Best Galaxy Unpacked February 2021: Official Replay – Samsung

Best Galaxy Unpacked February 2021: Official Replay – Samsung

Best Galaxy Unpacked February 2021: Official Replay – Samsung

Hello and welcome to Unpacked! It’s so good to be with you again! I could not be more excited about all the incredible innovations we’re announcing today. They continue Samsung’s legacy as the pioneer of meaningful experiences that are designed for everyone.

Our universe is an entire ecosystem of intelligent, connected devices that defy expectations and give you the freedom to live life without borders, without boundaries.

When it comes to true innovation we are the only game in town. Last year was a reminder of how important technology has become to all of us. Samsung Galaxy devices helped connect millions of friends and families, and enabled entire industries to go remote.

During this next normal, we’ve been working hard to support our customers and employees with our innovations. The challenges of 2020 have made us more determined to fully tap the immense power and potential of tech.

This year, Samsung is pushing innovation even stronger. We will give you ground breaking ways to personalize your devices so they reflect you.

Because we want you to be free, to go further, to forge your own path. Without limitations, without constraints. As part of our long-standing commitment to open collaboration, we will expand the Samsung universe even more with new partners.

With Samsung Mobile, where you start your journey never determines where you will go. After all, every day should be truly epic. To kick things off, I want to introduce you to a product that I absolutely love one that I use all the time in fact.

They may be small, but they sure are mighty. This powerful design statement offers a multi-dimensional audio experience that will blow you away. Meet the next generation of our incredible earbuds Galaxy Buds Pro.

Here are the Galaxy Buds Pro, the most immersive sound experience on Galaxy Buds. We use earbuds to listen to our favorite music, watch our favorite movies, and connect with the people we love.

They help us tune into the content we care about and tune out the content we don’t. They even transport us to another world: just us and the audio we love. With earbuds, we can watch movies that center us… and listen to music that helps us connect with ourselves.

Earbuds give us personal space when we need it most. If you listen to music often, you know what a big difference sound quality makes. The foundation of our Galaxy Buds lineup is amazing sound… and Galaxy Buds Pro are packed with pro sound quality.

Galaxy Buds Pro come with the most intelligent Active Noise Cancellation on true wireless earbuds. So you can transition seamlessly between your universe and the world around you.

The Galaxy Buds Pro will make your listening experience extraordinary. Our engineers and designers worked closely together to bring this incredible sound experience to life. Let’s listen.

The goal of Galaxy Buds Pro is simple to deliver the best sound experience, period. Most earbuds immerse you in audio, and stop right there. But Buds Pro are different.

They redefine the sound experience to transport your inner and outer worlds. This is the how the Galaxy Buds Pro are designed and engineered to enable a sound experience unlike any other.

Nothing immerses us in our inner worlds better than captivating sound. When building Galaxy Buds Pro, engineers were inspired by the highest quality audio devices around speakers.

Most premium speakers use a two-way system, a woofer delivers bass, and a tweeter delivers high pitches. They work together to create rich, premium sound. But most wireless earbuds only use a one-way speaker system.

The reason? Size. Building two-way speakers into a small earbud body requires an innovative solution. So engineers tried a new approach System in Package,

SIP minimizes the size of each chip organizes them into dense stacks to integrate all parts into a single component, for more optimal use of space.

This breakthrough in engineering enables the Galaxy Buds Pro to feature two-way speakers The Galaxy Buds Pro set the standard for sound quality on wireless earbuds with stunning sound by AKG.

But sound quality doesn’t end there. The Buds Pro deliver 360 Audio for realistic immersion. Using intelligent motion tracking sensors and Dolby Head Tracking, Buds Pro can detect head movements.

Now, when you turn your head, the audio will recalibrate and put you in the middle of the scene. What really takes the audio to the next level, is Active Noise Cancelling.

Galaxy Buds Pro use outer microphones to monitor ambient noiseand its inner mic to monitor noise inside your ear. Based on these noise readings, the advanced chipset generates.

an anti-noise signal and eliminates up to 99 percent of background noise in real-time letting you enjoy onlythe sounds you want to hear.

But as much as we love being immersed in our own worlds, we need to be able to connect with the world around us. Enter Intelligent Active Noise Control With Intelligent ANC,

as soon as you start to speak, a microphone detects your voice while a sensor detects the vibrations An advanced AI algorithm then ensures your voice isn’t mistaken for other voices to confirm you’re in a conversation.

And with improved latency, ambient sound on the Galaxy Buds Pro will sound more clear and natural than ever before. Intelligent ANC lets you hear and interact with your environment while your earbuds are still on,

for truly seamless transition from immersion to communication. One aspect of sound that’s often overlooked is call quality. Buds Pro are designed with a voice pickup unit and three microphones to maximize call clarity.

Once, the voice pickup unit detects your voice, two outer mics, positioned directly toward the mouth, perform beamforming. Beamforming funnels your voice directlyto the mic to minimize external noise and amplify your voice.

There’s even a built-in solution to help you get around one of the most common pain points When on a call wind. In design, the earbud itself has been reimagined with a more closed fit.,

At the hardware level, an outer mesh combines with an inner wind chamber to disperse and further neutralize wind. Finally, advanced software distinguishes between voice and wind sound patterns to ensure no leftover breeze makes its way into a call.

With the Galaxy Buds Pro, it’s no longer necessary to choose between being immersed in your own world, and being able to connect with the world around you.

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