7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

You You Modeled on nature Just as the human eye generates a high-resolution image using numerous receptors the multi beam LED headlamps of the new generation CLS project a high-resolution light grid Mercedes-benz is thereby opening a new chapter in lighting technology modules. http://technology

each containing 24 Individually activated high-performance LED chips per headlamp allow a light distribution of previously unknown precision and dynamism The result is a number of outstanding lighting innovations The next generation of dazzle free high beam headlamps When the camera positioned behind a windscreen detects another road user. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/13/7-making-sense-with-technology-and-sports/

the precision lighting module with its grid light source reacts immediately To avoid dazzling a driver traveling ahead Individual areas of the road can be very precisely illuminated or systematically darkened within hundredths of a second At the same time. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

the road ahead and its edges are illuminated far more brightly Further and more precisely than with any other lighting system available in the market Full high beam is reactivated as soon as there is no longer a risk of dazzling the other road users.

This extremely fast responding and precise system also follows the course of an oncoming vehicle moving the darkened area with the light beam so that the other driver is not dazzled at The same time the vehicles own lane and its edge are fully illuminated. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

The newly developed predictive active bending light also ensures greater safety on the basis of a camera image the light beam already pivots in two bends before the driver has turned the wheel as The situation requires it returns to the straight ahead position even before the vehicle exits the bend This means that potential hazards when entering and exiting bends can be recognized sooner.

The new roundabouts light is another unique function on the basis of navigation data The light beam is widened to the left and right before entering a roundabout to ensure the best possible View of potential hazards at an early stage The new motorway high-beam responds to an impulse When the system recognizes that the vehicle is on a motorway. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

the offside area of the light beam is lowered to avoid dazzling oncoming trucks The drivers own area of view is focused and remains fully illuminated The end result the same level of safety for the driver and even more safety for other road users In this way the eyes of the new CLS with multi-beam LED technology make a major contribution to active safety Digital light.

the revolution in automobile lighting technology delivering unique possibilities in performance assistance and production unlimited possibilities for an ideal high-definition light distribution Thanks to intelligent software more than a million points of light per headlamp can be individually controlled Light as a source of ideas. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

As a Philosophy and inspiration For a long time digital light was a vision theory has now given way to practice Precision variety and digital intelligence Glare-free main beam lights use sensors to analyze the surroundings sufficiently illuminating other road users and simultaneously avoiding glaring them People as the focus of a fascinating concept Light means site and site.

means safety Cyclones canary diamond of the seizure height its own this extreme He’ll fight on the effusion startled yourself you owe This mystic is functional permanent Communication in HD quality digital light provides drivers with vital visual information a revolutionary technology. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

a new dimension in adaptive lighting Digital itis emission unleashed the still a concern for some target list the Commons of says oscillating at fine Almost a nocturnal revolution laser light the scope of 600 meters less power consumption more light intensity.

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

The BMW i8 the first seria car of the world with the latest technology in the field of light research comes into the market in the art in 2014 But how can a laser be transformed into a headlamp the light from three single laser diodes is conducted to a highly concentrated strongly clustered beam of light. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

This is channeled through a mirror on the inside of the headlamp Towards a yellow phosphorus panel by means of which the transformation from blue light to white takes place.

Dr. Abdel, Monika NAAFI a light engineer for BMW was involved in the project from the very beginning we heard that time about a new type of sources used in the medical sector in Japan and We’ve been investigated we investigated actually this light source and we developed concepts. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

This new light concept combines various light sources in one headlamp laser night for the high beam booster LED technology for conventional headlamps The virtual profile is tested in a driving simulator that allows producers to save a lot of time the stages of development and validation Thomas Houseman head of pre development of light at BMW explains.

the driving simulator give us the possibility to do our virtual testing independently from Surrounding conditions like snow fog and rain That means we can shorten the time from the very first ideas of innovative products to bring to the market and to our customers With the results of the virtual tests. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

the developers produce a first prototype It has to undergo numerous heartless tests such as coldness and heat resilience Now international permission will be granted by the photometric Institute in Quechua and then mass production starts Laser headlamps are 30% more energy efficient in their technology than they already Energy-saving LED lamps.

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

their night is clearly brighter – what is BMW light expert Stefan Weber? Say – preconceptions regarding possible layering by laser night Possibly clear is completely avoided by using a camera based high beam a system this camera based system detects oncoming traffic and then switches automatically from high beam to low beam.

if the road is free again it Switches from low beam to hide him again and we have the full range of 600 meters Beneath a light insures a considerable boost of security driving is less exhausting and obstacles Pedestrians or deer crossing can be spotted firing here once again in comparison Exene on high beam on the left and now look to your right. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

the laser booster of the new BMW i8 Riding through the darkness of the night a Mysterious feeling sensing shadows and shapes arising from the dark. What is out there? Awaits me what will cross my path? Welcome to our vision of the night a Vision that is defined by intelligence and design Intelligent life means thinking ahead.

The headlights are connected to the assistant systems which in turn have the light shape and intensity to the information supplied by the vehicle sensors Furthermore laser light opens up new possibilities for the iconic BMW headlight design Once the donor has passed 45 miles per hour. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

The laser light automatically boosts the LED Heidi’s BMW laser light looks 650 yards ahead of the vehicle and doubles the high beam range Experience a new BMW selectively detects other road users and selectively excludes them from the high beam laser light distribution It provides excellent visibility there without dazzling other drivers.

What is hidden in the dark the dynamic light spot with laser light is an early warning system with a bright outlook With infrared recognition, it illuminates pedestrians and larger animals up to 110 yards in events This light ensures that both the driver and the person approaching are very effectively warned of a potentially hazardous situation Feel an unprecedented trust Detects narrow passages far ahead. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

The narrow passage tightens late laser marks the exact vehicle width on the road and shows whether you can pass through it Anticipate your path through the night a Preemptive adaptive headlights adjusts to the road He told by data from GPS the cameras the light knows the environmental conditions in advance.

This system enables you to see in light actors before you reach them including curves in the road roundabouts and s curves Stars above you likes in front of you fascinating elegance in the night BMW organic light with only technology Made of organic material veneer that 0.1 of an inch each other element is controlled.

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

individually with its three-dimensional design and montanus eliminating power BMW organic light worked as a new Erica lighting technologies as a High-power laser diodes can project individualized driver information onto the road Light and ideas are always advanced The mwm for concept iconic lights the future never looked brighter Wow You. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

All right tumor tails boom Been a while. I’ve been super busy with with work this week And That’s a good thing I love what I do in the real estate industry and I’m a broker here in the twin city. So My office is you know, super busy, which is great I am not complaining but I have had almost no free time and getting up early and get home late and Get some exercise and working out and meditating in between there. So Stay healthy.

I but I do have a ton to talk about today It’s gonna have to be like three videos worth because I’ve never get through it all and it’s just gonna be like this wandering crazy Scott going off on tangents stuff, which I Know that choice of people crazy, you know, I’ll just blame the two more. Uh, so whatever but yesterday I’m so starting off.

My back is hitching because I got a haircut and holy crap I feel like there’s like fire ants walking up and down my back right now. So that’s a personal problem The I went to a place called bio photon therapy center yesterday. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

It’s in Wayzata, Minnesota and Margaret Wilson is the owner proprietor of that and basically It’s the bull, you know, they’re operating on the premise that the body is a sophisticated computer system and that That you know that it’s governed by a computer system a brain if you will not this one.

but Or maybe and it gives details instructions to every cell in every moment that we are alive and you know tell cells what to excrete with the breakdown when to multiply when do we repair damage and stuff so Sometimes these files get corrupted is the is the theory and that we need to figure out which files?

cells whatever that are corrupted and then give them different information and and hopefully teach them to Fix whatever’s going on or you know, get healthy or whatever. So I Went to this, you know, she also has like a rife machine So I went through yesterday. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

I was there for a couple hours margaret is awesome. Wonderful wonderful human being and You know had a really good good session. I’m thinking it was It was cool and we’ll see what happens it’s gonna go back next week and just kind of go through this whole wellness journey with the Biophoton Therapy Center and that amongst other things there is a Well, I’m not gonna get in that in this video. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

That’s that’s enough for now. So bio photon therapies and the website is bio photon therapy Usa.com and if you want to check it out and Let me know your comments. That would be awesome. So hope everyone’s doing well Sorry for not being Present this week, but I’m a fire now and I’ve got a lot more common So appreciate all you guys and yeah, I did a CrossFit workout today.

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

Ever since that first dim glow in Thomas Edison’s light bulb, innovators have beentrying to make it better, transforming it into thousands of ways to brighten our world. And I’m not sure, but I’m guessing that when old T. Edstarted lighting the way, he probably didn’t know how important a selfie flash would become.

He also couldn’t have known that he was also the inventor of red eye. (mellow music) Bringing light into darkness has been a human pursuitsince early cave dwellers learned how to make fire hundreds of thousands of years ago. Since then, basic lighting innovations have included oil lamps, candles, gas and, of course, electricity. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

The Henry Ford’s headcurator, Marc Greuther, talked to me about the inspired technology that helped illuminate our world. (light music) Describe the lighting that’sgenerated by electricity. – Well, you’re talkingbasically about arc lighting. So you’re talking avery, very intense light, not the kinda light you’re gonnawanna bring into your home.

Cities like Detroit deployedwhat we call moonlight towers, these very, very large towerswith arc lights on the top that could illuminate large areas. You couldn’t light a citywith gas lights that way; it was not that intense of a light. – Whoa!- Yeah. – Like a big orb— Absolutely, yeah. – Just coming out from there, the whole city’s illuminated.- Yeah. – Innovating newways to generate light was not driven by theexpanding housing market. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

Most homes wouldn’t behardwired for electricity until the 1920s. It was the pursuit of the almighty dollar that spurred development. – Business was a hugepart of early adoption. That’s where it reallystarts to edge forward. And that’s significant. You’re looking at businesses that actually wanna run at night, so, you know, places likenewspapers, printers, bakeries. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

So this is a good exampleof somewhat more recent arc lighting in a sense. These are mercury lights. These are designed for commercial spaces. Some of these might be for roadways. One of the things that develops as a result of the electricaltechnology proliferating, and various forms oflamps being developed, is a better understanding of light output, to what degree it matches sunlight. Perhaps it’s tinged a little blue, so there’s an entire industry that grows out of theproliferation of electric lighting. (light music) – What does LED stand for? – Light-emitting diode.

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

Is LED technology something very recent or has it been with us for awhile? – It’s been with us for awhile. So the problem with thingslike LED technologies, and before that compact fluorescents, is the cost of manufacture was high, and when that goes to market,the cost is incredibly high. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

If you actually lookedat the cost of LED lights when they were first put on the market compared to incandescent lamps, it was like, the choice was obviously incandescents, strangely enough. – Of course, incandescentlight uses electricity to heat a wire element inside a bulb to such a high temperature thatit glows with visible light. And it’s that warm glowthat stimulates our senses. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

The first time I went to New York City to see a Broadway show,I was 12 years old, and Times Square, I can still see it. It was as if it was the middle of the day. It was one of the weirdest,most magical experiences. – And that sort of wonder, ifyou will, in bright lights, the magic of what you cando at nighttime with a city, it taps into very ancient notions of how you can push back the darkness. – We got a lotta lights here. – I know, we’re usinga lotta power, right.

By just using rays of light, this new 3D printer“sculpts” objects all at once, making it one of the first designs of its kind. This latest method coming from UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Lab is called Computed Axial Lithography, or CAL for short. It uses a newer technique called volumetricprinting. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

HAYDEN TAYLOR: Volumetric printing is a categoryof additive manufacturing, where all points inside the 3D objects are materialized orcreated pretty much Simultaneously, as opposed to building upthe geometry, layer by layer, which is how virtually every other existing additive manufacturingprocess works today.

So CAL is printing smooth complex geometrieslike those found in the statue The Thinker; there are no symmetrical sides and no hard“staircase” looking edges, which is totally novel! Another promising feature of this device iscalled “overprinting” which is when they can take objects and print around them.Liketaking the metal component of a screwdriver and printing the handle. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

This is a technique that our additive manufacturingprinters today, have trouble accomplishing. You see, even other liquid printers, likethose that use Stereolithography, are not considered volumetric. Although Stereolithography printers also usea bath of resin, they’re still printing objects layer by layer, slowing pulling theobject out and selectivity curing sections with a light in a process called photopolymerization.

Researchers for CAL eliminated this long process. Since CAL can print within minutes and isspecial since it can print all at once too, and it’s still a very new technology. HAYDEN TAYLOR: Computed axial lithography,you mean? The merging of the relative rotation to buildup.a 3D intensity dose with fabrication. This is the first demonstration of that approach. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

The original proof of principle was done in2017 by a big collaboration between the Lawrence Livermore National Lab, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Universityof Rochester. They used three intersecting stationary beams,and at the points they intersected, the intensity of light was high enough to cause the resinto solidify.

But this early project was limited by simpleshapes. So Hayden and the team wanted to create somethingwith some versatility and curves. HAYDEN TAYLOR: The principle of the CT scan,the computed tomography scan, came to mind. We thought, “Well, let’s just reverse thatto create objects instead of measuring them. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

By calculating what an image would look likefrom many different angles, researchers put the resulting images into a DLP, or “digitallight processing” projector. (Sounds fancy, but it’s really just an ordinarydigital projector from a store.) From there they pointed the projector at alight-sensitive resin.

7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology

HAYDEN TAYLOR: And so, as that volume of materialrotates quite steadily, the pattern that is being projected into the volume is changingthere are rays of light that are controlled in the brightness, and as they shined through,photons are getting absorbed out of that beam at a particular rate.

When that amount of absorbed light energygoes above a certain threshold value, the resin will become solid and then the partis formed. So a key part of this whole process is thisresin. It’s a synthetic material called gelatinmethacrylate hydrogel and it’s made of a few components; liquid polymers (which haveacrylate at the ends), photoinitiators (which are molecules that react to photons), and oxygen. 7 LED Lenser Advanced Smart Light Technology.

The researchers keep the gel at room temperatureso the oxygen can evenly distribute. But when a light is shined into the material,the molecules within the photoinitiators become reactive and a few things can happen. HAYDEN TAYLOR: First, they could interactwith the oxygen and become what is called quenched. So, the reactive molecule stops being reactiveand is basically dead.

When I say that there’s a threshold for light,it’s really the presence of the oxygen that creates this sharp threshold. You’ve got to consume the oxygen before youcould do the solidification. This threshold process is extremely importantbecause technically, those rays of light are going through the entire resin, even the partsyou don’t have to solidify.

The acrylate in the polymers goes throughwhat’s called polymerization, which is when resin molecules link together in chains tomake a solid plastic. And within a few minutes, the researchershave a solid small structure like that of The Thinker. The resin is a flexible material to work withbecause it’s cheap, malleable, and reusable.

We can possibly customize sports equipment,tools, lenses, or even prosthetic devices. But to go beyond the centimeter scale theresearchers are at now, they need to evaluate the resin formula. AND what about biocompatibility? HAYDEN TAYLOR: Wow, that is a really excellentquestion, and actually, the subject of our ongoing research.

We know that other research groups have successfullyused gelatin methacrylate in conjunction with cells in vitro. That’s a huge positive sign for us. So while this is the latest and breaking research,it’s probably only going to get better from here on out. So How much do you know about 3D printers? Does this project excite you? Let us know down in the comments below and if you liked this project.

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