Best Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Test Comparison

Best Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Test Comparison

Best Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Test Comparison

What’s up guys, welcome to another camera comparison. This time it’s between the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Huawei P40 Pro Plus. That’s a real mouthful…that’s what she said. Anyway, so we’re going to be checking out all aspects of the cameras, front facing rear facing. Images, video, audio, all of it.

Starting with the front facing cameras, filming at 4k. Let’s test out the stabilization so… Just going to walk. Now let’s go ahead and run. Do the dynamic ranges like? Now I’d like to test out the rear facing cameras. So get to test the dynamic range here.

There’s in the primary cameras for the moment so let’s just test our stabilization, using the primary cameras. Walking, now let’s run. Now, to test the ultra wide cameras for video. Once again, we’ll test out stabilization so, walking. Now most devices do have optical zoom so we are currently using 3.5 which is the default marker on the P40 Pro Plus. And on the S20 Ultra, we are using 4x. So, lets wait and see.

Now, we can go much further so let’s try 10x. For the 10x zoom it’s actually quite difficult to do these together, so I’m actually doing them separately then we’ll put them together side by side. Now the S20 Ultra does have 8K video recording. So we switched to the 8K video camera whereas we’re using the primary 4K video camera, on the people with the P40 Pro Plus.

So you can just see the difference in quality. I do you find that 8K works best when there’s no real motion and when you’re on a static frame. It does also crop in the S20 Ultra. Now both can also format 4K 60 frames a second just, to quickly show you what the quality and stabilization is like so, let’s just go ahead and run. And we’re also going to test 4K 60 frames a second from the front facing cameras.

So you can see, dynamic range results and also stabilization. Auto focus video test son the P40 Pro Plus. And seems to be doing pretty good. Same test on the S20 Ultra and it definitely has been improved with all of the recent software updates. Seems to be quite fast actually.

For the front facing cameras, the S20 Ultra does have a high resolution, but the P40 Pro Plus does have two front facing cameras, one of them is a depth sensor. Now moving on to the rear facing cameras we have an interesting sets of both devices do have ultra wide primary, as well as telephoto cameras. The P40 Pro Plus however, does have two zoom cameras.

One of them is at around 3x and another one is around 10x. Which is, the highest optical zoom that we’ve seen on any smartphone. The S20 Ultra does have around 4x optical zoom, and the rest of it isusing a hybrid of optical and digital zoom so, it’dbe interesting to see the results here.

And finally, all images that you see had been shot on automatic, I haven’t tweaked any settings. But one thing that I have done is switched on the scene optimizer on both devices and that’s to make the software work as best as possible. Right, so starting off with some images with the primary camera.

Here you can see that both images are doing really well and dynamic range is also pretty good on both the P40 Pro Plus does have the more vibrant image and it also seems to havea little bit more contrast. But generally speaking I think both images are doing really well. Now let’s test out the zoom. So using the default zoom levels on both devices.

So this is the optical zoom, we’ve got three times on the P40 Pro Plus and on the S20 Ultra it is around four times. And here I do prefer the S20 Ultra you can see that there’s more detail in the shadow areas of the trees and it is overall a sharper image. But then things change when you go to 10x because, this is where that 10x optical zoom of the P40 Pro Plus kicks in.

And here you can see that although the S20 Ultra is doing okay, the P40 Pro Plus does have a much sharper image. Now if we go in 30x, then once again the zoom capabilities of the P40 Pro Plus really do stand out here. You can see more detail,it’s a sharper image. You can also make out some of the texture on the building, where as the S20 Ultra has kind of smoothened this out now testing out.

Now testing out another image in good lighting out doors I think both are doing a very good job. The P40 Pro Plus has kind of, concentrating more on the shadows where as the ultra has concentrating more on the highlights in the clouds but, never the less both are doing very well. Now using the first stage of optical zoom on both devices once again,I do prefer the S20 Ultra at this level. It’s an overall sharper image.

Now when we do go to 10x this is quite interesting because, the brightness does drop on the P40 Pro quite significantly. So let’s just switch backand see again you can see that difference here, whereas the S20 Ultra is more consistent. Now this may be because the P40 Pro Plus at that 10x does have a very narrow aperture around f4.5, I believe it is. But never the less, it is the sharper image overall and this is a little bitmore obvious when we do get to around 30x.

If you look at the bricks, these are much clearer on the P40 Pro Plus compared to that of the S20 Ultra. Now here’s another image with the primary cameras and here I do prefer the S20 Ultra. The shadow details are better maintained. The P40 Pro Plus is a little darker in the shadow areas. Now if we start testing the zoom, we do have the 4x which I do prefer once again on the S20 Ultra compared to the 3x on the P40 Pro Plus.

And then when we do go to around 10x here, the color once again changes quite a bit of the P40 Pro Plus. So if we switch back and forth, you can see that the color has shifted quite a bit, when we’ve gone from 3x to 10x but, the image is sharper compared to the S20 Ultra. And this is a little bit more obvious when we do go in 100% on both of these images. Now when we do go over30x, then the clarity is more obvious here on the P40 Pro Plus.

If you look at the slates on top of the roof of this house, they are clearer on the P40 Pro Plus, where as they have become a bit ofa smudge on the S20 Ultra. Now we’re going to test out the 100x zoom. I really did not want to do this but, if I do a SuperSaf style camera comparison and missed out something like this then you guys are never going to forgive me. So let’s go ahead and look at the 100x zoom which, I am not a fan of on any smartphone but, we’ll just analyze it.

So here you can see that, although neither image is usable the P40 Pro Plus is doinga better job hands down, it’s a sharper image. Once again, you can make out some of those lines on the roof where as those have become a bit of a smudge on the S20 Ultra. Now to further test this 100x zoom for those of you who are interested.

Now I want to emphasize that, I really would not use 100x zoom in any situation to be honest. But, if you are interested yes the P40 Pro Plus does have better results at 100x. But anyway, let’s move onto the ultra wide cameras. So, here is a shot fromthe primary cameras to show you the difference. Firstly, great shot on both devices, this is my precious ifyou don’t already know. I’m not flexing I justreally like, my car.

Best Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Test Comparison

Best Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Test Comparison

But anyway, I think both are doing a really good job overall. Slight differences in color, but in terms of over all detail and sharpness, Now when we do switch tothe ultra wide camera, there are two things that I noticed immediately. Firstly, the S20 Ultra does have a much wider angle of view so you are getting much more into your shots.

But, the P40 Pro is also changing quite a bit in color. So, if we switch back and forth between the primary and the ultra wide, you can see that there is a clear difference in color on the P40 Pro’s cameras when you do switch between them. Now, just to show you another example. Here is the shot that we had a look at earlier on of the National Space Center.

Now when we do go on tothe ultra wide, the colors are a lot more muted. Now, the AI scene optimizer was switched on on both but, there is that in consistency once again, the S20 Ultra does have a wide angle of view which I do prefer. Now moving on to another example so this is the shot that we looked at earlieron, when you do go from the primary camera to the ultra wide. There isn’t as much of acolor difference this time on the P40 Pro Plus.

But, you can definitely notice that you are getting much more interior shots on the S20 Ultra. Now let’s move on to low light. So, this first shot I actually took at automatic, I didn’t actually go into the night mode just to see how they would perform a default.

And here, obviously the P40 Pro is doing much much better. I do you think this is thanks to that, RYYB sensor the red, yellow and a blue sensor compared to the red green and blue. While we do say that this allows 40% more lights in and based on the result shere, I think that is definitely true because you’re getting much more light here on the P40 Pro Plus.

And it didn’t take like along time to take the shot. Press the shutter and it was taken within a couple of seconds. It wasn’t like I had sitthere like you have to do with night mode so, very impressed here. Now when we do use therespective night modes on both devices, I stilldo prefer the P40 Pro Plus.

The S20 Ultra does nowhave this purple hue and it’s quite soft in a lot of areas. Where as you’ve got a much sharper image on the P40 Pro Plus although, if I’m honest Iprefer it without night mode. So, if we do switch back I do prefer the image the colors are a little bit better, not using night mode. But the image does becomea little bit sharper when you do use night mode.

Now here’s another shot once again just take in automatic before we use night mode and the P40 Pro shining here, with it’s RYYB sensor you are getting in a lot more light. Now when we do use night mode on both devices the S20 Ultra, does actually do a pretty good job here.

Colors are different on both devices. I really think it’s going to come down to personal preference, but I think in this instance, both are doing really good with night mode. Now when into low light shots, here once again automatic and the the P40 Pro I mean, look at that.

Big big difference here, that sensor is really showing it’s low light capabilities. Now when we do use night mode, the S20 Ultra image does improve but I still do prefer the P40 Pro Plus overall. Now moving on to low light images from the ultra wide cameras the night mode was used on both devices. And here I actually prefer the S20 Ultra.

It might not be as bright but the text does look sharper on the S20 Ultra. But, it’s going into a very very low light situation with the night mode turned on. I do prefer the P40 Pro Plus I mean either are doing an amazing job but the P40 Pro Plus is definitely winning out here. The S20 Ultra is really struggling and it’s a very very soft image you can barely even see the path.

Where as you can see that much better, on the P40 Pro Plus. Now using the zoom ina low light situation was quite difficult but, the P40 Pro Plus doing a better job here. You can see that the text is sharper so this is at the 3x and the P40 Pro plus4x on the S20 Ultra, which is the optical zoom level on both devices. i hope you like this artical. if you like then share it your friends. thankyou.

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