Best Camera on the OPPO Is a Standout – Power Up

Best Camera on the OPPO Is a Standout – Power Up

Best Camera on the OPPO Is a Standout – Power Up

Alright guys. It nearly covers the whole front. Cool huh? But you’re probably wondering, where is my selfie camera? Well, come closer. Oh yeah! This is the Find X. The top smartphone by Chinese mobile maker OPPO. And it’s a bold one.

The pop-out camera is only the showiest of it’s features. These phones are available in most of Asia, and more recently, they became available in Australia and Europe, where it costs €999 or $1148. That’s right! Just because it’s Chinese does not mean it’s a low budget phone. No sir! The phone is slated to arrive in the UK, but no price or date has been announced for it on the market.

There’s still no indication that the phone will make it’s way to America for sale. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t try it out. Especially cause this phone h as a lot to offer. Where to begin? This smartphone is one of the most exotic phones out there

. Just the screen display is crazy. It covers 93.8% of the front of the phone.

You heard it right, 93.8%. But besides covering nearly the entire face of the phone, the display is a curved AMOLED beauty. It’s bright, it has high resolution, and it produces true blacks and vibrant colors. No lie, this is among the best displays we’ve ever come across. It makes the phone look nearly frameless.

But that’s not where the novelty ends with the OPPO Find X. Yes, the hidden camera that pops out at the top of the phone has been it’s claim to fame. And it really is! A motorized panel rises when you activate the camera, then it tucks away once you’re finished. That’s not all though.

The panel tucks in automatically when it feels that the phone is falling. This safety feature works with zero gravity detection. And it hides the panel away in order to prevent heavy damage to both the mechanism and the camera. We tested it over and over again. And it never missed.

Yes, we dropped the phone on purpose, but mainly because we had to do a test. But also because it was a little bit fun. But this doesn’t work if you throw the phone with force. So, you might wanna keep your temper in check. Since the panel is mechanical, there’s a cause for concern about eventual malfunction.

According to OPPO, they tested the motor with over 300,000 activations. That may be reassuring, but once you get over the freshness of the idea, you will find some practical issues. Starting with the fact that it isn’t water resistant. Precisely because of the motorized panel.

Worse even, what about water coming in when the panel is out? Or dust? Or lint? What if I wanna put a case on my phone? It’s a cool idea but maybe not the most practical feature. Beyond the perhaps over shadowing features of the display and the camera, the Find X still has more to show.

Best Camera on the OPPO Is a Standout – Power Up

The back of the phone, for example, is slightly curved and has a glass finish that’s captivating. Whether you get the glacier blue or the bordeaux red, which is the one I have right here, when you move it, it changes colors depending from the angle that you’re looking at it from.

So, that is a pretty cool thing for the OPPO Find X. The Find X is a smooth operator, and it’s pretty fast too! After all, it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip set. The one you find on most of the top shelf Android phones. Using the phone never felt sluggish.

It goes through everyday tasks like nothing. Maybe that’s the reason why the battery is not above average. But it’s a small priceto pay for functionality. This smartphone runs on Color OS. ColorOS is the Android 8.1 Oreo skin that OPPO smart phones carry. And it has a pastel-like look.

In the case of the Find X, it helps showcase the vibrancy of the display really well. Although the phone runs well, Color OS has long been criticized for it’s quirks. Things like the lack of a daily settings entry, which would enable you to ration the data usage running in the background.

Color OS is problematic with third party apps. I think it’s because OPPO has it’s own app store and they obviously want you to use those apps. It’s a biggie for us in the west because most of those apps are available only in Chinese. You can still get the Google Play store and install third party apps.

But you’ll run in to trouble that extends from the Chinese only browser to unwanted digital keyboard swaps and disabled notifications by default for third party apps. The Find X comes with a dual rear camera of 16 and 20 megapixels.

While the single front camera is 25 megapixels. Yeah, the Find X is definitely made for the selfie obsessed. And it shows. Not only is the frontal camera really good but it also comes with a bunch of selfie oriented features. At first glance, the app looks and feels a lot like the iOS camera app. The one you can find in all iPhones.

But once you start playing with it, you realize it’s more like a weird clone. A weird clone that really wants you to look prettier. It comes with an extra load of face lifting features that you won’t find on your average phone. For example, it can slim your face and it can also whiten your teeth, so your pictures would look perfect.

But the one feature that really does a make over on you is what OPPO calls the custom 3D beautified look. And with the help of some AI, it creates a 3D profile of your face. Then you can apply beautifying adjustments, like the one called Modelor Delicacy to that profile. The Find X is a well endowed phone and it has a lot to offer. Even if most of it’s great features are over shadowed by the hidden camera mechanism.

This OPPO has power and it has looks. If it weren’t for the limited availability and some other quirks of the Color OS, I’d say it would be a top contender to compete with the Samsung and Apple flagships worldwide. There are a lot of phones out there packed with great features. But I think that this OPPO definitely stands out and not only because of the whole camera gimmick, but because it’s truly a great piece of hardware. And that’s all for the OPPO Find X. Catch us next time with another cool device.

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