Best Galaxy S21 – Finally, They Are Doing It

Best Galaxy S21 – Finally, They Are Doing It

Best Galaxy S21 – Finally, They Are Doing It

So the Ultra sonic finger print scanner was introduced on Samsung flagships back in 2019 with the Galaxy S10 and ever since Samsung didn’t improve the scanner as far as the hardware is concerned. Yes, improvements have been made at the software front but it’s the same sized scanner that a lot of people believe is too small which sometimes translates into a failed unlock attempt.

But thankfully, finally, after two years, Samsung will upgrade the ultra sonic scanner on the Galaxy S21. According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S21will feature almost twice as big the Ultra sonic scanner than on the Galaxy S20.

The area of the finger print scanner moduleon the S20 is 36mm2 but the Galaxy S21 will have a 64mm2 sized fingerprint module. That’s 1.77 times more than the S20. Not only that Samsung has also doubled the unlocking speed on the S21.

So the oretically, now you don’t even need to press your finger print on the scanner just a tap would unlock the handset. The Galaxy Note 20 was also rumored to have the same technology but for some reason, Samsung didn’t go with it. But good to know they are finally doing it with the Galaxy S21.

By the way, Samsung’s vision is to increase the area of the fingerprint scanner under the entire display, but I guess it’s going to take quite a while before Samsung may finally reach that goal but in the mean time, this upgrade on the Galaxy S21 is highly appreciated.

Moving, when Qualcomm unveiled their latest flagship SoC the Snapdragon 888, they didn’t mention Samsung in the list of companies that will use this chipset. So a lot of people started speculating, is Samsung going all-in with Exynos 2100? Turns out that’s not the case.

The Galaxy S21 received FCC certificationin the US and the documents reveal the phone will use Snapdragon 888 processor in the UnitedStates. So Samsung will again use two different chipsets for different markets. Now Exynos regions don’t get disappointed because tables have turned, the Exynos 2100 is guaranteed to have better performance than the Snapdragon 888 for the fact that Samsung is using higher clock frequency on the Exynos2100.

Ice Universe tweeted today that people in the Exynos region rejoice because as per the latest test, the speed is extremely fast and the performance is very good which is a long time coming.

In a way, Samsung is acknowledging that they let their fans down with inferior Exynos products for the past few years. And they are kind of apologizing for that through this artical and they want to do things right this time which just shows that Samsung is highly confident with their new Exynos lineup which is a great sign for consumers. Because not only this means Exynos regions are getting equal or better performance than Snapdragon regions but this will also create competition for Qualcomm.

Qualcomm has created a sort of mono poly in the Android space and as a result, they dictate the price of SoCs. Just look at the Snapdragon 865, it’s the most expensive component in 2020’s flagships. But since Exynos is getting better, this will force them to price the chipset competitively other wise OEM’s will not hesitate to jump ships because Exynos will give them better performance at a lower cost.

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