Best Huawei Mate 40 Pro – This Is Incredible

Best Huawei Mate 40 Pro – This Is Incredible

Best Huawei Mate 40 Pro – This Is Incredible

the huawei mate 40 is incredible and i’m going to be sharing the details right after this. So today we’ve got plenty of good news to share about the huawei mate 40.

we’ve got details of its specs in design and news that it may not be delayed as many suggested before we get started though, if you’re looking forward to the huawei mate 40.

the first news of the day is the huawei mate 40 launch date evan blast tweeted last week to tell us that if you’re waiting on the huawei mate 40 series then we’ll be waiting until next year.

well this did cause a lot of disappointment for some it seems we will be seeing it much sooner than that but we may not be able to get it quickly its predecessor was launched in september last year while we do expect delays  this time round it should only be until october. 

huawei mobile uk officially tweeted to say they’ve got exciting news for us that the next gen huawei m ate is coming soon according to a new report from win future.

they’ll be holding a mate 40 online livestream event in mid-october taking place in china but as evan blass leaked the mate 40 series may not be for sale in europe until 2021.

this is apparently just a precaution by huawei they’ve cut component orders and production because they’re expecting worse sales performance this is of  course due to the issues with usa and no google services which have still not been resolved that, 

being said it’s been revealed that they do have 10 million units of the kirin 9000 system on chip, so we expect 10 million mate 40s to be produced the kirin 9000 has already been unveiled.  

as well as offering incredible performance it’s going to be the first five nanometer chipset with a built-in 5g modem it’s going to be used in both the mate 40 and the mate 40 pro.

when it comes to cameras we also have news from rodent 950 that the  huawei mate 40 is gonna have a 50 megapixel sensor with liquid lens technology the liquid lens technology was patented by huawei a few months ago.

and allows for faster autofocus and better image stabilization earlier reports suggested that it may be for the mate 50 but there are now rumors that it’s making its debut in the huawei mate 40.  

of course within rodan’s tweet he also shared many other specs which we’ll be covering shortly now with the recent leaks out the way we’re going to run through the full specs of the huawei mate 40 series to help you guys decide.

so first up we’ve got the huawei mate 40 the huawei mate 40 is coming with a 6.4 inch full screen display and a punch hole selfie camera in the top left and this is of course an amoled display unlike other smartphones.

the base model of the huawei mate 40 is still going to support a curved display and the mate 40 is going to have an in-display fingerprint scanner and a dual punch or camera in a pill shape cut out in the top reports are suggesting.

this amoled display is going to be a 90 hertz panel on the rear we’ve got a circular camera module that houses three cameras and an additional sensor at this moment in time we’re unsure what this sensor is for, 

but it could likely be a timer flight depth sensor rodent 950 is advised a 50 megapixel a 20 megapixel and an 8 megapixel camera but a few other sources are claiming a 108 megapixel primary. 

the device will of course be powered by the kirin 9000 system on chip the spec sheet from pc online suggests it will come with up to 12 gigs of ram and up to 512 gigabytes of expandable storage via. 

the nm card slot it will of course be running emui 11 out of the box and is gonna pack a 4300 milliamp hour battery with 66 watt fast charge support next up we’ve got the huawei mate 40 pro,  

while very similar the mate 40 pro is going to be larger than the standard mate 40 with a 6.78 inch display it’s reportedly going to have a 90 or 120  hertz ammo led display and as you can see by the renders.

we’ve still got the dual punch hole selfie camera and the in-display fingerprint scanner as you can see we’ve got a physical volume rocker as well as power buttons on the right hand side of the phone.

which is a welcome change from last year’s touch controls and the display looks to be more curved than the standard mate 40. on the top you can see it looks like the ir blaster is going to be staying on the mate 40 pro.

as you can see it’s got the same circular camera module but this time with a quad camera setup rodent 950 is advised that we’ll be getting a 50 megapixel liquid camera an 80 megapixel ultra wide a periscope lens.

a timer flight depth sensor but personally if only renders are correct then i think we may not be getting the time of flight the huawei mate 40 pro is of course going to be powered up by the kirin 1020 system on chip.  

and again it’s going to come with up to 12 gigs of ram and up to 512 storage it’s reportedly coming with a 5 000 milliamp hour cell with 66 watt fast charge support and it’s going to ship with emui as we touched on earlier there’s also reports of a mate 40 pro plus or a mate 40 porsche design.

but with very little information on them right now we’re going to save it until something more solid comes to light we do however think there’s only going to be one or the other and that we won’t have both unfortunately.

the same as last year we’re also going to have the huawei mate 40 range   being released without google services so that may put a few of you off we also don’t know at this stage.

if they plan on a global launch or if they’re just going to be keeping it to china as always though if more information comes to light i’m going to be sharing it with you guys straight away.

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