Android Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – TOP 10 FEATURES

Android Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – TOP 10 FEATURES

Android Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – TOP 10 FEATURES

So after months of speculations, rumors and leaks the Galaxy Note 10 is finally here. So let’s take a look at the top 10 featuresof this behemoth of a smartphone which arguably could be the smartphone of the year 2019. Let’s start with a hardware that defines theGalaxy Note, shall we? This year’s S Pen has a 6-axis gyroscope andaccelerometer, which means it supports air gestures now. http://technology

So you will be able to wave your S Pen aroundin the air like you would a magic wand and I wouldn’t deem you crazy if you call yourselfa wizard now. Yes, twisting and turning the pen in the aircan zoom your camera or change the volume. You can also control YouTube, Spotify, andother media apps. In addition to Air Gestures, you will alsohave the Bluetooth controls introduced last year.

So you can do things like wirelessly playand pause music along with using the pen as a camera shutter. The Galaxy Note 10 now has live focus in videosas well. What it does is it applies background blurto the footage in real-time with no lag, thus giving an illusion that the video has beenfilmed with a professional-grade camera which is a really cool thing.

You can also add some other special effectsaround the subject while you’re capturing footage which I’m sure people who take videoswill appreciate a lot. Another cool camera feature is called Zoomin mic, which uses the Note 10’s multiple microphones to target the audio coming froma specific point in your frame. Say you’re at a park and zoom in on a bandplaying in the distance.

The phone will focus on the instruments andbump up the volume from them while minimizing the noise of passersby behind or around you. Very cool indeed, LG has done it before, let’ssee whether or not it is effective in real life. This is the most hyped feature of the Note10+. It supports charging speeds of up to 45W that’s3 times more than the Galaxy S10’s 15W charger.

But the problem is they’re not gonna providethis in the box, you’ve to buy it separately by paying 50 bucks. They’ll provide a 25W charger instead whichis more than enough for a lot of users as it’s still faster than the S10’s. Also, the wireless charging has gotten betteras well. It now supports up to 15W of fast wirelesscharging, better than the S10’s 10W.

With the Note 10 fast charging gets a wholenew meaning provided you pay extra to buy the charging head. Dex has been a staple feature of all Samsungflagships. Ever since they introduced it with the S8,it has gotten better with each iteration. So what new improvements have they made tothe DeX in the Note 10.

Well, now you only need a USB cable and aWindows PC and the great thing is, now you don’t have to unplug your desktop computerfrom a monitor to connect your phone which is way more convenient than before. Also now you can use dex on laptops too. And by the way, it comes pre-installed withMicrosoft’s Your Phone app, which lets you see things like app notifications, texts andmore from their PC.

You don’t need Dex for this just set up thisapp once and it works wirelessly. UFC 3.0 is a high bandwidth storage solutionwhich provides storage performance closer to SSDs. It’s two times faster than UFS2.1 that theGalaxy S10 has, so that means the data transfer rate will be faster which is important asit will impact how quickly a game or app loads or how long it takes to copy a video fileinto storage so you can watch it.

Bottom line, UFS3.0 will enhance the user experience while maximizing a smartphone’s battery life. Yes, the Note 10 makes the wireless powershareactually useful as it now supports charging rates of up to 15W. That’s way more than the S10’s 4.5W and equalsthe S10’s wired charging. So if you feel generous and want to sharesome of your smartphone’s juice then you can do it without waiting for hours.

It comes with a new 7nm Exynos 9825 processorwhich is built on EUV tech which is a superior technology compared to every other chipsetproduction out there, including the Snapdragon 855 and Apple’s A12 bionic. But we’ll have to wait and see how does itperform in real life once we get the handset. The Note 10 does not have sound on displaytech but rather there’s a small speaker up top to create a stereo surround sound.

It’s good news in a way because if they hadgone with Sound on display tech then they would have to sacrifice stereo sound, so I’mhappy there’s an actual physical speaker up top. The Note 10+ comes with some of the class-leadingspecs, 12GB RAM for the base variant, 256GB of internal storage and there’s an optionto expand it via a microSD card.

It has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner justlike the S10, 4300mAh battery which is more than enough to last you a full day of use,a premium build, simply put the Galaxy Note 10+ is the best smartphone you can buy rightnow.

samsung galaxy note 10+ review

samsung galaxy note 10+ review

this is the full review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Note 10 and Note 10+ has been officially dropped in Pakistan a few days ago and when these phones were launched in Pakistan, we were one of the first channels that brought you its unboxing as well.

Lets start the review with the design and build quality of Note 10+, the build of Note 10 + is of glass and metal. and typically, the phones of the Note line up are a little square snapped, whereas the phones of the S line up are a little curved meaning rounded. Note 10+ is build with quite remarkable and high grade materials and you understand this quite well, while holding this phone. The finish and weight of this phone both are of flagship quality.

There is the protection of Gorilla Glass 6 given at the front and back whereas there is a stainless steel frame in the center. Yes guys, most of the phones come with an Aluminium frame these days but although Aluminium is lighter but it gets easily dented. Whereas stainless steel frame is slightly heavier and is a little more durable as well.

Indeed, because of having a glass, this phone is also a fingerprint magnet too. Along with that, IP-68 Dust and Water resistant is also present in the phone. Now lets talk about this Aura Glow colour which seemed quite flashy to me in the start. But after looking at the phone for few days and after using it for a few days, I have started to like this colour a lot. Along with that, this phone is the kind that you will keep it in a cover for sure, and when you have to show off a little you can use it without a cover.

I want to know how did you find this Aura Glow colour? Do let me know in the comment section below. Lets talk about the specifications and performance now. Exynos 9825 processor is given in Note 10+ which is based on a 7nm architecture. Along with that, Mali G-76 GPU is given. This processor and GPU combination is an equivalent to Snapdragon 855 and Adreno 640 internationally Along with it, there is 12GB RAM in the phone and UFS 3.0 storage is added which is basically a next generation storage and it works faster than the previous generation.

If we talk about storage capacity, then Note 10+ will be available in Pakistan with 256GB built-in storage. If we talk about the performance of the phone, then Note 10+ is present at the top right now. If we take a look at the Benchmark results, then the single core score in Geekbench 4 came out to be 4,450 whereas the multi core score was 10,195. And the score in AnTutu Benchmark was 362,325.

If we compare it with OnePlus 7 Pro, which is a drag competitor of this phone, then Note 10+ lacks a little behind. And one reason for that might be that it has Snapdragon 855 and along with that it has almost a stock Android experience whereas in Note 10+, Samsung’s OneUI is given which is a slightly heavier skin. But still, this can not be considered as a bad performance in Android space.

But yes! if you will compare it with an Apple phone, then indeed, the processors os Android phones, and one or two generations behind. But the phone was quite snappy in day-to-day usage. This phone will easily handle all your daily usage apps. This phone is one of the top performing phones in the market for the heavy apps as well.

The reason for that is top of the line processor, a 12GB big RAM, because of which more apps can stay open in the background and the app reloading will be low too, and a UFS 3.0 storage, due to which read and write speeds are faster which makes the phone feel overall faster. And as far as gaming is concerned, then Mali G-76 GPU, along with this processor RAM and UFS 3.0 storage combination offers a great performance.

Whichever games you will play on this phone, will be Lag-free. You can play PUBG on high settings too. And honestly, all these things are very necessary for this phone. Along with a Rs 200,000/- price tag, if this phone slipped even a little, then its down. Along with that, Note 10+ comes with a hybrid SIM slot, in which you can either insert two nano SIM cards, or you can have one SIM and one micro SD card up to 1 Tera Byte.

Lets talk about this phone’s Audio now. So the biggest news is that no Audio Jack is given in this phone. This is a very disappointing thing for me because I am using Note 9 at the moment most of my headphones and headsets are wired I often plugs in the auxiliary jacks at my friends’ places, or I plug the auxiliary jack sometimes in my car too but considering the price tag of the phone, those people who can afford this phone, can also afford Bluetooth headphones or earbuds too, for sure.

samsung galaxy note 10+ review

samsung galaxy note 10+ review

But I did not like this thing at all. If we talk about the speakers of the phone, then Note 10+ comes with Dual Stereo Speakers and the volume of the speakers seemed fine to me, and the sound fidelity was alright on high volumes as well. So guys, lets talk about the S-pen now. I am a Note user since the past few years. Basically I am using Note after the Note 8. S-pen might not be very useful for most of you, but time to time, there have been times where S-pen got very useful for me.

I can write notes with it, I can use it as a mouse. And this time in Note 10+, a hand writing recognition feature is also added. I tested this feature out too, so search indexing more useful to me, by which you can easily search your hand written notes. As far as the conversion of hand writing into texts is concerned, then it was 99% accurate just a letter or two were picked extra or wrong, which you had to edit by yourself.

But I think this issue can also be fixed with few updates. Along with that, there are some new S-pen gestures in Note 10+ too, which are named as ‘Air Actions’. These Air Actions seemed like a gimmick to me on first look, but they worked quite accurately in my use and there are a few situations where I think they might be useful.

Meaning, if your phone is on a tripod, and you want to use your S-pen as a remote without touching it then in such situations, I understand a little bit usefulness. But it is not a ground breaking feature at all, do not consider as a major feature. Lets talk about the display now. There is a 6.8 inches Infinity O Super AMOLED Display in Note 10+ which has an in-display fingerprint sensor given in it and a dot notch is present at the top.

The resolution of the display is Quad HD 3040 x 1440 and the pixel density is 458ppi. If we talk about the fingerprint sensor, then although it is not very fast but the speed seems fine to me. The biggest downside of this display, in my view is that 90 Hz refresh rate is not given in this phone. Yes guys! it is working on the same old 60Hz. After using OnePlus 7 Pro, I have become spoiled in this matter because the overall feel of the phone becomes very smooth with the 90Hz refresh rate.

Its speed start feeling faster than its actual speed and I have enjoyed the 90Hz refresh rate quite a lot and the 90Hz OLED Panel of OnePlus 7 Pro is manufactured by Samsung. So I can’t see a reason for why it isn’t added in Note 10+ because it could’ve been a very ground breaking feature for this phone.

As far as the dot notch is concerned, then the dot notch of Note 10+ is very small and it is centralized which, if compared to S10, seemed better to me. And it gives a more symmetrical look to the phone As far as the quality of the display is concerned, the it is indeed, very top notch. Samsung is the biggest OLED Panel manufacturer in the world, at the moment.

So you should expect the best from the display. Lets talk about the camera now. There is a quad camera setup in Note 10+ which includes a 16MP Ultra Wide camera of f/2.2 aperture, a 12MP Wide Angle camera of f/1.5-2.4 variable aperture, and a 12MP Telephoto camera of f/2.1 aperture. Along with it, in Note 10+ Depth sensing vision cameras are also present which helps the Note 10+ in sensing depths.

At the front side, a 10MP selfie shooter of f/2.2 aperture is present. If we talk about the overall camera quality, then right now, Note 10+ is going at the top. In fact, DXOMARK, which rates the cameras, has ranked Note 10+ at the first position right now. If we go through the image samples, then first of all, the colour profile is similar for all three cameras, and you will not notice any difference in the colours, which is a positive thing.

Images are very detailed and if talk about the colour reproduction, then I found it to be very accurate And images are very saturated but not over saturated. If we talk about the dynamic range, then it is of top notch. Sky is of very saturated blue colour, and good details are seen in the shadows of bright images as well. There is also a night mode in the phone, which basically uses the long exposure to take low-light images.

But it is not a competitor of the night modes of Google or Huawei P30 Pro. Along with it, some new features are also added in the camera like Bokeh video. I tried this Bokeh video mode, but as fake I find the portrait mode of pictures, Bokeh video seemed similarly fake as well. As far as Audio Zoom is concerned, so I tried this feature as well. It seemed as if just the volume of the audio was being increased while zooming.

samsung galaxy note 10+ review

samsung galaxy note 10+ review

Again, there is no ground breaking scene here. But still, if we talk about the camera overall, then I have really liked the camera quality of Note 10+ Lets talk about the battery now. So a 4,300 mAh battery is given in Note 10+ which is although not much big in size, we had seen a 4,500 mAh battery in Galaxy A70, but it is understandable, a stylus is also given at the side of the phone.

Along with that, the phone also supports Super Fast charging. And a 25W charger is included in the box but Note 10+ also supports 45W Charging as well but for that you have to buy power brick and cable after market by yourself. I could not understand this thing at all because with the price tag of Rs 2,00,000/- a 45W power brick should’ve come along with the phone. And this could’ve been a a very big feature of this phone.

Because with a 45W power brick this phone would’ve been full charged in less than an hour. which could’ve been its big selling point. But still, if we talk about charging times, then 50% battery charge took almost 25 minutes and to get full charged, it took almost 1hr and 15 min. And if we talk about the battery life, so I was getting a 5-6 hours screen-on time very easily.

Which means, that this phone will easily give a whole day And if you feel the need, you can do a little top-up in the middle of the day, enough battery would be charged. So, although the battery life is not very amazing, but it is understandable because a big Quad HD display is given in this phone along with it, the internals of this phone are very powerful as well, and the battery life is comparatively smaller.

Guys, if we talk about the final thoughts, then Note 10+ is included in the top phones of the world right now. Along with it, its price is also included in the top phones too. I really liked the overall performance of Note 10+, its feature set is also outstanding. Along with that, I have really liked its Aura Glow colour too. If I was buying I would’ve definitely gotten the Aura Glow colour. I am personally using Note 9 right now. I am not upgrading my phone because of the absence of Audio jack in Note 10+ And in few days, meaning on 10th September. thankyou.

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