Best iOS 14.2.1 is Out – New Features

Best iOS 14.2.1 is Out – New Features

Best iOS 14.2.1 is Out – New Features

Hi everyone, today apple released ios 14.2.1 to iphone 12 models, it’s not available for any other models for some reason at this point so it’s available for the iphone 12 mini the iphone 12 the iphone 12 pro and the iphone 12 pro max and this particular update came in at 171.1 megabytes on my iphone 12 pro max, but it was actually over one gigabyte on the iphone 12 mini.

so depending on the device you have will make a difference as far as the size now the odd thing is late last night apple released ios 14.2 a revised version that was only available via itunes or finder on a mac.

so it wasn’t available to anyone else and now we have 14.2.1 so this particular update does bring a few fixes and things specific for the iphone 12 devices let’s go ahead and take a look now let’s take a look at the build number.

we’ll go to settings then we’ll go to general then about and you can see the build number is 18b 121 and this particular build is an odd one because like i said before it’s just for iphone 12 series.

now if you have an iphone 12 iphone 12 mini iphone 12 pro or iphone 12 pro max you will have a modem update in this update so whatever they’re fixing they’re also addressing something that has to do with the 5g modem.

so hopefully if you’re having connectivity issues that will be addressed however dual 5g sim support was not mentioned, so i don’t know if that’s something they can address with software or they’ll have to do a hardware revision for that now as far as updates in this particular version while the first one is pretty major many people were reporting this.

it seems to be just affecting iphone 12s so some mms messages may not be received meaning, if you’re getting a message from an android user for example and they don’t have icloud the message may not come through that should be resolved in this particular update also if you’re using a hearing device or a made for iphone hearing device. 

they’ve repaired the sound quality issues when you are listening to audio from the iphone so if you’re using accessibility and you go down to hearing devices and you had something paired here and you were having issues with it that should be resolved and then the other thing they fixed in this has to do specifically with the iphone 12 mini.

it being unresponsive on the lock screen quite a few people were seeing this issue specifically when using screen protectors or the case so if you were using maybe this case here. 

this is apple’s leather case so specifically it was an issue and they’ve addressed it so the lock screen should be more responsive, when you’re using it now so hopefully it works now much better with screen protectors.

i know this was a huge concern and a lot of people were messaging me we have seen this problem in the past and now it’s been fixed now as far as other specific issues well they did link to security updates but they didn’t specify any security updates so there’s nothing else mentioned specifically in this update.

just those three things and maybe that’s why they pushed it out mms is a pretty major issue if you can’t receive your messages that affects your work   your daily live lihood or just messaging and safety with family so that’s something they’ve addressed.  

now should you install it if you have an iphone 12 12 pro 12 pro max or 12 mini well absolutely, you should be able to get your messages your touch responsiveness will be better and if you have a hearing device paired.

well it’s going to repair that so absolutely install this and so i don’t know that it will address any other issues whether or not it’s still warm or anything like that some people were saying they had heating issues with it the phone is a little bit warm after installing the update so there are some background activities still going on with it.

so hopefully it fixes those issues now as far as battery life well maybe it will resolve those issues as well maybe these things are inter connected but i’m not really sure if we go to my battery this is the 12 pro max. 

we’ll go to the last five days and i’ve been using it on ios 14.2 and you’ll see that i used a quarter of my battery and got 3 hours and 29 minutes of screen on time 57 minutes of screen off time, if we times that to bring it up to 100 of my battery usage yesterday well that’s easy we would get 12 hours of screen on time.

if i go to the day before it wasn’t as good so it just really varies and it depends on what you’re doing day to day but right now it seems to easily get me through a day and i’m sure it will do that in the future now as far as performance overall i wouldn’t expect any issues here.

it’s an a14 cpu with six gigs of ram everything should be super fast and fluid and have no issues there so i don’t know even if it did have a performance hit you really wouldn’t notice it but let’s take a look at the benchmarks since i did run it on the 12 pro max and the 12 mini. 

it’s still warm so let’s see what it is with those and you’ll see with the 12 pro max i scored 1599 for single core 4180 for multi-core if i go to the history we can take a look that on oh november second i ran one and i scored a little bit lower i have nine points better for single core.

much higher for multi-core so 100 more or so 160 more for multi-core with the mini it should be similar so let’s take a look on the mini i scored 1586 for single core 3944 from multi-core not sure i’ve run it before on here and i haven’t. 

so it’s pretty good it’s better compared to when i had it new so that’s good with the iphone 12 pro max and so i’m happy to say that it seems to be better and that’s when the processor was still warm so it could improve on top of that now as far as ios 14.2.2 maybe we’ll see that this coming week for all of the rest of the phones or maybe.

we won’t see anything until ios 14.3 at the rate apple is pushing out updates right now it’s very difficult to say when they’re going to do anything if we go into the calendar we could see something as soon as tomorrow or we may not see anything until tuesday right now.

it’s so random we don’t really know i would expect another beta update the following week for the phones if you’re running the beta i have the beta running on the iphone 12 pro and so hopefully. we’ll see an update that continues to improve it.

i think we’re going to have a rapid rollout of ios 12 point or 14.3 rather by probably december at this point apple promised apple pro raw by the end of the year or late this year so i would expect that with the iphone 12 pro and   the 12 pro max.

so look for those in the coming weeks of course i’ll keep you updated as soon as i know when they’re coming out so that’s it for ios 14.2.1 kind of a strange release that apple only released it for iphone 12s and not ipads with more fixes but i think they thought it was major enough that it was time to release it.

now now whether or not we’ll see an update tomorrow for anything else or even later today is hard to say at this point but maybe we’ll see something and then 14.3 later on now if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course. thankyou.

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