Best 2020 MacBook Air M1 – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

Best 2020 MacBook Air M1 – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

Best 2020 MacBook Air M1 – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

this is the brand new 2020 macbook air with the m1 chipset in it apple’s brand, new silicon so let’s go ahead and take a look at it now this comes in at 9.99 for the base model goes up to 2049 with 2 terabytes of storage and 16 gigs of ram this is actually a bump up from the base model.

it’s 1249 with 512 gigabytes of storage and 8 gigabytes of ram let’s go ahead and flip it over, i’ll show you that here and here are the specs you’ll see 8 gigabytes 512 ssd 13 inch, macbook air so let’s go ahead and take the bottom off here we’ll take the wrapper off let’s go ahead and take the top of the box off and this comes in three different colors space gray, silver and gold.

this is the space gray model in fact i didn’t even know it had colors because i   ordered it so fast to make sure i could get one and then i realized that after but this   should be the space gray one and there we go now design wise it should be the same as the earlier 2020 macbook air so here is the macbook air it self let me set that aside for just a moment and inside the box we have a usbc to usbc cable for charging.

then we have a little bit of paper work here see if we can open this up there’s no opening part but there’s just some paper work in here so we have a macbook air guide it says welcome to your macbook air a little warranty card   and two space gray apple stickers.

so they match the space gray of the macbook which is always nice and then we have an adapter in here so let’s see what we have here this is apple’s 30 watt adapter, let’s see if we can open this up now i guess we’ll rip that and take this off and it’s the 30 watt adapter so usbc and then it may be different in your country but this piece comes off and can swap out with whatever you have for your country so let me go ahead.

set this aside and let’s take a closer look at the macbook itself so let’s take the wrapper off there we go set the macbook down and this is pretty much the same as the other macbook so on the outside we have two usb 4 or thunderbolt 3 ports so it’s updated for usb on the back there’s nothing that you wouldn’t expect and on the right we still have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then on the bottom we just have our screws.

the little feet for the bottom of the macbook air so it’s exactly like we would expect for this year let’s go ahead and open it up there we go i’ve got a little piece of paper it starts up as soon as i open it up and we’ll wait for it to boot up now i’ve been really excited to try these out this is a fanless macbook air there were some complaints about the thermals on the 2020 macbook air my daughter’s actually been using that one.

this is the equivalent 1250 dollar one and this should be pretty interesting to use now before i set this up let’s take a look at the keys this is the same scissor keyboard we had in the 2020 macbook air from earlier this year but some of the keys at the top have changed. 

so we still have an escape key which is nice we have our brightness keys a little mission control key and then we’ve got a spotlight search key a microphone a moon and then we’ve got some media keys as well volume up and down and touch id so it should be really nice to use let’s go ahead and get it set up now.

the display is the same sort of display we had before it’s a 13.3 inch led backlit display  560 by 1600 with 227 pixels per inch 400 nits of brightness it supports wide color p3 and has true tone it also supports up to one external display so the pro display 6k xdr display it will support that so if you have a pro display xdr and you want to use it with the macbook. 

Best 2020 MacBook Air M1 – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

Best 2020 MacBook Air M1 – Unboxing, Setup and First Look

i guess it will work with that now the first thing we need to do is select our language so let’s go ahead and click next i’ll select english then it wants us to select our country or region and in this case it’s the united states it looks like it auto detected that after just a second we’ll go ahead and click continue and then it says accessibility accessibility features adapt. 

your mac to individual needs you can turn them on now to help you finish setting up and further customize them later in system preferences so we have vision motor hearing and cognitive so if you need those you can enable those right now which is really nice to see i’ll click not now and then it wants me to select select wi-fi and set that up now it’s connected to wi-fi.

it’s asking me about data and privacy, i’ll go ahead and click continue or telling me about it rather, and then it’s asking if i want to transfer anything from a mac time machine or from a windows pc, i’ll go ahead and click not now, i’m going to set it up as new and then it’s asking for my apple id, so i’ll go ahead and put that in once you’ve put in your apple id you have to agree to the terms and conditions.

we’ll go ahead and hit agree now it’s asking me to create a computer account with a password, so i’ll go ahead and do that now at this point it’s asking me if i want to allow find my to locate, this mac i do so i’ll go ahead and click continue now it’s asking if i want to do express setup, so i’ll go ahead and do that click continue again and now it’s asking about app analytics.

if i want to share that information with app developers and i generally say yes to that also it’s talking about screen time and we’ll go ahead and click continue and now it’s asking if i want to use siri so again i’ll click continue and then it will help me set up the word hey and then saying siri after that so let me go ahead and hit continue hey siri hey siri open the documents folder. 

hey siri show me my downloads hey siri what’s the weather hey siri what does the rest of my day look like so siri is ready and keep in mind, it did not make me use my phone and then have it transfer that data, it set it up new   on this device so that it’s secure to this device. 

we’ll go ahead and hit continue and then it’s asking if i want to improve syrian dictation i don’t want them to share audio recordings, so i’ll hit continue that’s up to you though and then do we want to use file file vault disk encryption, it’s on by default i generally don’t use it depending on which mac.

i’m using but we’ll go ahead and just hit continue anyway and now it’s asking if i want to use touch id and or set it up so we’ll go ahead and hit continue and then i’ll place my finger here and set it up, so we’ll just put my finger on this just like you do on any other mac and then use the corners of your finger to sort of fill this out.

it’s a super convenient way maybe we’ll have face id on the max in the future go ahead and hit continue it says touch id is ready and now it’s asking if i want to set up apple pay i’ll set that up later and now it says choose your look you want light dark or auto, i like auto depending on the time of day.

it goes between light and dark mode go ahead and hit continue now it’s asking me if i want to use true tone now i don’t like true tone on macs because i want to see things color accurate so i generally turn this off after ward but if you’re a student using it and you’re not doing pictures or anything like that then it’s fine. 

we’ll go ahead and hit continue and then it says setting up your mac and it may take a moment now the macbook air is completely set up, before we get into the software this has 802.11 ax or wi-fi 6 and it also supports abgn and ac so basically any wi-fi standard out there along with bluetooth 5.0.

it still has that 720p facetime camera we’ll take a look at in a moment with your stereo speakers, and everything else is the same here but the keyboard like i mentioned before has changed a little bit, so we now have a do not   disturb button which is kind of interesting and no keyboard brightness button.

it supports a backlit keyboard so it is still backlit but it’s not controllable right here it’ll be in your settings, so i’m not sure why they did that maybe they think it’ll be more convenient or maybe it’s more power efficient to let the mac do it   automatically, but it is something they decided to do with this particular macbook air.

this also has a 720p facetime camera which is kind of odd that they kept it but they say it’s better due to the m1’s neural engine so let’s go ahead and go into quick time we’ll go to file and new movie recording and hit record now, we’re recording with the facetime camera on the macbook air and hope fully   the footage looks a little bit better than.

it did last time around of course you can see my main camera above but in general this is what it sounds like this is what the microphone sound like, and you could use it in a pinch if you needed it for a podcast, but the microphones on the macbook pro 13-inch are supposedly much better, so we’ll go ahead and hit stop and minimize that and i’ll save that later now, the speakers this year support dolby atmos so let’s go ahead and take a listen to them quickly.

i’ll just turn the microphone around so you can hear it a little bit better now supposedly, it’s going to have fairly decent sound we’ll talk more about that in a moment and here’s the homepod mini itself it’s very small let me set that aside and see what’s in the box so the sound is quite good for such a small device it sounds great it’s in stereo, but keep in mind that it’s not going to have the same sound as the macbook pros but it does sound pretty good and goes fairly loud it gets a little bit muffled at the highest volumes. i hope you enjoy my this artical and thanks for reading it and share this artical with your friends. thankyou.  

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