Best Galaxy S21 Ultra – Samsung’s Uno Reverse

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra – Samsung’s Uno Reverse

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra – Samsung’s Uno Reverse

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As usual, the Galaxy S21 lineup will have two chip set configurations, Snapdragon 875 and Exynos 2100 and today we have bench mark scores of the Snapdragon variant which the folks over the US, Canada, and China will end up with.

As you can see in geek bench 5 it scores 1120 in single-core and 3319 in multicore which is an improvement compared to Snapdragon 865 which had a single-core score of 935. Since this chipset is still in the pre-production stage expect the scores to be higher but only marginally.

Now unlike the previous few years where the Exynos variant was flat out under performing compared to its Snapdragon counter part, Exynos2100 is I would say guaranteed to out perform the Snapdragon 875 because as per Ice Universe the multicore scores of the Exynos variant will touch or even surpass the 4000 mark for the very first time.

We have specifications of both Exynos 2100 and Snapdragon 875 and as we know both of them will have identical CPU architecture but it’s the clock speed where Exynos 2100 has Snapdragon beat this time. The prime X1 core will reach 2.91 GHz in the Exynos 2100 while staying at 2.84 GHz in the SD875. The trio of Cortex-A78 units will differ even more significantly – 2.81 GHz vs 2.42 GHz.

The four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores will reach 1.8 GHz in SD875 versus 2.21 GHz in the Exynos. This guarantees the Exynos 2100 will have more raw power compared to Snapdragon and thus will be the fastest mobile chip in the Android world. Of course, GPU will be a factor as well but Huwaei show cased with their Kirin 9000 that the Mali G78 GPU is powerful and it’s actually 52% faster than the Adreno on Snapdragon 865+ which at the very least the graphics on theExynos 2100 will be the same as the one on the Snapdragon 875.

In any case, Galaxy S21 will put an end to the misery of European and Asian customers who all these years were forced to pay high prices for inferior products. Ice Universe is saying the display on the Galaxy S21 Ultra will break multiple records. He didn’t mention what exactly are those are going to be but we already know a few of them if not all.

The first one is the peak brightness whichis 1600nits compared to 1400 on the S20 Ultra. The contrast ratio is 3 million to 1 up from2 million to 1 on the S20 Ultra for that beautiful deel blacks. Also the best display with QHD and 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. Maybe the most color-accurate display and more. We’ll know soon enough. Ice Universe has obtained additional cad schematics of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and he says the chin and the side bezels on the S21 Ultra will be of the same size.

In fact, he says the handset will have then arrowest chin we have ever seen on a mobile phone even beating the likes of the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. Here’s a representation of how it will look in real life. It’s actually photoshopped, the phone is upside down but should give you an idea about the razer thin bezels.

Samsung Surprise Surprise

Samsung Surprise Surprise

Several high profile tipsters have recently revealed that Samsung might not introduce the Galaxy Note 21 later this year. Ice Universe said there’s no information about the development of the Note 21 so far which is very unusual. Max listed all the Samsung flagships that are expected in 2021. However, there is no mention of the Note 21 and the Note 21 Ultra.

Samsung bringing the S Pen to the S21 Ultra and to the Z Fold 3 made people believe that the Note 21 isn’t happening this year. But turns out, like every year in the past few years these rumors ended up as just being rumors. We have a fresh new report straight out of South Korea mentioning that Galaxy Note 21 is indeed happening but with a slight catch.

ETNews, a big south Korean publication saysthat Samsung will launch a Galaxy Note next year but there will be only one Note model. For the past couple of years Samsung has been launching two Note variants at the same time, a full-fledged top-of-the-line Note and another a stripped-down version of it. But next year that won’t be the case.

Etnews reports that Samsung is trying to reduce the market share of the Galaxy Note and move it to the Galaxy Z Fold lineup which has a big growth potential according to an official in the smartphone industry. The report said, by introducing the S Pento the Galaxy S lineup, Samsung will attract some Note fans to the Galaxy S series in the first half of the year, and attract some more to the foldable lineup by including the SPen to the Z Fold 3, and then eventually Samsung will merge the Note lineup with the GalaxyZ Fold lineup.

That’s the plan right now according to insiders. So that means the Galaxy Note lives for another year, we will see the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra in the second half of the year but there’s no guarantee there will a Note from 2022 onwards. With that being said, the Galaxy S21 lineup will come with a plethora of new colors, and if you remember I mentioned that the frame and the back of the phone will be made of two different colors.

Today we have some third party renders of the Galaxy S21 models to depict how it’s going to look in real life. Remember these are not official but should give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of color options. First off these are the color options forthe S21 lineup. Max said the phantom white will have a subtleblue tint with bronze bezels and this is a good representation of that. The black variant will have a black frame while the Phantom Violet and Phantom Pink colorways have a copper body.

Only the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra have a glass back while the S21 will feature a plastic body. Also, only the S21 Ultra will feature a curved display where as the S21 and S21 Plus will have a flat display. The Unpacked event is scheduled to take place on January the 14th and it will be available in retail stores two weeks later on January the 29th.

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