7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

So you want to work in fashion but what you may not realize Is there are a lot of fashion jobs outside of being a designer. Now, I know design may seem super glamorous and sexy but a lot of these jobs are just as fun and just as exciting and there are also two big reasons why these jobs are Arguably better than working in design I’m so Heidi founder successful fashion designer calm and I teach designers like you the real-world skills that you won’t learn in fashion school But that you need to get ahead and just cut throat industry A lot of people don’t talk about this stuff. http://fashion

which is why I call it fashion industry Secrets Revealed Now there are more than seven jobs out there besides being a designer but these are the jobs you never knew existed I’m not gonna tell you the obvious ones like being a buyer or being a retail store manager I’m gonna tell you the cool jobs that unless you work in the industry. You have no idea exist First up is a CAD designer CAD. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/22/how-to-be-the-best-4-fashion-technology/

It stands for computer aided design So, yes, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the computer. It’s kind of like a mix of fashion design and graphic design You’re responsible for sketching fashion flats and illustrator oftentimes this will be interpreted from what the designer gives you you’ll be creating textile prints and repeating patterns any of the Graphical elements that go on.

inside the product things like labels and hang tags are going to be part of your job this may be things like placed prints like screen printed graphics on the front of shirts or cute artsy things on the side of leggings And yes as I just mentioned this is also gonna be graphics for things like hang tags and labels and zipper pulls and Trims you have to create all of these from scratch.

which is really freaking fun fashion job number two technical designer or garment technician your main role as a technical designer is turning a 2d sketch into a Three-dimensional finished garment this doesn’t necessarily mean sewing in real life but your job is to make sure that the garment is constructed accurately and that it fits well and every depending on the brand you work for this may.

may not mean draping actual fabric and Drafting actual patterns some brands do so samples on site Some brands have seamstresses in-house to do this some brands This will be the responsibility of the technical designer not always a lot of the time the technical designer will still do everything on paper and Send it to the factory to have them create the sample at the very least as a technical designer.

You will be creating the chart of P OMS which are the points of measure That show what measurement each portion of the garment should be for any given size one of the biggest tasks as a technical designer is to conduct fittings of the samples that the factory send you this is to make sure that the garment fits right that The seam lines and construction are done accurately and then it works on a real person’s body you’ll go through these fittings do an inside-out analysis of the garment looking at every seam and stitch and You’ll document all these comments and send them back to the factory to let them know any changes.

They need to make if you love Problem-solving and engineering and building stuff a technical designer is an amazing job for you fashion job number three Product developer as a product developer your role and responsibility is to manage the entire Product development process this goes from the time the tech pack is sent out to the factory to the time.

the bulk production Lands at the warehouse or at your facility you need to make sure that development stays on time You need to make sure that the factory sends sub that’s on time and you make sure that all deadlines are going to be met You’ll be responsible for the initial sourcing which is where you send the tech pack out to multiple factories and get quotes You’ll be responsible for negotiating pricing and payment terms and delivery dates with various factories.

7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

And once the final factory has been chosen for production. You’ll be responsible to work with them throughout the entire process I’ve talked about this in other videos but the product development process is full of a lot of tracking and Following up with the factory to make sure that everything’s done on time It is your job at any given time to know the status of every garment and design Every individual piece and part of that garment.

What’s the status of the buttons? The Hang tags the labels the fabric the screen print as the factory develops all of these Individual components for the finished garment they will send them to you and you are the one responsible to review them Send comments and let them know whether they’re approved or not or if they need to make changes You’ll also work with the technical designer as the various fit samples come in To make sure that the comments are made and sent to the factory in a timely manner again.

Your entire job is essentially tracking and managing the whole development process to make sure deadlines are met if you are super organized you love coordinating a bunch of moving pieces and parts and you’re good at communication and staying on top of things a product developer is an awesome job for you fashion job number four a Merchandiser.

now this is different from a visual merchandiser Which we’re going to talk about next But a merchandiser within a brand has a very specific role the job of a merchandiser is to figure out what should the overall Assortment look like so what does this mean this means? Should the collection have three dresses one pair of pants two blouses and one jacket is there something missing from that assortment does it need a sweater doesn’t need a Jumpsuit doesn’t need a trench coat.

You will work very close with the designer and the design team Well, they will be designing the individual garments It is your job to analyze past season sales review other competitors in the market and see where there are opportunities And what makes sense in terms of how many of each type of item to introduce if you still want to work in design? but want to sort of have a 10,000 foot overview of it versus designing the individual is a Merchandiser is a great job for you.

Fashion job number five visual merchandiser you may also know this as a stylist as a visual merchandiser your job is to style the Insides of the store. This may be a table display. This may be a wall display This may be a window display you are going to figure out how to take various pieces within the store and put them together cohesively this also can consist of things outside of just the clothes.

you can have an opportunity to do really sort of crafty fun engineer design type of things that complement and enhance the visual display and you also may depending on the company depending on the brand be in charge of doing visual styling for photo shoots things like flat leis putting various models in different clothes and making sure everybody looks good together as a visual merchandiser.

your job essentially is taking Different clothes and figuring out how to put them all together in one cohesive way again whether that’s on a group of models or an in-store display if you love mixing and matching and putting a ton of different stuff together to create the perfect and best outfits a Visual merchandiser.

stylist is a great job for you fashion job number six a sourcing specialist first What is sourcing? So we’re seeing is finding the right vendors who have the right materials things like fabric trims findings or the right capabilities Meaning the right machinery or factories to create your design as a sourcing specialist you’re always going to be looking for new vendors and partners to work with it may be because they have unique trims and findings and Fabrics that you’ve never seen before it.

7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

may be because they have specialized machinery that allows you to do Interesting construction techniques that can help your brand stand out from the competition you’re also going to be looking for factories that have the right price points and Fit into the price margins that your brand needs as a sourcing specialist Your job is also defined factories that can fulfill your minimum order requirements Not every factory will create 200 units and not every factory has the capability of creating 200,000 units so depending on the size of your brand.

you may need to find factories that have the right production Capabilities for you now as a brand it’s important to have multiple factories that you can work with Not only because you may need to fill in gaps in production when one factory can’t perform you have a backup to send that too But it also helps keep your vendors competitive when you counter source something meaning you send it to three factories to get three quotes There’s competition there and that helps you push the factories to give you the best price possible Outside of finding new factories to meet your brand needs.

You’re also going to be responsible for communicating with the factories maintaining the relationships Negotiating pricing negotiating payment and delivery terms you are going to be the front person working with the factory and maintaining that relationship If you love doing research Discovering new resources and communicating and maintaining relationships with people being a sourcing specialist is a great job for you.

Fashion job number seven a customs compliance coordinator when product gets designed and made at the factory someone has to make sure it gets from the country of origin wherever it’s made whether that’s China or India or Anywhere else to the country where it’s going to be sold and distributed and the logistics of shipping Hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of garments across the world are not super easy You don’t just throw the product on a plane and it shows up on the warehouse doorstep three days.

Later Shipping product by air is very expensive The average cost you’re going to incur is an additional $1 per item That’s per item per jacket per t-shirt It’s going to cost an extra dollar to put that on an airplane Which is why most product is brought in on a boat fun side fact.

if you’ve ever heard the saying slow boat from China There’s a meaning behind it on average the product will sit on the boat on the water anywhere from 30 to 45 days depending on the origin and a final destination now to get the product onto the boat There’s a lot of things that have to be considered first All those jackets go into a box the Box goes on to a pallet the pallet Goes into a shipping container and the shipping container goes on to the boat.

This entire process has to be coordinated because you may not have enough product to fill an entire pallet or to fill an entire shipping container and so it has to get Coordinated with lots of other brands and lots of other product that’s being shipped across the world To fit your designs your box of jackets or shirts Onto the boat.

7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

7 Awesome Fashion Jobs You should Never Knew Existed

So there’s a couple things that happen when product gets brought into a country It has to pass through customs and they have to make sure that you’re paying the right amount of duty or tariffs or tax on That product now there are thousands of categories for different types of products they’re called HTS codes and the duty the tax is Calculated based on the category.

Some garments may have duty of two percent meaning if the garments One dollar the duty is two cents. Some garments have a duty of up to 30 or 35 percent Meaning an additional 35 cents for every dollar. So as you might guess Some brands decide they want to put their garment into a different HTS code to get a lower duty This is major cheating.

You will get caught You will pay and your product will get held up in customs For weeks or days or months, which is why as a customs compliance coordinator It is your job to be familiar with the HTS codes To assign the correct one to pay the right Duty and to get the product smoothly through customs so if you love problem-solving dealing with challenging such and figuring out logistics and coordination a Customs compliance coordinator is a great job for you So again.

I know when you think about working in fashion, all you think about is being a designer But as I told you earlier there are two reasons why it is great to explore one of these other jobs Instead of being a designer reason one. They are much less competitive to get you’ve still get to work in the industry You still get to be amongst fashion.

It is still very exhilarating and exciting But your chances of landing your first job getting your second and third job advancing getting promotions all of that stuff are Much higher than you are when you’re working as a designer as a result You will also get paid more some of these jobs pay even double what you’ll make as a designer.

Why Again, because they’re not as competitive. There are hundreds thousands millions of people out there dying to be a designer So brands get away with paying fairly low salaries in comparison These are seven other awesome fashion jobs. You can get that pay more and are still super fun Now if you’re curious what it’s like to be a designer on a day to day basis.

I write a artical about that Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed this artical share your friends this artical And please give me a thumbs up for more free tips tutorials and advice on getting ahead in fashion head on over to successful fashion designer comm and sign up to my email list for Exclusive insights. I only share there. I’d also love to hear from you. What is your dream fashion job? Let me know below in the comments Now there are more than seven jobs out there – working Beef up beef who says beef first thing your first thing. thankyou so much read my fashion artical and i hope you learn something with my artical.

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