Best Beauty Tips For Dry Skin In Winter – 2021

Best Beauty Tips For Dry Skin In Winter – 2021

Best Beauty Tips For Dry Skin In Winter – 2021

Hello you want to know what to apply first on your face in the morning You are sometimes confused because everybody says something different So first the cream, than the serum or first the serum than the cream than Sun cream then makeup or first makeup, and than Sun cream.

Now i would like to explain you when to apply what on the face in the morning so first of all, if you wake up in the morning, by the way I don’t have makeup on, I just put a little bit eye shadow because otherwise I have so small eyes that you can’t barley see them, so this is the only thing I have on top.

So therefore I would like to demonstrate what to do So, okay. Let’s start: you are waking up in the morning and go into the bathroom First of all guys: wash your hands right! It could be a soap It could be just hand cleanser because we don’t want to know where your hands have been there’s a lot of bacteria because maybe you touched something on the floor you went to the bathroom I don’t even want to know.

therefore wash your hands first why?!? because you don’t want to get the bacteria from your hands into the face, You dont want to get no pimples. So bacteria are responsible for the pimples therefore wash your hands first. Let’s do this. So I’m washing my hands, now So, okay, perfect. Then I have a couple of towels.

So this is my towel for my hands. I always use a For the face i like to use an extra towel. Therefore an own towel for the hands only For the face I like to use an extra towl. this here is actually too small because I’m here in a hotel. At home I have a little bit of bigger one, so not too big because if you’re using it so you are using just one small part of it therefore it is getting wet just on one part and you are never use the rest.

if it’s too small like this It’s getting very quick dirty and wet. So ideally use a towel a little bit bigger than this one so this towel is than only for your face and the bigger one for your hands Okay So you washed your hands as I did now then you wash your face with the fruit acid foam… 2 pumps put water on your face.

than the foam than wash your face wash your face with the fruit acid foam to remove all the dead skin cells from the face it might tingle, your face might turn a little bit red ,but it doesn’t matter now you rinse it off like i am doing it now than you tap dry it with your face towl Okay, so so far so good My face is no washed, dry.

What I’m doing now? I’m doing now I am using now a serum. If you live in pollution rich cities you apply antioxidants if you’re suffering from acne you might have something what we dermatologists prescribed you. If you are lving in really pollution rich cities and you have an oily skin. So use serums, light creams which are watery based.

If you suffer from dry skin use serums which is a little bit more oily. If you are suffering from acne or suffering from redness never use too oily serums, so watery based serums only. I have here some drops of a serum, which you put on your hand, on this top, never on the inside.

Why?? because there are too many bacteria So you put this in your hands and you’re applying it Let me just do it -sorry i have to look in the camera to see if I am applying it right maybe another drop and Then you’re applying it. And yes, of course you can go also under the eyes. Why not You may be doing it this way. Not too much. And that’s it. Not too much.

You do not have to bath in it! Okay as soon as it’s dry you can either apply the Sun cream immediately on. If you feel like your face is too dry you might don’t feel comfortable , then use a cream, like a day cream. But if you’re suffering from acne or from red skin than apply a very light base cream.

Again you put it here and not there because on the inside are too many bacteria You take into your hands and you are applying it. Let me just apply it. I hope is is visible. But the most important part apply the cream on your neck And the rest apply on your hands because of course the outside of the hands need a lot of care too and last but not least is the Sun cream So a nice portion and then you apply it on the skin I’m coming a little bit closer that you see how i am applying it Really all over.

Also on the nose, never forget this part because it’s very important and of course, you can go kind of close, not too close because UVA filters in the Sun cream can actually make you cry or Get your tears out so try not to out it over the eyes just a little bit under the eyes and guys PLEASE don’t do this!!!! go around the eyes and mouth all around Over the lips, sure why not?

They need care as well and then the rest on the hands And of course on the neck If you’re showing your decollete put it on the decollete as well because you want to keep it beautifull if you are a girl and you want to apply the makeup, NOW is the time to apply make-up on top I never using makeup on my face, just a little bit eye shaddow So normally I would apply now the eye makeup and of course I love lipstick and therefore I apply now my lipstick Okay, that’s actually is a good morning skincare routine Again.

wash your hands in the morning first before you actually wash your face. wash your face right, dry it with an extra towel. Use than a serum never too oily if you suffering from acne or pimples or redness.Then a light basis cream “day cream” Ideally without SPF and then.

an SPF extra, a very light one if you’re suffering from acne Why not using a gel? read the artical about the different basis creams After the Sun cream then if you want to put your make-up on I hope it helps, next time about blackheads And yeah, see you then. Thank you for staying with me. Bye guys

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