Best 5 iPad and iPad Pro Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

Best 5 iPad and iPad Pro Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

Best 5 iPad and iPad Pro Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

hi everyone, I wanted to share with you five simple iPad tips and tricks that you might not know and these will apply not only to the iPad pro that I have here but any iPad that runs iPad OS so your iPad air 2 and newer and so the first tip has to do with taking a screen shot.

there’s kind of an interesting way to do that but ifyou’re not familiar with taking one already if you have a normal iPad you can simply press the power sleep/wake button and the home button at the sametime just click them and it will take a screen shot.

if you have an iPad pro likeI have here what you want to do is press volume up and the power sleep/wake button at the same time and it will snap a screen shot however if you have an Apple pencil there’s a better way so maybe you want to take a screen shot of a website.

we just dragged in from the corner and it will take a screen shot so you just need to drag in from the corner here and it will take a screen shot we can do that again let me delete this.

I’ll show you again drag in from the corner and it takes a screen shot then you can extend it to full-page so maybe you want the full page of a screen shot maybe you want to mark this up with an Apple pencil circle this here you can do that and then you can simply save it hit done and then save PDF files so you have that ability and it’s really nice you can just do that with the Apple pencil.

now the second tip has to do with the keyboard I get this question a lot and people ask me how can I use the quick path keyboard or sort of where you swipe around with your finger to type on the keyboard but on an iPad so if you’re not using any of the accessories with a keyboard or a track pad what you want to do is go to say notes or something that uses the keyboard and all you need to do is pinch pinch.

it shrinks the keyboard now you have a smaller keyboard where you can just move it around with this little line down here and then we can say hi how are you today and you can just swipe around to get that written out so it’s really nice you can extend it like this or press and hold on the keyboard in the bottom right until it says floating and then we tap on floating.

we’ve got a floating keyboard so it’s really simple but it’s nice that we have that ability now in addition to that you can also move the cursor around and you probably already know this if you’ve had an iPad while but you can move the cursor around using two fingers, so you’ll see the cursor up here.

I’ll just move it back and forth using two fingers it becomes a track pad so it’s really nice it’s a nice way to select text kind of move the cursor exactly where you want and then select what you want, so it’s a really simple way to do that now there’s something else.

we can do in text that we can use our iPhone with to go back and forth between the iPad so this is something I actually do quite a lot soon my iPhone maybe, I’m editing a text document infact this is the same note that I have on the iPad that I just created maybe Iwant to copy this text but I need it on the iPad.

I don’t have it there allwe need to do is select the text maybe copy the whole thing hit copy and as long as you’re using iCloud on the same account go back to the iPad and tap paste and it will copy from the iPhone over to the iPad you can do this in Reverse.

you can do this between an iPad and a Mac as long as they’re on the same iCloud account Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on it will just simply drop over to the next device it’s really simple to use and that goes along with the next thing now something else that we can do between devices is as long as we’re in the same iCloud account again and that copy and paste works what you can do is something called hand off and this is something I use all the time.

so maybe I’m reading something on my iPhone and it’s a smaller screen and I want to continue reading it on my larger iPad maybe I’ll go into this website which is my own website and I want to open it on the iPad well as soon as I open it you may have noticed.

this icon appear in the dock on the iPad I simply go to the iPad tap on the dock here and it opens up right where I was before now this works in multiple apps so this could work in notes it can work in anything you’re working on on your iPhone it goes back and forth a lot of people aren’t familiar with that, but it’s something that I use all of the time now something else that’s really interesting that is actually new to me when I was researching for this artical.

I hadn’t seen before is something that you can do with Siri or you could type it in as well but we can play radio stations on the iPhone and iPad now for example if you’re in your car and maybe you’re traveling to and from work and you want to continue listening to whatever you were listening to in the car on the radio.

you can continue to listen to that through the iPad or the iPhone it’s pretty simple you just need to ask Siri now you will need to know the call letters and the channel orstation numbers so that you can tell it what to play but as long as you have that you’re good to go so for example, I’m in the Charlotte North Carolina area I just did a simple search for radio stations.

I’m just picking one randomly so let’s go ahead and try this play wkq see 104.7 radio and now we’ll play and you’ll see it says from i heart radio i don’t have i heart radio installed so it will play either way if i hit open i heart radio it will play either way so as long as you ask Siri to play it.

it’s available you’ll be able to continue listening to your radio station on your iPad or your iPhone now if you have an iPad that you’re using with a keyboard such as this magic keyboard or maybe you’re just using any keyboard of your choice there’s a shortcut that I use all of the time on not only the iPad but also a Mac as well so it’s spot light search and it allows you to do a lot more than you think so if you hold command and hit space it brings up search and maybe you want to open an app.

you don’t know where it is on your iPad all you need to do is maybe type type app store hit return it’ll bring you to the App Store maybe we’ll type Safari it will bring you to Safari and you don’t really need to type the whole thing you can type just SAF hit enter.

you’re in so I use this for all sorts of things all the time and you can even use it for things like math so four plus four and it gives you the answer right there so it’s a really simple way to use your iPad it’s a very fast way to navigate around and if you’re used to using it on the Mac it translates very well here and maybe you’re looking for other keyboard shortcuts just hold command.

it will give you the keyboard shortcuts for the screen. you’re on so hopefully those iPad tips and tricks were helpful, if you enjoyed the artical please share it with your friends. thankyou.

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