Best Apple iPad Won’t Turn On! Here’s The Real Fix in 2020-2021

Best Apple iPad Won’t Turn On! Here’s The Real Fix in 2020-2021

Best Apple iPad Won’t Turn On! Here’s The Real Fix in 2020-2021

Hi guys, in this artical we’re going to explain what to do when your iPad won’t turn on. When your iPad won’t turn on it’s either going to be a software problem or a hardware problem. So the first thing we’ll do is start by trouble shootingthe software.

A software crash can make it appear as if your iPad won’t turn on. What’s the fix? Hard reset. We’re going to press and hold the Home button and the power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears in the screen usually takes about 15 seconds can take us long as 30 seconds though.

So don’t give up, right. So David has a healthy iPad. It’s not going to take too long as he does it but as user said, sometimes you have to hold them down for much longer than you think you should have to a lot of people would come into the Apple Store, you know, they thought they did it they didn’t do it.

So now the early to pass we can go down here the hard reset worked path and Harvey said didn’t work path. We’re gonna pretend like the hard reset did work first and we’ll address if it didn’t work later on in this artical, right? So the hard reset work it worked what’s next the next step is to try to prevent future software problems because who wants this problem to happen all the time, not me, you know, one of the things with this is like if the hard reset works I would just say keep using your iPad.

Yeah, you really only have to worry about the software stuff if it keeps happening over and over again. If it does keep happening over and over again, you’re going to want to Reset All Settings first on your iPad will show you how to do that. that’s sort of the non-invasive software fix because it resets everything in the Settings app, but doesn’t touch any of your personal information.

So open the Settings app, tap General, which is already selected here scroll down and tap reset and then tap Reset All Settings enter your passcode tap Reset All Settings to confirm reset will happen iPad will restart and the Settings will have been reset. Hope fully your software will be fixed.

You’ll never have to do the hard reset again if that did not work and you’re still having software issues we want to do a if you were if you restore it’s the deepest type of restore you can do on an iPad and it is the last ditcheffort to fix any software problem.

If a software fix is going to work. The DFU restore is the way to go. We have a great DFU. Restore your iPhone video with the same steps to the iPad. So what if the hard reset didn’t work. If it didn’t work then we’re talking about some sort of a hardware problem possibly but not necessarily.

First step — let’s check the charging portin the bottom of the iPad. Now dgunk can get in here lint debris, uhnuclear waste probably not what we not so you just want to take uh, like a tooth brush that you’ve never used before or anti static brush, which we have yet we have because we’re nerds just brush it out bang in there.

Yep, hopefully nothing metallic because youcan fry the thing and then you know, that’s new or old tooth brush, which is offering your spit. But yeah, that’s no good either. So cleaned it out. It’s clean, still not turning on. Next thing to check is the lightning cable. Lightning cable. So just take a look make sure it’s not afraid that uh, any end. Yep, because if it’s frayed, I’m afraid it might not work. Fortunately. This is a you know. Okay, if it doesn’t look like this might be friends cable.

Yep. Brilliant third thing the check is your iPad charger take a look inside. Make sure it works. Try a friend’s. Yeah, trying to the car. Yeah. Try it in your laptop. Yep. Try it in your smart fridge. That’s right. Smart coaster. Yep. So by multiple Chargers if it’s still won’t turn on. Yeah, we’re gonna plug our iPad into the computer and see if it’s recognized by its because that if it is it could just be a display issue, not at home over.

All right Hardware. Yep, maybe it’s making noises to and you’re like, hey, it’s making noises, but it won’t turn on display issue. So let’s try to plug it in, connect the cable to the iPad. Yep. Good work. Okay, then we’ll connect the USB side to my laptop which won’t go in because it’s one of the new MacBooks. Who needs USB ports not Apple so you get to buy one of these adapters great lucky.

You Andy look at in and then now I can plugit into my back. Excellent. Now David’s iPad should show up in iTunes. There it is. Do you want to allow this computer? Yep, if you see anything show up in iTunes, we know that the hardware sort of the guts of the iPad are working but the display is not right.

So and if it is recognized by Tunes, you should really back up your iPad immediately just in case something goes wrong and things get worse if it’s not recognized by iTunes, you’re probably going to need to get your iPad repaired or if it is recognized by iTunes. thankyou.

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