Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is finally official. What’s up guys? I’ve had an early first look and this is every thing that you need to know. So firstly, the name. It is the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, or the Galaxy Z Fold 2, I’m just going to refer to it as the Fold 2 because the other names are just too long. Personally speaking, I think Samsung just missed a trick and they could have called it the Galaxyzee Fold2. Am I right?

Anyway, the Fold1 last year was personally my favorite device, and that was because it was really refreshing to see something completely different, something completely new, an introduction to a whole new category, but it wasn’t perfect. There was lots of room for improvement. The good news is thatSamsung seems to have given us everything weasked for in the Fold2, starting with the cover display.

On the Fold1 we had the 4.6 inch display, which was very small and not very usable. On the Fold2, this is now around 1.6 times larger. It is a 6.2 inch display. We’ve got small bezels withan infinity O punch out. This is a Super AMOLEDdisplay and it is 60 Hertz. Now, this is going to make things a lot more usable on the cover display.

You’re not going to have to always open it up like you had to do with the Fold1. And when you do open up that device, then you do get amassive 7.6 inch display. Now, this is the foldableInfinity Flex display, which is up from 7.2 inches. So it’s around 12% larger, and the bezels are around 27% smaller. Once again, we have theInfinity O punch out for that front facing camera.

Now, this display is 120 Hertz. So you’ve got a high refresh rate and on that larger display, things are going tolook absolutely awesome. Now this has an adaptive refresh rate, so it is going to move fromaround 11 Hertz to 120 Hertz, depending on the content on your display. This will help towards battery life. Now, I have confirmed with Samsung and when you are at 120 Hertz, you will be switching downto full HD resolution.

This is similar to what we see on the S 20 series aswell as the Note 20 Ultra, but nevertheless, a massive usable displaywith a high refresh rate I’m very excited for. Now, speaking of the materialsfor the main display, we do have what Samsungcall Ultra Thin Glass. This was initially introduced on the Z Flip earlier this year. And this is kind of of like a combination of glassand plastic, really. And there is a pre-appliedscreen protector.

So when you do touch the display, you will be touching thatprotective plastic layer. The cover display is going to be using Gorilla Glass Victus. So this is the most durable glass ona smartphone out right now. For the back, however, there is Gorilla Glass Six. I’m not sure why Samsung didn’t use Gorilla Glass Victus for the back as well. But this is just for the front.

I don’t know if it’ssomething to do with pricing. And then we have an aluminum frame. Now there is a fingerprint scanner embedded within that frame. So it is a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. And the Fold2 is going to beavailable in two main colors. The mystic bronze on the mystic black. The mystic bronze, very similar to what we’ve already seen on the Note 20 Ultra. So, it is going to have a matte finish.

The black version is goingto have a glossy finish. There is also a Thom Browne Edition, which is completely separate and it’s got its own custom unique design. But on the regular Folds, you’re going to have these two colors. However, you will be able topick a customized hinge color. So this is something that you’ll be able to do on a pre-order. It’s available in a metallic gold, metallic silver, metallic red, and a metallic blue. I said metallic many times, but anyway.

And speaking of the hinge, this has been improved quite abit to what we had last year. So this does have the Sweeper technologythat we saw on the Z Fold. These are tiny fibers which help keep dirt and dust out from the hinge. So they’re not going to come inon pop out the front display. The hinge gap is smaller andit’s made of like 60 parts. And what this allows you to do is actually have the Fold2 open and stay in lotsof different positions. http://tech

So you can have it any where between around 75 degrees to around 115 degrees. And this is what Samsungare calling Flex mode, and it opens up lots of possibilities. Now let’s talk about the cameras. So we do have two front facing cameras in the Infinity O design, the punch out. There’s one on the cover display, and then there’s the same camera as well on the main display. This is 10 megapixelswith an f2.2 aperture.

This will mainly be used for quick selfies and if you are doing somevideo conferencing calls. But then on the rear cameras, we have a triple 12megapixel camera set up. There is a primary camera, there’s an ultra wide camera, and there is a telephoto zoom camera. Now one thing to bear in mind is that these cameras are not the same as what we’ve got on the Note 20 Ultra or even the S 20 series.

They do seem a little bit different, although they might share some components. The primary camera does haveoptical image stabilization, an f1.8 aperture withdual pixel auto focus. The ultra wide camerahas an f2.2 aperture, and the telephoto camerahas an f2.4 aperture, and it has two times optical zoom with up to 10 times digital zoom.

So, we don’t have any threeX, five X, 30 X, 50 X, like we’ve got on some of theother Samsung smartphones. Now, personally speaking, I’m not somebody who uses zoom massively. So it’s not something that’sgoing to be a huge concern to me, but something to bear in mind, you’re not going to be getting the zoom that you might have expected on the Fold2.

This also means that there is no 8K video because you do not have the resolution to cope with 8K video. Once again, 8K video is nice to have, but it’s not something thatI use on a regular basis. So it’s not a huge deal for me. Now, the biggest changeon the Fold2 is that you can now use the rear facing cameras as front facing cameras. So you have something called dual view, and this will use the coverdisplay to show the viewfinder from the rear facing cameras, as well as on the main display.

Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

So for instance, if you’re taking pictures of somebody, they will be able to see what you offer framing. So, that’s going to be quite good. But more importantly, when you are tryna take selfies, then you will be able touse the rear facing cameras. So, you’re not going to have to rely on the front facing cameras. The rear facing cameras, obviously much higher quality. You also have the optionof the ultra wide camera, and that will allow you toget to much wider selfies if you do need to get more people into your shots.

So, some really interesting updates here for the cameras on the Fold2. Couple of additional features that Samsung have also talked about. like we’ve seen on some ofthe other Samsung devices. So, you will be able to dialin a few of your settings. And using that Flex mode, you’ll also be able to prop up the Fold2. And then if you are taking pictures, you’ll be able to see themon one half of the display, and then you’ll be able to review them alive on the bottom half of the display.

And this looks very interesting. As well as that, they alsohave an auto framing feature, which is going to track your subject. Now, I’m not sure exactlyhow this is going to work. I’m assuming it’s going to be at 1080p. Samsung didn’t reallyreveal too much information about this as yet, but of course we’ll be testing it out. And if there is a SuperSaf-stylecamera comparison.

But, let’s touch on the performance before we talk about the software. So, the good news is that the Fold2 is going to be powered bythe Qualcomm Snap dragon 865+ chipset across the board. There’s not going to bea separate Exynos version and that means you will be getting the most powerful chipset outthere at this time on Android. And this will also be coming with 256 Gigabytes of UFS 3.1 storage. No expandable storage, so you will just have this storage option and there is no larger storage option available.

And you do have 12 Gigabytesof LPDDR5 RAM, which means, this is going to be a multitasking beast. And now let’s talk about the software. How have Samsung enabledmultitasking on the Fold2? So we do have Android10 with OneUI on top, but there’s lots of featuresto utilize the bigger display. So we do have app continuity, like we had on the Fold1. So if you do have an appon the cover display, when you do open up the device, this is going to continue on and expand to use the full or main display.

And we do have improvedmulti active windows. So you can have up to threeapps open at the same time and split across three windows. What’s even more interesting is that you can have twoinstances of the same app. So, this is going to make things a lot more intuitive. Say for instance, you are comparing something on a browser with something else. You can have both of themopen at the same time. And there’s also dragand drop functionality between Samsung apps.

So say for instance, you want to open your gallery, and then you want todrag and drop an image from the gallery into a message, then you’re going to beable to do that very easily. And Samsung has also beenworking closely with Microsoft to optimize their apps. So for instance, if you have PowerPoint, you will be able to have more of a tablet-like experienceon the main display, and you’ll have accessto more menus on Options.

In addition to that, you do have wireless DeX support. This is something that we’ve seen on the Note 20 series previously, and you’ll be able to connect the Fold2 to a display that has support for Miracast and wirelessly be able to have somewhat of a desktop experience. For the speakers, we do havehigh dynamic dual speakers. So we’ve got stereo soundand they do get pretty loud. And for the battery, we havea 4,500 milliamp hour battery.

This is split cross bothof the sides of the device. In terms of usage, we will have to do somemore day-to-day testing with the retail unit. Based on my Fold1 usage, battery life was very good, but the Fold2 does have alarger display for the cover. And it also has that120 Hertz refresh rate. So we’ll have to wait and see how good or bad the battery life is. We do have fast charging aswell as wireless charging and there’s also supportfor wireless power share, which is reverse wireless charging.

So you will be able to use the Fold2 to charge other devices up wirelessly. Finally, the price. 1800 pounds in the UK, $2,000 in the US. Now, this is still a highprice, don’t get me wrong, but it is lower compared towhat the Fold1 came in at. And it’s offering a lot more. So it’s nice to see this category develop to a point where it is gettingmore and more affordable. Maybe in a few years, everybody will be able toget it a foldable device.

So I’m very positive about this. And, it comes of pre-orders, they are open right now, with the official releaseon the 18th of September. Now, there is the Thom Browne Edition, which will be coming in alot higher than this price. I believe it’s going to be over $3,000, but it’s going to come witha few other accessories, like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, as well as the new GalaxyWatch and a few other things. And that is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.

I just said the full name here. What do you guys think of it? What coverage would you like me to do, as soon as the retail unit is in hand? Definitely let me knowin the comments below. Of course, there’s going to belots more hands on coverage here with the Fold2. If you want to see it all first, then be sure to subscribeand hit that bell icon, so you don’t miss anything. I hope you enjoyed this artical.

Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

the samsung galaxy z fold 3 is looking incredible and i’ll be sharing the details right after this. If you’re new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech please read this artical. so today we’ve got incredible news about the upcoming galaxy z fold 3. we’ve got news that it’s the first in-display camera from samsung the first folding phone to feature.

it seems that samsung have truly changed their marketing strategy and while many thought that the folding devices would fail they’re now being pushed as the most premium flagships in the range the folding phones now outshine the s and the note inspects and price and the galaxy z fold 3 is no different the first story of the day is about a new led notification light that could be present on the hinge of the galaxy z fold 3.

a pattern was discovered by let’s go digital that shows a new led strip running down the back of the z fold 3 hinge and this provides alerts for calls and messages let’s go digital have also created some 3d renders to show us exactly what we can expect from this design and as you can see it looks great according to the patent this led strip is going to be covered by a translucent cover for protection.  

the led strip is going to be individually addressable meaning different parts can display different colours and this will offer a wide range of choices and effects the fold already has the front display for notifications but an led strip on the back is going to draw very little power and it will be a welcomed edition next we’ve got news of the first in-display selfie camera from samsung and this is expected to be in the galaxy z fold 3.

multiple reports have suggested low production in the display camera tech and this is because it’s not going to be present on the s21 and it’s hopefully going to be making its debut on the z fold 3 when limited units are produced   we know that samsung have been working on this for some time and it’s just not ready for the next s model but with the galaxy z fold 3 set to launch in the second half of next year then it seems a reasonable time scale to perfect next up we’ve got the news that everyone wants to hear and that is of course s pen support for the galaxy’s effort 3.

now it’s looking hopeful but it’s important to remember that this rumor comes around every year with the fold devices and it of course has not happened yet there are two reasons why it hasn’t happened so far number one is that the display was not durable enough for the s-pen and secondly the magnets used in the fold actually interfere with the electromagnetic resonance or emr technology that the s-pen currently uses a new report from the alex states that samsung are going to be increasing the thickness of the   ultra thin glass for the galaxy fold 3.

Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

this is going to make it more durable for the users it’s currently 30 micro meters thick and samsung are reportedly going to be doubling this to 60   micrometers and this will with stand more pressure and of course accommodate an s pen we also have news that the s pen is going to be changing in the galaxy z fold 3.

it’s now going to be using an active electro static solution that doesn’t get interference from the magnets in the case experts say there isn’t going to be much difference between these two technologies but the emr is actually cheaper to manufacture and one of the reasons that samsung have used this so far.  

it’s going to be interesting to see if this change in technology also follows down to the note range as well it’s not too much of an issue for the note some magnetic cases have been problematic for users the device is expected to launch in august but things have changed a lot for many smartphone   manufacturers.

i wouldn’t be surprised if we do see another change from samsung here of course we do have an idea of the rest of the specs so we’re going to run through them now for those of you that are interested so the galaxy fold 3 is still in very early stages but we can get an idea of what’s coming thanks to the early leaks supply chain info and of course their previous releases given its predecessor success.

we don’t expect too much change in the design from the predecessor so the specs are estimated to be as follows the inner display is likely to remain a similar size considering we’ve already got trimmed down bezels we can expect a 7.6 inch dynamic amoled display with a resolution of 1768 by 2208 and this will have a 120hz refresh rate the front screen is likely to remain.

the same as well which is a 6.2 inch super amoled with a resolution of 2260×816 the biggest change here is of course can be the screen protection with 60 micrometer ultra thin glass that not only helps with the durability but should also provide a nicer touch experience for the user when it comes to the selfie camera.

we’ve got no information yet many reports and rumors are hinting at the first in-display selfie camera but we’ve got no idea what sensor or lens samsung are using for this on the rear it’s likely to be a triple or a quad   camera setup now samsung tend to keep things similar across their range so i would expect the new camera module that we’re seeing in the s range to be present.

it’s likely that they’ll be using the similar 12 megapixel sensors instead of going with the 108 megapixel hm2 when it comes to ram and storage samsung tend to push things high with the fold models so i would estimate the galaxy z fold 3 to have 16 gigs of ddr5 ram this will be coupled with 128 256 or 512 storage.

it’s most likely going to be powered by the snapdragon 875 plus and the exynos equivalent whatever they decide to name it and there are rumors of a 5 000 milliamp hour battery but personally i don’t see that happening they’re likely to remain at a similar size so with improvements of space internally in new tech i would estimate a minor increase so maybe something   like 4 600 milliamp hours it will of course ship with oneUI 3.0 based on android 11 and being so early on color variants just cannot be confirmed. 

it will probably have as much water protection as they can but we’re unlikely to see any official ip ratings due to its difficult to waterproof design we’re expecting an august launch and if things carry on as normal when it comes to the pricing we of course know it’s gonna be a lot so we can expect between two thousand and two thousand one hundred dollars if we see the usual price increment now of course a lot of this is just sensible estimates on top of the leaks. we have because we’re so far away from launch but i’ll be keeping you guys up to date as any new news.

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