Apple refreshes its MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini lineup with the new M1 processor

Apple refreshes its MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini lineup with the new M1 processor

Apple refreshes its MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini lineup with the new M1 processor

Now Apple refreshes its MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini lineup with the new M1 processor. there is a huge transition of course that we all know is on the way. Intel processors are ontheir way out of Macs as we know them, and instead of Apple Silicon, basically the big brotherof the iPhone and iPad chips are going to now be insideof pretty much all Macs within the next couple of years.

This I think is a good thing. I’m excited to see whatthey’re able to do, but what it leaves us in a little bit of an awkward predicament. Because should you go outand buy yourself a Mac today? They’ve got some good deals. I’m looking at the site right now. You can buy this MacBook with the base model, provided that you’re, you have an education discount, which is not that hard to get, for 900 bucks and you geta free pair of AirPods.

That’s pretty good deal. – With engraving. The problem with the—- Wait, is engraving free? – I think it, I think— Oh, is it really? – I’m pretty sure engraving is free. – Oh, okay.- I mean, whatever, haven’t gotten something engraved in since my iPad.- I had my iPod. My iPod Nano.- Yeah. My I pod I got engraved. – Yeah, yeah. – The problem with the base,any of the base, like 13 inch, I think the 15 inch are the same way.

Right now they’re so out ofstock, it’s like a minimum of a month out— Yes. – To get the base stuff, which is normally what you could just go to thestore and pick up right away. Now, if you were gonnaspend the extra money and get a fully tricked out 15 or 13, those were available right now, but a lot of people aren’t doing that. – Yeah. – So unless you’re a contentcreator or graphic designer, you really don’t end up doing that. http://tech

Now the predicament that we’re in. Is like you say, should I buy an Intel-based Mac right now? And I have, I say both yes and no. So— That’s not helpful at all. – I was gonna explain. So for their laptops. No, I do not think you should buy any Intel-based Mac I think at all.- You’re just no. – At all. – So don’t buy your $900 MacBook Air. Don’t get your free pairof engraved Air Pods. Hold out and wait.

That’s your move? – At least not a brand new one. If you can get a good dealon a used one, go for it. Though where I do thinkit still makes sense to buy an Intel-based Macproduct is with the iMac. I don’t think— Ooh. – Right now I don’t thinkanyone should buy an iMac pro. – Yeah, of course.- That just hasn’t been updated. But like the new– – So I’m getting flashbacks.

I’m getting flashbacks ofgrinding in the background. I’m getting flashbacks of ourApple tour list right now. – Yeah, Yeah. It’s very similar to our Apple tour – Let’s be careful not to disagree with what we said in the past. But like we never knowbecause we all like every, whenever we do, like, wetalk about like Apple, it’s like, no, you shouldn’tbuy this until you refresh it.

And then they refresh it. – yeah They just recently refreshed. – The 21 and a half. So basically the iMac nowhas all been refreshed with tension processors, new graphics. I think they have like 10gigs ethernet as an option. You can get that, ah, what’s it the nano— – nano texture, which it looks amazing. – Its 500 bucks though – It’s very expensive. I but it looks, it looks so good. – Yeah. I saw that and I immediately said, I want that. And I think the way that they’re going to phase in their Apple Silicon is going to be through.

First the MacBook air and then kind of move up from there. But I don’t think that’s goingto be the case for like the actual powerful I Mac. – So I think a big question right now is. We all know, Intel is onthe way out of macs, right? – yeah – They will also continue to support it.

Apple refreshes its MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini lineup with the new M1 processor

Apple refreshes its MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini lineup with the new M1 processor

So if you buy that 899 Macbook air, or a Mac pro, literally whatever, you’re going to continueto get OS updates for the foreseeable future three, four or five years seems reasonable, Right? – yeah – But my question, I think kind of following upon what you were talking about as far as the pro versusthe non-pro divide is what will these new armmax really be capable of? – Right.

So something we’ve learn recently is the next generation of chips. So the Apple A14, which is now shipping, or we’ll be shippingshortly in the iPad air. – Right. – But it’s the same chip thatwe will see inside the iPhone. It based on the five nanometer process, it is upgraded across the board. And we can only assume that they version that chip with maybe more cores are beefed up We go to the Macbooks.

I would not be surprised if it’s what? A14, – A14 – I wasn’t listening. – You never done So I wouldn’t be surprisedif the MacBook air is like an A14X – – Yeah – or like, you know, same Def chip. Maybe it’s overclock a little bit like, I don’t like something similar to that. I don’t think we’re goingto see, you know, a B14, which is a new – do you think of the calllike the M1 or something – Silicon? I don’t know.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. – Silicon – and that’s my prediction. – So you think basically when you go between an iPad and a Mac book is essentially got the same spec inside. it’s just what operating system is running – Yes – and what kind of chart its in. – Yeah. – So, okay I can believe that to a degree. I do think it would makesense if I’m mr.Tim cook and I’m setting my product, I would probably have a, somekind of differentiator to, for the Mac chips to sort ofmake sure that you guys know that’s like one step up.

Right. – But then again, if you look actually at what the developersare using right now, so if you’ve got one of thoseApple Silicon transition kits, essentially it’s a Mac miniwith an iPad processor. – right? – So totaly the A12 Z with a little bit more Ram and what not, I’m curious to see, one thing I’m slightly worried about And this is a very small worry.

If you look at what that iPad,the iPad air with the A14, which is regardless of what they call it is similar to what we willbe getting on these new Macs. It’s not a massive improvement. So they were quoting, there’ll be like 20, 30%better than the last iPad. That was an A12, right? That was a two year old processor.

So the actual differencesbetween what we have now in the current I-phones and the current iPad pro and what we may get with this next gen, isn’tgoing to be massive, Right? So I feel like it makessense to lower expectations a little bit, because they will think thatthese things are crazy powerful when there are somepretty severe limitation.

I’m just looking at these the same way that like, when we used to have like the,just the regular Mac books, like the 11 inch Mac book, which was what an M3 pro entails. – And it was a fan list core M3 and M5. – So like totally differentclass, you know, not like, and that’s what I’m envisioning for these. And then when we do finallyget the Mac book pro, that will be their Intelcompetitor, you know, spec thing.

But when you look at something like the Mac book air, so manypeople use that just for safari, just for email, just for iMessage. You don’t need like a processor that – You need the extrapower of like a macro pro, – If you have the same power as an iPad, but with the full experience of Mac OS that’s worth it to a lot of people.

So that’s where I think it’s going to be about a year before we actually see that real differential. which is going to come down to is, what the actual capabilitiesof these are right now, – which are going to be high. We know that based on thatdeveloper transition kit, the iPad Processor two years old right now is still capable of like multiple streams of pro resident finalcut and all these things.

Apple refreshes its MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini lineup with the new M1 processor

Apple refreshes its MacBook Air, Pro, and Mini lineup with the new M1 processor

We know that it is powerful andanything that will come out, even if it’s not a huge jumpwill still be an improvement. – We know that ,on the hardware side, but for me, it’s going to be, how’s the software implemented. We know that they’re saying, all right, seamless transition, but that’s, you know, marketing speak, whatever. We’ve had Photoshop on the iPad for a year and a half now – Has it been that long? – It’s been at least a year.

I mean, it feels like foreverbecause it still sucks. So now, it’s horrible. It can’t do basic things thatwere in like Photoshop Allen. – So I think the best sort ofanalogy for what we can expect out of these arm max would actually be to look on the windows side, Okay. So here’s the deal, right now. The windows on arm experienceis definitely sub-optimal.

Most apps just simply aren’t being built for it. The hardware is fine. It might not be as powerfulas an core i7 or something, but the hardware is fineand there are advantages, but the problem is developershaven’t gotten on board. I don’t think that’s goingto be a problem with arm max. Because let’s not forget,day one with these arm max. You’re going to get basically all iPhone and iPad apps right? – Right Just right out the gate.

And they will be running beautifully – Except, you know, when you’re trying toshoot Instagram on a, like Instagram stilldoesn’t work on an iPad. – The thing is, so I dothink that the developers will pick up the arm maxfairly quickly, right? Since that is definitelygoing into the future, but things like whatthey’ve built with Rosetta to allow you to run these same apps that have not been touched. They are designed for Intelmax on your arm Mac book.

I do think will in theory and based on some of the rumors we’veheard from developers who actually have access to this. The experience is good. Roughly equivalent to whatyou get on Intel right now. Obviously I’ll take thatwith a huge grain of salt, because any kind of likeemulation or whatever could cause performance bottlenecks. But if you’re getting right out the gate, a performance sort of levelon all your standard apps, which is good.

And then after pretty steadily upgrading to be that sort of better, fully native experience, I do think it’s going to make sense to buy arm Mac pretty quickly because there’s not reallygoing to be a huge downside and let’s not forget. This is all talking about it with like the potential downside. We don’t know what they’re going to do. Are they just going to swapa new processor in here? Are they going to add face IDin present you form factors.

I mean, there are potential upsides. Like the face ID is one that you say, is a big one. You know, a theoreticallylike a 5G enabled, – Yes, yes – MacBook pro would be a big thing. I mean, obviously those thingsare on windows right now, but like, since having,you know, LTE on my iPad. I just want all my devices now connected. So like, those are hugepotential upsides to it.

I think for most people, like if you are anythingmore than a casual user, you’re gonna want to wait. So like – Wait wait sorry. Say that again, if youare anything more than so if you’re a mom who, nooffense, is using their Mac book all day for Facebook, youshould buy an arm Mac. – I’m like, yes. Okay. But if you were a pro summer fessional, then you should wait.

Because we don’t know how powerful these are arms macs are. – You should, you should waituntil the actual dedicated – The pro in chips. – Okay. – Yeah, no, I agree. I do think it makes sense for them to start with their lower end models to kind of get things kindof seated in the market. I really do think a 12 inch Mac book, but something a little bitsmaller than the MacBook here will make a ton of sense.

And then over the next year, two years, they’ll sort of fill out the range. I think it’s really hard to recommend you, right now to buy an Intel Mac. I think it’s very difficultto get my head around that. I mean, it’s fine. It will continue to work,but we’re now likely a month, two months away from reallyseeing what these first sort of generation of arm Macor Apple Silicon Macs are going to look like. And I think that if theysuck buy an Intel Mac or buy something used, which isprobably the better move, like something refurbished.

And if they don’t suck, then congratulations, you successfully held out and you have now a much more powerful computer, but let us know what you think about the Apple Silicon transition. And is it time to buy a Mac? Is it time to buy a windows PC? Is it time to switch to Chromebook? thank you.

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