Best 5 Amazing Things Your Smartphone Can Do – Tips And Tricks

Best 5 Amazing Things Your Smartphone Can Do – Tips And Tricks

Best 5 Amazing Things Your Smartphone Can Do – Tips And Tricks

objects like telephones calendars and calculators are dying a slow death next in the line our cameras and laptops all thanks to these guys but but if you are some one who think that’s not enough and you want more then this artical is for you Hey guys this is Arpit from and in this artical I am going to tell you some amazing things that your smartphone can do.

Measuring height and distance monitoring heart rate etc are all news now your smartphone can do a lot more than that like organizing your house controlling a PC or even solving a basic math problem sounds cool right before west art.

I would like to tell you that most of these methods are App based and they work on iOS as well as Android devices so without wasting any further time let’s get started, if you use Google assistant extensively you must be knowing that it’s pretty helpful what makes it more special is the new in built google lens tool to see how this works just fire up your google assistant by long pressing.

the home button and tap on google lens icon which is present on the bottom corner now to recognize anything place the object in front of your camera and tap on screen and you’re good to goI used an Amazon echo device a mouse and a camera lens it recognizes them easily you can also use this feature, if you are not in mood to write a lengthy URL for example.

I scan the URL of my website and the way it returned the results was awesome one thing you should note is that Google lens is going to be a part of assistant for high-end devices only but don’t worry it’s rolling out to all Google photos users which is literally all Android smartphones in that case you can use google lens by opening up any picture in photos even if you are an iPhone owner.

this method work Okay! I’m not a lazy person but this method is kind of growing on me like my laptop is lying there and I’m here not even moving a muscle wanna know what happened well remote control happen I mean I can control my whole computer using my smartphone isn’t that cool chrome remote desktop is my personal favorite.

when it comes to PC controlling apps to use this make sure you are signed into the same Google account on phone as well as PC first you need to install the chrome remote desktop extension on your Chrome browser now type the following URL in the address bar and click on chrome remote desktop.

you’ll see a pop up window clickon get started under my computers option enable remote connections and set a pin now download the chrome remote desktop app on your phone and open it you’ll be able to spot your device here tap on it and enter the pin finally your smartphone is ready to control your PC.

you’ll be amazed to see the ease of use and it even worked on my multi screen setup you can stop it either by closing the app or pressing the stop sharing option in your desktop there are many more solving apps on the Play Store and app store, but if you ask me I liked the photo math and socratic the most reason.

you don’t have to write a thing to get your answer just scan the problem using your phone’s camera and you will get it to show you how it’s done, I am using photo math tool just launch the app and place the equation inside the frame you can drag to adjust the size and shape of the frame and that is all needed that will scan the problem and return the results quickly apart from one-line questions like summation multiplication etc.

you can solve some basic algebraic equations as well it can also draw a graph of the solution if possible and here is the best part you can also see step-by-step solution of the question the next thing that your smart phone can do is that it can read for you.

it can read eBooks PDF files HTML files or any webpage that you like all you have to do is listen in this artical, I’m using voice allowed Reader app to do the tasks open the app and tap the folder option here you’ll see the files which are already stored on your phone.

you can select any file you want now let’s say you want the app to read a webpage for you just go to the web page and tap the menu and then share the article with the voice aloud reader app the app will automatically start reading the web page for you thinking of buy a new sofa but not sure where to put it or what color will look great with the living room think no more because your smartphone can help you with that as well IKEA catalog is one such a app that will come handy in these situations.

open the IKEA app and tap 3D option which is available at the top right corner now select a place where you want to keep the object tap the plus icon to see the catalog choose a category and select an object and voila you can change the position or rotate the object using your fingers one thing I found annoying is that you can’t increase or decrease the size of any object.

I guess it’s because there’s the standard size you can’t get a smaller furniture than that so floks that was all for now thanks for reading the artical, this will surely increase just to work harder and bring more artical for you.

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