conditioner like this need to apply it only on hair length and then wait for five minutes this makes your hair soft, shiny and smooth. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

now wipe your hair gently with a towel or t-shirt and let them to dry and after drying detangle your hair with a clean wide toothed comb have you listen to me apply a hair mask once in a week now you think from where we get this hair mask?

for this you’ll need only two ingredients egg and curd take 8 tsp of curd in a bowl add two eggs in it and mix well as festive season is there so many of you don’t want to use egg so you can use Aloe vera gel instead of egg mask is ready now I’ll tell you how to apply it?

make your wet before applying this mask as this makes hair shaft get opened and the product we apply will nourish our hair so well so make our hair manageable & frizz free leave it as it is for about half an hour and then wash and the result is in front of you hair problems depend on our diet too suppose. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

you bring a plant and beautiful pot too that plant doesn’t grow until you provide water and fertiliser just like that all these are needed for a plant growth so proper diet is too important for our hair so need to include spinach, beet root, pomegranate, lentils,

5 hair beauty tips for womens

5 hair beauty tips for womens

beans dark chocolate and nuts in your diet if you include these in your diet this makes your hair healthy along with your body also take sleep of 8 hours daily don’t take stress and avoid alcohol also do yoga & meditation from time to time so just follow these five tips to make your hair healthy. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

How to remove pimple? – Home remedies for pimples – Tamil Beauty Tips Hi Friends! You are watching Tamil Beauty Tv. My hearty welcome if you watch our channel for the first time. When we went through your comments many people have asked that they have more pimples, And didn’t get positive results even after trying many steps. The main reason for pimple may be oily food and hormonal changes.

As we pop the pimple with our hands As it will take the infection deeper into the skin and cause rashes and acne. In this video we are going to see how to cure pimples with some simple steps. I st step is suppressing or compressing the pimple. Cover an Ice cube with a cotton cloth and keep it wherever you have pimples on your face for 5 minutes. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

This will relieve us from the pain caused by the pimple and compress it. There are four options in Step-2 (Spot treatment) and you can use which is easily available at home.

First Option: Tea Tree Oil Apply tea tree oil in the affected area using an ear bud and leave it for 20 minutes and wipe it off with a cotton ball. Second Option: Lemon and Honey Mix 4 drops of lemon juice and little honey and apply it on the pimple affected area and wipe it off after 20 minutes.

Third Option: Potato Juice and Cinnamon powder Mix little potato juice and cinnamon powder and apply it on the affected area and wipe it off after 20 minutes. Fourth Option is for sensitive skin: Raw Papaya Extract raw papaya juice and apply it on the pimples. Leave it for 20 minutes and wipe it off. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

Third step is healing Take Aloe vera gel and crush some mint leaves and extract the juice and mix it well. Apply it on your pimples and leave it overnight. Wash it off next day morning and you will get a pimple free skin.

hi guys welcome to my simple remedies weusually take care of our skin our face but nowadays with our busy lifestyle noone takes care of their hair so today I will share with younew hair hacks and hair remedies that will solve all of your hair related problems so let’s start with today’s hot topic. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

before we go ahead please likethis video and subscribe to our channel to help us make more great content foryou all I am aiming at twenty five thousand likes done ok let’s go aheadhack number one how to get rid of dandruff how to get rid of dryness orsecret first of all take a clean bowl and add 1tsp of yogurt into it after that I’m adding 4 to 5 drops of lemon juice mix it all well and apply to your scalp remember that.

you have to apply this mixture only to your roots there isno need to apply it on your hair after applying it well keep it on your rootsfor 30 minutes and after that wash your hair whenever possible try to usesulfate and parabens free shampoos use this remedy three times in a week and make a new mixture every time I promise you will get rid of dandruff in one week now.

5 hair beauty tips for womens

5 hair beauty tips for womens

let’s get on to hack number two how to stop hair fall these is way to getrid of hair breakage and hair problems in generalfirst of all take an onion remove the skin and grate it thoroughly to take itsjuice we need 2 to 3 tablespoons of onion juice next let’s add onetablespoon of Amla oil and the last ingredient. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

we will add is 1 tablespoonof castor oil now mix all these ingredients wellbefore applying the final product to your scalp apply the mixture to your hatwith the help of your fingertips and after applying this mixture massage your head for two to three minutes thoroughly after that leave this mixture on your scalp for approximately. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

one hour after one hour wash your hair with any shampooapply this mixture fresh every time you cannot store it or use it twice keep upthis remedy with a once a week application for one month I promise youyou will get rid of hair fall and hair loss problems forever when using this regularly hack number three.

how to stop hair thinning and grow thicker hair homemade remedy for making thin and weak hairdense and shiny first take one banana and remove the skin now mash this bananauntil it becomes a paste strain this paste. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

we have to use almost two to threetablespoons of banana paste next I’m adding two tablespoons of yogurt meancurd and the last ingredient that I am adding is two capsules of vitamin E nowmix it well and apply it on your roots and hair.

this remedy will not only helpyou to grow thick your hair but will also make your hair shiny and brightafter applying it well leave it like for one hour and then wash the hair with anymild shampoo makes this mix fresh every time. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

the result of the fresh mix isreally something else use this remedy three times for the first month two tothree times for the next month after that and I promise you you will bewitnessing the results firsthand hack number fourhow to get rid of dry damaged and frizzy hair easy homemade recipe to make silky smooth and straight hair from dry.

lifeless hair first take a clean bowland add three to four tablets of aspirin now crush them with the help of a spoonand add three tablespoons of coconut cream in it mix the ingredients welluntil they form a paste now the mix is ready to apply apply this cream byleaving an inch from the root remember that you have to apply this mixture. 5 hair beauty tips for womens.

only on your hair not the roots do not apply on the roots at all and keep calmingsimultaneously so that the mix can evenly be spread on your hair afterapplying the mix properly on the hair keep it on for some time preferablyleave this mixture on your hair as it is for the next 25 minutes.

if you feel that your hair is getting dry then wet your hair slightly with a water spray gunthis measure will be needed only if you feel that your hair is getting dry after25 minutes you can wash your hair with any shampoo you should use this recipeonly once a month because its results are very long-lasting you will getinstant results meaning that only after the first application.

your curly andfrizzy hair straightens out so please use it only once per month and finallyhack number 5 how to remove head lice this is the most effective recipe forgetting rid of lice and leak on so let’s take a clean bowl and add 1 tablespoonof pure neem oil in it if you do not have neem oil then make a paste of neemleaves and add them next let’s add 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil and lastly let’sadd 1 tablespoon of water now mix all these ingredients.

move them into aspray bottle now you can use this pray bottle toyour whole head thoroughly and if you have any left you can store it in thefridge this mix can actually be stored for up to 1 month after 40 minuteswash your head with any shampoo after just one time use only you will get ridof head lice for ever I promise please use this remedy only when it’sneeded as there is no need to use it on a daily basis so guys that’s all for today.

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