Best Infinix Note 8 vs Infinix Note 7 Comparison & Speed Test

Best Infinix Note 8 vs Infinix Note 7 Comparison & Speed Test

Best Infinix Note 8 vs Infinix Note 7 Comparison & Speed Test

infinix note 7 and infinix note 8 are two successive devices released in the same year with the infinix note 8 looking like an upgrade from the infinity note 7. but how significant is this upgrade. i mean if there’s even any. i’ll quickly compare the infinix note 8 and the infinix note 7 examining the amount of upgrade or down grade as the case may be but i’ll be paying more attention to the performance of both these phones.

one all right both the infinite note 8 and infinix note 7 comes with an hd plus display with a single punch hole camera cut out on the infinix note 7 and a double cut out on the infinix note 8.

they are both made of a very glossy polycarbonate material and they look beautiful in their own way although i prefer the design of the infinix note 7 because it looks kind of unique and the infinite note 8 looks like so many things we’ve seen very recently they both have their finger print sensor embedded in the power button they both come with 6 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabyte of internal storage space the both boot xos which is infinix’s custom ui built on android and they are both running on android version 10.

but while the infinite note 8 came with xos 7.1 the infinite note 7 might just be stuck with xos 6.1 for life. maybe – but of course except by miraculous divine intervention. they both have a stereo speaker setup however the note 8 sounded a lot better and louder than the infinix note 7.

so that’s how far their similarities go and after inspecting the manufacturing site of this smartphones i think i found the evidences that will be useful in investigating the differences between the infinix note 8 and the infinix note 7.

he has found evidence that will be useful in investigating the lekki shooting after wards they head back to marina appealing for peace and assuring the public of bringing the perpetrators to book let’s talk about the differences.

the Infinite note 8 finally got the usb type c port while the note 7 has a micro usb port so you get a better transfer and charging speed on the infinix note 8 and most importantly the note 8 is future proofed. the infinix note 8 has a 5200 milliamp hour capacity battery while the note 7 has a 5000 milliamp hour battery this means the infinix note 8 will last longer than the note 7.

the note 8 has a 64 megapixel quad camera set up on the rear while the note 7 has a 48 megapixel quad camera i have a detailed camera review of the infinix note 8 and note 7 coming soon.

the infinite note 8 is powered by media tek’s helio g80 while the note 7 is powered by media tek’s Helio g70 there are actually both 12 nanometer chips and can both take up to 8 gigs of ram with a clock speed of 2.0 gigahertz so practically there is barely any significant differences between the g70 and the g80 but the g8 is allegedly reported to have a performance boost of about 5% over the g70.

well, this next section of this artical will confirm that. with the infinix notes 8 and the note 7 on the same wi-fi network and running the same amount of apps i will be opening applications on both of them simultaneously to verify how much of an upgrade the g80 is from the g70 there are currently no apps running in the background.

so let’s start with a boot test, the geekbench test, i was so confused about which device to give it to the infinite note 7 was just slightly ahead of the note 8 with just five points in the single core section while the note 8 won the multicore section with about 50 points. app retention isn’t fantastic as some of the apps died in the background i will call this round a tie.

now this confirms my theory earlier that there is no much difference between the g80 and the g70 in all the infinix note 8 is a better device over the note 7. yes, i know it’s not because it comes with a g80 processor or two cameras on the front but because it comes with usb type-c, a large 5200 milliamp battery and a louder stereo speaker setup the detective fash in me wasn’t able to discover any other significant differences.

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what you think about these phones influence note 8 and infinity 7 in the comment section below this artical, if you’re like this artical then share, if it was helpful thank you guys for reading this one i’ll see you when i see you in the next one you.

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