Best Galaxy 2021 – Should Samsung Go For This Tech?

Best Galaxy 2021 – Should Samsung Go For This Tech?

Best Galaxy 2021 – Should Samsung Go For This Tech?

So for most people charging speed is the least priority when buying a new phone. But it’s an important aspect of a good smartphone experience. Slow charging can be an irritating reality of the modern smartphone world, particularly when handsets are increasingly packing inlarger and larger battery capacities.

Thankfully companies are already getting better at this with the likes of Samsung offering 45W charging tech with their latest flagships. In fact, some Chinese companies are offering 65W of charging speeds and some even 100W in a prototype stage.

So it’s good that companies are working on improving this tech but what about its counterpart, the wireless charging. Wireless charging has become incredibly popularin the past few years, we can say it has finally become main stream.

But there’s one problem with it and it’s the slower charging speeds. Although the tech has gotten better ever since it’s inception but it’s still slower compared to the wired charging but it looks like Xiaomi wants to change that with their new cutting edge wireless charging tech.

They posted a video where a Xiaomi phone with4000mAh battery was charged wirelessly from 0 to 100 in just 40 minutes. Xiaomi says the phone uses 40W of charging head which is a lot for wireless charging and heck even for wired charging. Industry leaders such as Samsung is still stuck at 15W wireless speed so Xiaomi has just shown how far Samsung needs to push its wireless charging abilities.

With that being said, the Galaxy Note 20 isgoing to be the next big thing from Samsung and I think faster wireless charging is onearea they can improve upon this year.

They went all-in with the Galaxy S20 Ultraand it’s going to be really hard for Samsung to distinguish the Note line with the S linethis year, so I think a faster wireless charging close to Xiaomi’s 40W would be one of the good differentiating factors and would be wise for Samsung to adopt this tech.

So the Galaxy S20 series is already up forsale in Samsung’s home turf South Korea and the initial sales reports are disappointing,to say the least. But it’s not because the handsets are bad,the sales are down due to reasons that are not in Samsung’s control.

If we talk about numbers, Samsung has soldan estimated 70,800 units in the domestic market which is quite shy of the mark that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series hit. While the S10 series sold 1,40,000 units onits first day, the Note 10 series went further beyond to sell 2,20,000 units on its firstday of sale.

As you can see it’s a huge difference in numbers and we all can blame that Virus. South Korea is dealing with the Virus out break on a large scale. Fewer people are visiting retail stores due to infection fears and that led to a decline in numbers on the first day of sale.

If there wasn’t this issue then we could have expected a similar sales figure as the Note 10. Like many other companies, Samsung will just have to wait for things to get better.

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