Best 5 Supplements for Great Hair – Skin

Best 5 Supplements for Great Hair – Skin

Best 5 Supplements for Great Hair – Skin

hey what’s up guys it’s your boy fresh pepper back again with some more tips today I want to let you guys in on a little model secrets, I want to give you guys five supplements that I personally take myself and I know other models take as well these five supplements they’ve done wonders for my hair my skin and my nails although I don’t really care much about my nails.

my skin’s what I care most about and of course keeping my hair so these five supplements I’ve been taking they’ve done wonders for me and I wanted to pass it on to you guys and let you guys know five supplements that you can take this definitely gonna make a huge improvement on the way you look in the way you feel stay tuned to the end of this artical.

alright so the first supplement that I take is called astaxanthin so astaxanthin actually comes from green algae and it does wonders on your hair your skin and your nails and just giving you that internal glow astaxanthin is extremely high in super antioxidant properties.

it’s actually more powerful than taking vitamin C and some other types of vitamins because it essentially does the same thing but a much more potent form so astaxanthin you know like I said it comes from green algae but it’s actually found in sea food life that are red in color so for example crab lobster shrimp.

you name it these sea food lives are very rich in astaxanthin so by eating those you can actually get those those elements

as well but it’s you know usually best to just take the supplements and get the full benefit of having a scent in in your system.

alright so the next supplement is a no-brainer biotin, biotin is great for your hair your skin and your nails I personally take five thousand milligrams of biotin anything above 5,000 milligrams you know it’s basically a waste because you’re just pissing it out.

so your body doesn’t need more than 5,000 milligrams of biotin per day you could also find biotin in foods such as eggs Oh almonds and avocados all right so the next supplement is a combination of vitamins vitamin A vitamin C vitamin E these three vitamins are wonderful for your skin your nails in your hair especially.

your skin their antioxidant properties they’re gonna boost your immune system and also just gonna give you more energy and like you know get rid of those dead skin cells in your face all right guys so the next supplement is actually called water X and water X is a combination of nutrients such as potassium magnesium and vitamin b6.

so these three nutrients they’re actually great for eliminating excess water in your body so my last supplements is actually not a supplement as a natural oil is safflower oil from safflower seeds so safflower oil you can get this at the grocery store or you can get it as a supplement.

if you want safflower oil is excellent for getting rid of belly fat imagine the fat in your belly was a big block of ice right if you have a big block of ice and you lay it on the table it’s gonna take a long time for you to melt down and break down right but if you chop that block of ice into smaller cubes.

it’s gonna melt down a lot quicker and essentially that’s what safflower oil does to the fat in your stomach it breaks it down into little smaller pieces so that way your body when you work outs, you can actually break down and melt that fat a lot faster.

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