A Fast Way to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android – 2021

A Fast Way to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android – 2021

A Fast Way to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android – 2021

I got myself a new Android phone just today, the WhatsApp data on my old iPhone are very important and I can’t afford to lose it, there are chat history and images, how do i transfer them to my new phone?

If you are switching from iOS to Android, you might find yourself have a need like this. In this artical, i’m going to tell you how to get it done with a simple method.

Let’s get started! The tool we are using here is iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer,

So once launched it go to the WhatsApp section, next, connect your iPhone to the computer, trust this computer if prompted.

then plug in your Android phone, you might need to enable USB debugging if required. Once both device are detected go ahead and hit Transfer, it’s saying the WhatsApp data on your Android phone will be over written.

I don’t have any data on my Android phone yet, so I’m just going to proceed. It’s now in the stage of backing up the source phone. OK, now we are going to verify the account.

Type in the phone number used to sign in the WhatsApp, then hit Verify. Make sure you have turned off Two-Step Verification for WhatsApp, then hit continue, WhatsApp will send a verification code to this number.

once received, enter it right here, and then hit Verify to confirm, now the restore process will begin, all your WhatsApp data, including chats, images, video and documents will be moved over to your Android phone.

Well done, now it says Transfer successful. You might have noticed that WhatsApp has been uninstalled from your Android phone, no worries, we’ll see all the data after reinstalling WhatsApp.

So let’s go to Play Store, find WhatsApp and then install it, once done, open it and then go ahead and sign in the phone number you used for WhatsApp on your iPhone.

make sure to allow WhatsApp access when you get here, then it’ll detect the backup we just transferred, go ahead and tap Restore, then tap next to confirm, enter your name and then select a backup frequency.

then here they are: all your chat history including images and text messages are all here, That’s it! Thanks for reading.

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