9 teenagers life Saving hacks – makeup, hair & beauty

9 teenagers life Saving hacks – makeup, hair & beauty

9 teenagers life Saving hacks – makeup, hair & beauty

Want to buy Makeup Products and Pocket Money ended too… so what we should do for Makeup. who has entered !!! who’s is here?? I don’t have highlighter brush why are you beating me?? oh.. No.. telling you what you can do for this fix these hair pin in your makeup brush like this got that fan brush like shape now apply the highlighter who’s there? My mom’s lipstick got broken by mistake & can’t ask to anybody as all of my friends are here and there. http://beauty

If ask question to anybody would get notifications from so many applications give me your phone I’ve downloaded the hike app in your phone All your friends are here Now you ask whatever you want ask from your friends made a mistake My Mom’s lipstick got broken by me they are sending you amazing stickers No need to type anything here I am dying and you’re talking about the stickers by the way I know a hack for this warm your lipstick a little on candle flame it got fix by itself after melting can’t believe it got fixed this also save from multiple application. https://worldgraphics20.com/2020/10/19/top-10-beauty-glowing-skin-tips-for-womens/

your nail paint didn’t get dried yet get ready within five minutes we are getting late for the shoot Add a little thinner in your nail paint now shake it well before applying your time is over and you’re still gossiping you both sit apart from each other what he thinks can’t we talk if we sit apart from each other..:-) lets criticise about him I saw both you are criticising me on Hike where?? I’ve just saw it where?

show me your phone have you got mad!!! Hike’s hide feature is so awesome Do you’ve an eyeshadow what Eyeshadow?? Give me your Eyeshadow ok you want eyeshadow I don’t have it you always roaming around applying eye shadow and refused to me to give your eyeshadow Actually I apply Kajal on my eyelid Smudge it with the help of a brush and done with my Eyeshadow she has so many fly aways fix a wet wipe on hair brush then spray a little hair spray over it now do combing Wow..

Nail Art only at RS. 50/- Are you do Nail Art ?? Yes come in get me done beautiful Nail Art want Nail Art on your Toes too?? return me the left amount what amount!! Rs 50/- Written on that board outside See here it 50/- its Rs. 500/- kids did that paste chewing gum on that zero its too affordable to do Nail Art at home this saves money and you can do your favourite Nail art so first apply the nail paint then apply shimmer remove the excess.

and repeat it on all the nails fix stars or glitters with transparent Nail paint done with your Nail art and rest you can buy the stuff once and can do the nail so many times Smudge Kajal are too expensive do you know anything affordable ok I’ll tell to Aunt about your boyfriend don’t you mind it dear!! I apply any Kajal on Water line area take a little powder on a Makeup brush remove the excess and then gently blend it with my Kajal We are getting late for College.

How should I roll my hair its getting wet Apply the serum on your hair Now divide your hair in two parts Now lets go now just keep rolling your hair your hair got rolled and we reached our college too there are black heads on her nose i too want to get rid of these black heads Add a little glue in half a spoon of Charcoal and mix till we get a thick waste and apply it wherever you’ve black heads.

and let it dry then peel if off after drying this removes your blackheads & whiteheads how awesome these hacks are & this Hike app too gave an hack You can hide your chats so did you download the Hike App did you send the stickers to your friends ?? I too send send the stickers.

100 sustainable beauty tips you have to try

100 sustainable beauty tips you have to try

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel!Today we’re going to be whizzing through 100 sustainable beauty tips youhave to try. If you’re new here, please remember to hit that subscribe buttonand the notification bell so you never miss another video in this 100 series.Take what is applicable to your circumstances and remember: the mostsustainable option is to use what you already have.

Let’s get into it! The first thing you can do is to reduce over buying. 80% of skin care products bought aren’tactually regularly used. This is wild! So by reducing over buying, you are reducingwaste and ensuring the items you do have actually get used up. Minimise your skincare routine. that you only actually need 4 to 5 products for a well-rounded routine. Supportethical brands that do their best to support their workers, the health of theenvironment and conscious consumption.

I’ll link some brands that I love in thedescription below. Use a serum with hyaluronic acid to help deeply moisturise your face from a brandthat actually uses good ingredients, conscious packaging, and is vegan andcruelty-free. Use retinol in your daily facial creams to reduce lines. Use an app like Code Check to scan the barcodes on the products you use, see their rating and what you can swap them for if they contain harmful ingredients.

I absolutely love this app and have been an ambassadorfor them for a few months now, so if you download the app, please use the link in thedescription so they know that I sent you. It’s not an affiliate link and thisvideo is absolutely not sponsored, I just really love and value them as a science-backed tool. Repurpose your packaging.

I love to repurpose oil jars to makeinfused food oils and there are loads of other ways to repurpose glass bottles etc. Use your buying power to actively avoidbrands that only care about profit over ethics, sustainability, and people. Avoidany essential oils or fragrances in the products that you buy for your skin.

Synthetic fragrances have been proven to be highly irritating and sensitising tothe skin. Again, Hyram has made a great video on this which I’ll link below.That’s a lesson learned for me too. Try using products with glycolic acid. I lovethis component because it’s a great exfoliator. However, if youdo have sensitive skin, you need to be extremely careful about which productsor brands you use.

If glycolic acid is too strong for you then opt for a lacticacid instead, as I said it is much gentler and this helps to exfoliate yourskin. Use daily sun cream on your face that is reef-friendly, from a cruelty-freecompany, and an added bonus if the packaging is refillable or reusable. Biossance seems to be one of the only good ones for all skin tones and it doesn’t leavea white cast.

I’ll also put some other recommendations in the description below.Use a wooden dry brush to increase circulation and get rid of dry skin onyour whole body. Use clay masks on armpits to help your body adjust to morenatural deodorants. DIY a reusable sheet mask out of a cotton cloth. I loverose hip oil for scarring and discolouration on my face as I have manyresidual scars from teenage acne and the oil helps a little but mostly with thediscolouration I have in some parts.

Use a pumice stone on rough heels to get ridof dead skin on your feet. I love to use plant-derived nutrient boost oils on myface; they just leave my face absolutely glowing. Use a facial oil with vitamin Cto brighten and firm skin. Use a cotton muslin cloth to wipe off cleanser when washing your face. Reusable cotton pads to remove makeup or apply toner are wonderful.

You can buy them but you can also make them yourself if you’re prettyhandy. There’s no need to buy them if you have some extra material lying around.Reduce the amount of days you wear makeup this helps to give your skin abreak and I always see a dramatic difference in the visibility of cloggedpores and blemishes.

For some extra nourishing, add some olive oil or avocadooil to your moisturiser at night time for your hands and feet. Use a rosequartz roller on your skin. It helps to improve circulation. DIY an oil cleanserfor your face if your skin works well with the oil cleansing method. If DIYcleanses are not your thing or they don’t work for your skin type Meow Meow and tropic have a really lovely cleanser which is beautiful, but their products aren’t that cheap, so just a word of warning there, but they do last along time.

Use spent coffee grounds as an exfoliator for your body, though if yourskin is sensitive, may not be for you. Try an olive oil, saltand rosemary scrub for your body and rough areas like elbows or use jojobaoil to moisturise elbows or rough areas, or even on the ends of your hair to helpmoisturise. It’s a non comedogenic so it shouldn’t clog your pores, however, Ialways question what you’re willing to put on your face, and this is why I lovecode check.

For UK and European dwellers, epsom salts should be your new bestfriend. They are great for muscle and foot soaks after exercise or long walks,and is a great naturally occurring exfoliator.They’re also hella calming as well in a bath. Add some spirulina or other darkgreen powders into your daily intake. This made one of the biggest differences tomy skin.

I’m a big proponent of healing from the inside out. For a moreaffordable version of jojoba oil, camelia oil is just as light and agreat moisturiser for hair and skin. If you find a product that you and yourskin loves, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Skincare companies rely on youbuying their new products each month that never seemed to be that dissimilarto their other products. Don’t be fooled and give in to a product that might begood, when you already have your dream product that really works.

Do yourresearch when it comes to the skincare brands because recently the skincareindustry has begun to look more and more like the fast fashion industry, producingtons of products every month. This is one of my only concerns when it comes to The Ordinary – despite otherwise seemingly being agreat vegan and low waste alternative, but I’ll link a video that goes into much more detail.

Make a brightening and cleansing face mask with turmeric. Blend half a cup of oats and one and a halfteaspoons of turmeric, add water and apply to face and let sit for 5 to 10 minutesand rinse. Be careful though, you may end up with yellow hands. You can use oliveoil, jojoba oil, camellia oil to remove makeup. Just remember to properly cleanseand rinse your face afterwards. Use an eco-friendly sun cream for your lips;it’s not just your skin that needs it. Aloe vera is a natural ailment to soothethe skin.

If you’re using it from the plant, please be sure to separate theyellow goo from the gel, otherwise this is actively bad for your skin. I willlink a tutorial below or you can buy somereadily prepared from a sustainable store like Acala Online or use TheBody Shop’s range of aloe products. add sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, or otherdifferent fatty types of oil into your skincare routine as they are high inantioxidant protection for our skin.

Natural ingredients aren’t necessarily better than synthetic ingredients. Using lab grade ingredients can preventenvironmental depletion and many other supply chain issues. I’ll link a greatvideo on this and the case against and for clean beauty in the description. Choose brands that actively encourage you to look through the ingredient list.I really like Biossance for this reason.

I also love them because squalene, aningredient in their products, is often sourced from sharks, but they have founda way to replicate it from renewable sugarcane. They claim to save over 2million sharks every year – and that’s pretty cool. Hair care: for textured hair,use products with shea butter to really moisturise your locks. My curls love it.

Try DIYing flaxseed gel for your hair. It’s pretty simple and, to be honest, it worksa treat on my curls. Switch out your plastic bottle leave-in conditioners fornourishing oils like Argan, olive, or almond. DIY your own leave-in conditionerspray by using a conditioner bar from your favourite company. Place in a spraybottle with water and allow to dissolve.

100 sustainable beauty tips you have to try

100 sustainable beauty tips you have to try

Or you can just simply use anyleftover conditioner that you have to hand. Try using a shampoo bar instead ofa plastic bottle. Be sure to do your research for your hair type though; Shelbizlee has a great video where she compares lots of different ones, so checkit out. I’ll link it in the description. Try the water only method on your hair.There are tons of great videos on this – I’ll link some below.

Though beware, it works much better for those with curly hair. Use white clay to get rid of thewaxy buildup in your hair, especially if you’re trying no poo or water onlymethod. Try apple cider vinegar rinses to condition your hair. Use rye flour as ashampoo alternative. Serena Lee on instagram has a wonderful IG TV tutorialon this. If shampoo bars aren’t really your thing, try a more natural brand withbetter packaging from a better company like Plaine Products in the U.S.

If pricepoint is an issue for you then focus on ingredients and ethics rather thanpackaging and do the best you can. Faith In Nature are a nice alternativehere in the UK as well as Sukin, originally from Australia. Can alsorefill your shampoo, if available to you. You can also refill your conditioner ifyou have one that you love, again, if it’s available to you.

DIY your own salt spray for your hair to give beachy waves and texture. Use a goodquality wooden hairbrush. If you have curly hair, use a wooden comb when yourhair is wet, but remember, if you already have a comb that still works, please usethat, as that is the most sustainable option. To re-wet hair when refreshing curls or waves, simply use water in a glass spritz bottle.

Go longer between washes to help reduce the amount of oils your hair is producing. Over-washing yourhair can cause an increase in hair oils, making your hair look more greasy muchquicker. I’ve managed to get down to washing my hair once every two weeks. Start with one extra day and go from there. You can make a simple dry shampoo with cornstarch and add a little coco for those of you with darker hair likeme.

You can use an old spice jar to shake onto the top of your scalp and brushthrough your hair. Use a tiny amount of castor oil on eyebrows and eyelashesjust to stimulate and strengthen hair. Castor oil has been used for centuriesand so it is definitely not a new idea here. If you want to get rid of excessoil from your face or hair, you can use chickpea flour.

Just make a paste andgently massage it onto your face or scalp and rinse thoroughly. Argan oil isanother great alternative to add moisture to your hair – curly girls I’mlooking at you. DIY some herbal hair rinses for scalpand hair health. Apparently rosemary is supposed to help stimulate hair growthand promote shine, so I place some fresh rosemary in a container with apple cidervinegar and let infuse for at least two weeks.

Then, around once a week, I pour afew spoons of the mixture into another container, add a large amount of water anduse as a rinse. I like rinses because I only wash myhair every two weeks and it helps to add moisture to my curly hair and helps tolift some of the build-up from my scalp. If you want a quick version of theherbal hair rinse, you can literally pour boiling water over a handful of rosemaryleaves, leave to cool, add a tablespoon or two ofapple cider vinegar and rinse immediately.

You can also try the Yaowomen’s famous rice hair rinse, which is claimed to promote scalp health,strong and long hair. I’ll link a couple tutorials in the description. Massage your scalp when you wash your hair. Not only does this feel nice, but italso helps to lift build-up and helps to stimulate the follicles, apparently tohelp your hair grow. You can also use a soft scalp shower massager, especially ifyou get a lot of products in your hair and you just need to help, a little extrahelp with that build up.

Try to avoid heat as much as possible on your hair asit really has the ability to damage your hair. I used heat on mine for years andyears and it has taken just over two years to get my curls back to theirnatural bouncy selves. Bathroom. Swap disposables for refillables. Invest inrefillable beauty products and take advantage of the discounts you oftenreceive when refilling, rather than simply buying the whole product new. Gocruelty free if you can.

100 sustainable beauty tips you have to try

100 sustainable beauty tips you have to try

No one wants to be wearing products that are tested onanimals nowadays, so do your research and make sure you’re using products that aregood for the animals and good for the environment too. Just check for thatlittle bunny logo. Drink a shit ton of water.This is the best sustainable beauty secret I know. Eat your greens. Dark, leafygreens are wonderful for skin health. Use a reusable nail brush to clean yournails.

You wouldn’t believe a difference having clean nails can have on your overall presentation. If you’re someone who likes toshave, then using a reusable razor can save you money as well as lasting alifetime. I love mine. Store your blades in a container that allows them to go inbut not out. When it’s full, these can be recycled at a recycling centre. Do notput them in your regular recycling. Switch bottles of soap for a simple soapbar for your body.

If you use a plastic loofah obviously use it until it’sbeyond repair, but, if you do want to replace it, try using a natural loofah.They actually grow naturally and are a better, more natural alternative. Usecornstarch floss to floss your teeth or Catherine, from Going Zero Waste, suggests aWaterpik. There are now reusable cotton buds, if you absolutely need them.

Wash your makeup brushes. A dirty makeup brush really attracts bacteria and can helppromote spots, at least I found that, so please, wash your brushes and wash themoften. Just a reminder: if you are liking this video guys, please give it a thumbsup because it really supports my channel. The next one: DIY yourown deodorant; it’s cheaper and honestly, for me, it works to prevent odor as well asmoisturising your armpits as it contains shea butter.

However it does not andcannot act as an antiperspirant. I’ll link my recipe below. If you live in ahot country where DIY deo just simply doesn’t work then just opt for a moreeco-friendly brand if available to you, like Native. You can also use turmeric tosoothe feet and soak them in pure softness. Mix three teaspoons of turmericpowder and one to two teaspoons of almond oil, or olive oil for a cheaperoption.

Try tying some eucalyptus leaves in your shower for a calming DIYwellness steam, good for your hair, good for your skin, good for your brain. Use atongue scraper or clean your bloody tongue. It makes such a difference toyour breath and overall mouth hygiene – for real. Look for socially consciouscompanies that actually give back, like The Body Shop, though be a littlecautious as a lot of their products have fragrances, except they’re aloe soothingrange, which is pretty good for those who have sensitive skin. Sesame seed oil is areally lovely hydrating oil and rich in antioxidant protection.

Look for it in ingredients lists or in the products that you use. Make up. Try DIYing your owntinted lip balm using beetroot. You can dry out the pieces, whizz them up to make apowder, and add a little sunflower seed oil. Apply to lips and voila! You have atinted lip balm, although of course a little runny. Choose refill palettesproducts for eyeshadow, but as always, if you already have palettes that, you know, you love, the most sustainable option is to use what you have rather than buying new.

I personally hate DIY mascara, so I opt for a cruelty freebrand that I love and that I know I’ll use up every single time. Ensuring youuse up your products again is always the most sustainable option. Opt for loosepowders for things like highlighters or bronzers, as you’ll be able to get themost value out of them. You won’t have lots left in the bottom of your pot thatyou inevitably can’t reach. However, again if you have one that you love and willdefinitely use, that is always the better option.

Hair removal. Why not try sugaringfor hair removal instead of wasteful wax strips? But, as always, be careful and makesure you learn how to do it properly as the mixture can getextremely hot. Try threading or even try and learn yourself. Why not ditch theshaver and the waxing and just go au naturale baby? Create a salt scrubwith epsom salts and a little olive oil to exfoliate your legs before shaving, ofcourse, if you choose to shave them. This helped me to prevent ingrown hairs, whichare rather unpleasant. Nails. Rub a small amount of almond oil onto your nails andcuticles to keep them soft and shiny.

Use a stainless steel nail file that lastsso long. You can also use a sandstone to file your nails would you know? It willgenuinely last you years and of course is a more natural alternative to a metalone. The next one is to simply do your best with what you reasonably haveavailable to you. It’s important that we recognise that some skin care is notaffordable, some is affordable, but always using what you already have will alwaysbe the most sustainable option. I know I bang on about this, but it’s important.

This video is actually part of a series so click here or here for the playlistfor zero waste swaps, food waste hacks, right now. If you are enjoying this content andyou would love to see more personal content or just more content in general, head over to my Patreon as well.

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