Best 20 Tips to Make Your Phone Serve Longer

Best 20 Tips to Make Your Phone Serve Longer

Best 20 Tips to Make Your Phone Serve Longer

consider this out of the seven point seven billion people on this planet five billion use a cell phone and still so many of us don’t know, how we can make our gadgets serve us as long as they’re designed to is it okay to let the battery run completely out should you ever power your phone down.

should you take it out of your pocket before doing laundry well here are some cell phone do’s and don’ts one do turn off Bluetooth when you aren’t using it this way you’ll block unnecessary and potentially harmful downloads coming your way and no intruder will manage to read the data.

you store in your phone to don’t expose your smartphone to the elements not only rain snow or any kind of moisture and yeah take it out of your pocket before doing laundry, now cold and heat are just as bad gadgets start wigging out when the temperature drops below minus 40 degrees Fahrenhe it heatis even worse.

if your device has been lying in the Sun or somewhere where the temperature is 113 degrees or higher who it might refuse to work properly even worse this damage could be permanent three do encrypt all sensitive and personal information.

you have on your phone not all devices come with this feature but if yours does use it if your phone gets stolen or lost nobody will beable to access personal data stored on your gadget for don’t use cheap or non original chargers even if it doesn’t do anything bad to your device.

the charging won’t be stable and fast plus to produce cheap charger cables they take a small gauge wire that breaks much more easily than the manufacturer approved ones five do clean your phone’s charging port and the charging cable regularly during usage loads of grime and dust gathers on the charging pins which results in slow charging and a poorer connection.

if used carefully a wooden toothpick will effectively remove dirt from the charging port and to clean the cables pins you can use a damp not soaked q-tip 6 don’t ignore a malware threat it’s a common misconception that viruses are only dangers for desktops and laptops but smartphone malware can steal your personal data and even track.

your location how rude it’s better to avoid installing any suspicious apps they’re likely to stuff your phone full of viruses 7 do avoid dropping your smart phone even if it’s in a protective case you might not see a dented corner or cracks on the screen but you never know what the fall has done to the phone’s inside.

if you’re a serial phone driverany problems you’re having with your device could be because of this 8 don’t use a spray bottle to spritz your phone directly while cleaning it most smartphones aren’t water proof if just a couple of tiny water droplets get inside the device could be doomed and even if it doesn’t shut down completely some open parts like the microphone are bound to stop functioning sure plenty of phone cleaning kits include a spray bottle.

but you’re supposed to use it to spritz a micro fiber lint-free cloth not your gadget directlyix do charge your smartphone before its battery drains completely it’s not a problem if you see a zero charge on the screen once or twice but if it happens regularly.

your device is at risk of serving you for a far shorter time than it could every phone has a certain number of charge cycles that’s when you charge the gadget to 100% and then run it down to zero.

if you let the battery run empty every day it’ll last for no more than 400 to 500 days 10 don’t install a battery optimizer they only remove apps that are running in the background and clear your phone’s cache which is part of the devices memory that stores frequently used information but you can easily do both of these things on your own and by using a battery optimizer app you’re likely to seeintrusive ads on your screen non-stop wow.

I just deleted mine you also finding yourself guilty of these common phone there’s more to come number 11 do keep your home screen as tidy as possible I won’t argue that live wallpaper sounds like fun and who wouldn’t want all their apps just to click away.

but if your home screen is cluttered your phone struggles to load all this stuff in one place it puts unnecessary stress on the devices hardware which in turn slows it down and affects its performance 12 don’t cram the memory it won’t doany thing serious to your phone but it’s still better to use an SD card or cloud storage for some apps and all those photos fill to the brim with data your smartphone will keep you constantly frustrated with a lack of free memory space 13 do update.

the software if your phone suggests it it’ll only make your device work better by getting rid of any bugs just never download software from sources you aren’t sure about if your intuition doesn’t let you down and the source is shady this can make your phone shut down or malfunction or worst case scenario.

someone can get hold of your personal data 14 don’t keep your phone in your pants pocket you might forget to put it the resit down and crush it or throw it in the laundry that and your body heat will make your battery run out faster than if you put the thing in your bagre member heats no good 15 do turn your phone off at least once a week.

after you do it let the device rest for several minute sit needs a vacation too and then switch it back on againit helps your phone work faster and more smoothly prolongs the battery life empties all the unnecessary stuff from the memory and prevents unexpected crashes usually.

when you close an app it doesn’t really get closed it remains inan in-between state so that the next time you need it you can restart it faster this is eating your phone’s memory and battery and you can only solve this problem by restarting your device 16 don’t turn your phone off if its battery is almost empty and you’re planning on powering it back up and a half an hour instead of conserving some energy you’ll run the battery down completely.

the whole process of turning the device on and off uses way more power than just switching on airplane mode if you’re only going to use your phone after a couple of hours or so then do shut it off it’s still the simplest way to conserve battery 17 don’t forget to clear your phone’s cache.

I bet you have some apps that are too important to delete yet you still don’t need them every day you can remove these apps cache data in the settings this way they won’t need as much space when you aren’t using them and your smart phone will work faster after such a clean up 18 do plug.

your phone in carefully it’s all too easy to blindly jam the charging cable into the port when you head to bed but every tiny scratch cut your phone life span down because all those electrical contacts are much more sensitive and delicate than you can imagine 19 don’t replace your phone’s original battery with a cheap alternative and if you take your device to a service center to have the battery replaced always check what they put in during the repair.

if the new battery is an original it can not only fail towork but also shortened your phone’s line 20 do use a screen protector evenif it looks like a useless piece of fragile glass or plastic such aprotector can keep your phone safe after all it’s an additional layer of defense which will make a world of difference should your device fall in a hard flooror pavement and that’s all the phony device.

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