Best Galaxy A52 – Samsung To Bring Some Big Features

Best Galaxy A52 – Samsung To Bring Some Big Features

Best Galaxy A52 – Samsung To Bring Some Big Features

So the Galaxy A50 was one of Samsung’s top-selling devices in 2019. The company followed it up with the Galaxy A51 which ended being one of the most popular smartphones in 2020.

In fact, it’s the most popular smartphone in the first half of 2020 beating their own flagships and even some of the new iPhones. So the Galaxy A50 series is without a doubt one of the most popular Android devices in recent times.

So of course Samsung wants to improve this lineup to attract even more people and that’s exactly what we are hearing from South Korean media.

The Galaxy A52 and A72 will get a bump in the image quality because for the first time ever Samsung electro-mechanics is going to build camera sensors for these two devices.

They have won the order for the main camera modules of both the upcoming Galaxy A52 and A72. If you don’t know Samsung electro-mechanics has been making camera modules for their flagships the Galaxy S and Note series for all these years.

So this will be the first time we are going to see them make sensors for the A series. This means the A52 and A72 will have high-performing cameras as this year’s flagship Galaxy S20 and S20+ models at least from their main sensors.

Also since the A71 5G and A51 5G had Exynos 980 processor, it’s more than likely the A52 and A72 5G versions will have Exynos 1080 which if you have been following the channel is crushing the flagship chipsets of this year, including the Snapdragon 865+ found in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Not only that it performs on par with the latest 5nm Kirin Chipset so it’s going to be a really powerful chipset and A52 and A72 having it means they will deliver flagship-level performance.

Now it’s likely Samsung will equip a toned downed midrange processor in the 4G version of these two handsets to keep the costs down but if you want the flagship performance then 5G is the one to go for.

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Samsung is equipping a Penta lens camera system on the Galaxy A72 making it the first Samsung smartphone to do so.

Here’s a list of the Samsung Galaxy A72 camera specs that’s being rumored

Samsung Galaxy A72 camera

  • A 64MP main sensor
  • A 12MP ultrawide lens camera
  • An 8MP camera with 3x zoom lens
  • A 5MP macro camera
  • A 5MP dedicated ‘bokeh’ sensor

It’ll also have optical image stabilization making the first Samsung mid-ranger in a while to get this flagship exclusive feature.

Now, Galaxy A52 will have 4 cameras at the back, so which of the modules will be present on the A72, but missing on the A52?

Samsung has to somehow set the A72 apart as an upper midranger, and, given that a telephoto camera will be its new feature, that one may be missing for the cheaper A52.

But this means A52 will feature a 64MP main camera, which is an improvement over the Galaxy A51’s 48MP main sensor.

A72 will also get wireless charging which is again the first for the Galaxy A series but whether or not we would see it on the A52 remains to be seen.

But in any case, the midrange smartphone segment is going to be quite competitive in the coming year. We already have some great offerings in that $399 segment with devices like the pIxel 4a, OnePlus Nord, the A51 and even the iPhone SE.

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