Best Apple iPhone SE Plus – Unbelievable 2021

Best Apple iPhone SE Plus – Unbelievable 2021

Best Apple iPhone SE Plus – Unbelievable 2021

today we have shocking news about the iphone se plus and i’ll be sharing the details right after this. so today we finally have some new information on the iphone se specs along with some shocking news that may not be what you wanted to hear. 

so we’ve been hearing many contradicting leaks and rumours for some time now when it comes to the iphone se plus we’ve got so many sources providing lots of different information that’s been really hard to read between the lines and figure out what’s actually going to be delivered.

we’ve got many sources claiming that the iphone se plus is going to be launching on the 31st of this month and it’s going to be similar to the iphone XR or the 11 but with updated chipsets we’ve got other sources claiming it’s coming in april and finally,

we’ve got sources saying that it’s not coming this year at all now yesterday we had a new research note from reliable analyst ming chi kuo who quite often gives the most accurate information in his research note he says that the next iphone se is going to be similar to the existing model,

but the biggest change is going to be 5g and an upgraded processor now of course we did already know this as it’s generally the new strategy of the sc he also states that the new iphone se could well have the fingerprint scanner inside the power button and this of course implies a full screen display.

he goes on to say however that apple are going to be releasing the new iphone se model in the first half of 2022 which has upset a lot of people waiting for the release this year as i stated he’s usually right about these sorts of things which has only left us with a small amount of hope for those that are waiting for the iphone se plus. 

now many are stating that he’s talking about the standard iphone sc that we’re going to see next year and that we’ll still be getting an se plus this year is its class as a different model now this would be great news and while i’d like 
to be hopeful it also seems unlikely given that we’re relatively close to when it should be launching,

and got so little leaks to go on then it seems that it might not be happening after all i’ve tried to get some more information on this to help you guys out but at the moment i’ve got nothing on the iphone se plus no one has any solid information of its launch or its existence so for the time being we just have to hope that it does exist last year’s se was incredibly successful and it’s bringing apple continued success. 

so they don’t really need to release a new phone right now and to release a plus model any later than april will start to compete with the latest iphones coming in september so that also seems unlikely so not great news to share today  unfortunately but as i said all hope isn’t lost it’s just not looking great as soon as we get some solid information that suggests either way if the iphone se plus is coming or not.

i will be updating you guys straight away and we’re now going to run through the expected specs of the sc plus if it 
is going to be coming for those of you that do want the detail of course for my regular visters. 

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