Best iOS 14.2 is Out! – What’s New?

Best iOS 14.2 is Out! – What’s New?

Best iOS 14.2 is Out! – What’s New?

Hi everyone, today Apple released iOS 14.2 to the public. That means that it’s out for every one around the world at the same time on all iOS 14 supported devices.

That means if you have an iPhone six S six S plus all the way up to the iPhone 12 series phones, you’ll have this update. And if you’re not seeing it, all you need to do is go to your settings. Then go down to general, go to software update and under software update. It should show you an update.

If you’re not seeing that update, go into your automatic updates or automatic downloads, turn them off, go back and check for an update and it should be there. Now this particular update was fairly large and should be a very large size for most people.

It came in at 4.34 GB. It’s on my iPhone 12, as you can see here. And yeah, this particular update has a ton of new features and bug fixes and things, and should be very good for most people.

So let’s go ahead and take a look, look at what’s new. Now, if you’re already on iOS 14.2 RC or release candidate, which is the same thing as the GM Apple, must’ve found a bug because they’ve updated this for you as well.

So you’ll also have an update under software update if you’re not seeing it, and you’re a developer or beta tester, delete the profile and then check for the update again. And you’ll have an update togo to the next version of 14.2, which is the same version everyone else in the public gets.

If you’re not already on that version. Now, as far as this particular update, well, along with iOS 14.2 Apple also released iPad iOS 14.2, along with watch OS 7.1 and home Pato S 14.2 and also Mac OS Big Surrelease candidate, 11.0 0.1. So a lot of updates today.

Now this update, like I said, has a new build number. So let’s take a look, we’ll go to settings. Then we’ll go down to general that about, and you can see the build number is 18 B nine two. And this update has a lot of different changes and features.

And the first one is, if you’re coming from iOS 14.1, you’ll have a modem update. So you’ll have a modem update hopefully to help with connectivity, whether that be on an older device, like an iPhone 10 R or an iPhone 11, 11 pro max, even though they’re not that old, you’ll still have a modem update or at least that’s what I was seeing.

Now let’s take a look at what’s new. Now the first new update has to do with Shizam or being able to capture audio, and then have it tell you what it is. Now. You could do this with Siri before you could do this with shortcuts as well.

But now if we go into control center, we now have a new icon. We press on this icon. It will listen for music and tell us what it is. If it doesn’t hear anything within a set amount of time, it turns off. So let me go ahead and play some music from this phone and I’ll show you how it works.

Of course I’ll have to mute it. So I’ll hit the button here. It says it’s listening. And so you can see it says the song here, where we go. So it picked it up. It let me know what it was with notifications and that’s it. So that’s pretty simple. There’s also some additional updates to music as well in the control center.

So whatever you were last playing will show up, of course, but if you press and hold on it, you now have a little bit of a new interface. It looks a little bit different, gives suggestions of other songs you might like. And if you’re in music and maybe you’re not playing anything at all, we close it out. And then we go back in press and hold.

It will give us suggestions of things we might like as well. So not only will it show us what we’re playing, but it will give suggestions. Also, if we press on airdrop, we have a slightly different interface. If you have a home pod, you’ll havea new interface down here as well. But if you’re connected to one, it’ll look slightly different, but this is the new interface overall for music.

The same is true on the lock screen with music. So if I go ahead and hit play, we’ll turn the volume down. We’ll go ahead and go to the lock screen. You’ll see it’s here. And it’s a little bit ofa different interface. They’ve changed it around a little bit, just slight weaks to music, but that’s all new.

Now. Also, if we go into the home app, they’ve made some changes as well. There’s a new discover button. So if we press on discover, we can go through some of our different applications, see discover, and we have a new icon for home.

So they’ve changed the icon a little bit, nothing major, but that is a change. Now, another change they’ve made has to dowith AirPods and this one, I really like. So if you connect your Air Pods pro let’s go ahead and do that. I’ll put one in my ear. Hopefully it will connect to the iPhone I’m using. And it did. And it has that automatics witching, but we have some new options.

Now, if we go into settings for example, and then we go to Bluetooth, press the I here, and we have some new options. So not only do we have transparency in everything, we have the option to change some of those settings. So we also have a new setting for optimized battery charging.

So you can see, it says to reduce battery aging, iPhone and AirPods, learn from your daily charging routine. So AirPods can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use them. This will extend how it actually lasts as far as your battery, and hopefully extends it significantly. There’s also some updates to hearing as well.

So if we go into our settings and then go to sound and haptics, we now have head phones safety. This is a little bit of a new menu. And what you have is head phone notifications. If the music is too loud, you can actually set the decibel level level here.

You can reduce loud sounds andyou can see we can change it. So, and it tells you as loud as a motor cycleis loud as an ambulance siren. So I have it notify me if it goes above 80 decibels, and then you can see this in the health app as to what you’re hearing and how loud it is.

You could see some of that before, but now it works with AirPods and we’ll give you that information. Now within this update, there’salso updates to wallpapers. So if we go into settings and then we go to our wallpaper, go to choose new wallpaper, go to stills. We have some new wallpapers. And so you can see we have eight new wallpapers starting with some that look like mountains frombig Sur.

So you’ll see, we have perspective zoom on for either one of those, but those are some rocks. We go to the next one, we’ll go to the third one again, more rock formations. Then the fourth one, another set of rock formations. And then we can go to the next one, which looks like the Pacificcoast highway, but it’s drawn out.

So it’s sort of a sketched out version or a cartoon overlay of it. Then the next one looks like it’s sort of a river or Lake in a Valley again, drawn. And then the next one is a desert. And then the last one is sortof a Lake or Shore front on sort of a drawn out mountainous Shorefront area.

Best iOS 14.2 is Out! – What’s New?

Best iOS 14.2 is Out! – What’s New?

So with some flowers and things, no wall of these have dark mode as well. So if I flip on dark mode, Iwon’t show you all of them, but I’ll show you a couple. If you use the drawn, the new drawn out wallpapers, they have sort of a bluish purple color to them in dark mode. And I’ve said this before. I’m not a huge fan of this particular color.

I wish it would be a little bit more colorful at night, but I guess it would help reduce the overall brightness of the display. Again, if you go into one of the rock formations, you’ll have sort of a starry sky there as the background instead of the sky, and then it’s a little bit darker. So they’re all really nice. I think they’re great updates. And they’re included with iOS 14.2.

Now within iOS 14.2, there are over 100 new emoji and those include emoji for different animals, food faces, house hold objects, musical instruments, gender inclusive emoji, and more so if I scroll through, you’ll see there’s a plunger, there’sa screw driver, a hook, a boomerang, some roller skates. We’ll go through here, go up to the top. You can see there’s a little Ninja.

There’s an anatomical heart. So we have all of these new ones and you may discover some more as well. So those are all new to bring usup to the latest Unicode standard, just like everyone does on Android and windows and Mac as well. So we have all of these across all those platforms to bring us up to whatever is the latest.

Now, if you have an iPhone 12 pro with the LIDAR sensor, or you have an iPad pro with the LIDAR sensor, there’s a new feature. So as long as you have a device with a LIDAR sensor, you can go into the new magnifier app, or I should say magnifier app. It’s not terribly new and you have a new feature. It can detect people nearby.

So if I triple click, that’s a quickway for me to get into magnifier. We go in here, go to settings and we now have an option for people to action. And what this will do is see a person and then actually measure the distance to that person. So you hold it up and it gives you the distance to that person. So really nice option.

It’s using the LIDAR sensor to actually bounce light off and tell you the exact distance to that person and it’s person specific. Maybe it will recognize more things inthe future, such as objects and animals. But right now it really only measures people and it will recognize them. If they’re in a scene. Now there’s a Mag Safe accessory.

We haven’t seen yet for the iPhone12 and 12 pro series phones. And that is a new leather sleeve. Apple announced it, but they never released it. And this ad support for it. So let me show you what that looks like. And as you can see, this is what the leather sleeve looks like.

It sort of has an always on display with the time displaying through it. I’m not sure that I like this very much. It’ll be interesting to maybe see one in person and try it out. But this particular update add support for that sleeve. So when the sleeve is available in the store, you’ll be able to use it. So of course, that’s a good thing.

Now, also this update add support for Intercom use. So maybe you have a home pod at home or the new home pod mini. When those come out, you’ll have the ability to use yourphone or your home pod as an Intercom by talking to Siri to do it.

So it supports not only home pod and home bond mini, but I phone iPad, Apple watch AirPods and Car Play. You can use them and send it anIntercom message to them. Now, I don’t have a home pod herein this particular area, but if you go to home and youdo have a home pod in your home, you can press and hold anduse the Intercom settings.

The thing that’s really nice is if you have an Apple TV, which I’m surprised this was mentioned and an iOS update, but if you have an Apple TV 4k, you can use home pod for stereo surround sound in Dolby, Atmos audio. So you have the ability to connect the home pod to that device, to use it for stereo sound. So maybe you get a couple of home pod minis.

You can use those as maybea home stereo system. Maybe you can do more later in the futurewhere we could use them as surround sound. That would be nice, but that’sa feature that they’ve added. Now. There’s also an update forexposure notifications. So if you have an app installedthat uses it and you’ve enabled it, you’ll have a new option.

So ifwe go into settings, scroll down, go to exposure notifications.You’ll see I have an app installed. This is not from where I live, but it was just for an example, what there is, is there’s a new option to provide statistics about exposure notifications without identifying you to participating public health authorities.

So you can actually share that information with public health authorities. If you’d like to do that, of course anony mously. And if you don’t want to use this, of course, you can just turn it off, turn it off, and it won’t be here at all. You can see if you have availability alerts, but basically if this is off, it’s not working. Otherwise install an app for your local state or government. And you’ll have the ability to turn that on.

If you want to now with the iPad, there’s a couple of new features. Now, the odd thing is some of them are specific to new iPad. For example, the new iPad air has some specific features to do with the camera. So within the camera, iPad air fourth-generation orthe 2020 iPad air now has scene detection and it uses an intelligentimage recognition to identify objects within that scene and make the photo better.

So maybe it recognizes my iPhone here, my iPad pro over here, maybe this iPhone here, and it will help take better photos because it knows what it is and it exposes properly for it. So that’s something they’ve added, whether or not that’s in the iPad pro or other iPad. It’s hard to say, but they’ve added it to the iPad air specifically for this.

Like I said, the iPad pro also gets the option for using the LIDAR sensor with this iPad pro, which is really nice. So you’ll be able to use that iPad proto identify people like I said earlier. And then also again, the iPad air there’s auto frames per second in the camera.

So we’ll go into the camera again. If we go to video, there’s now auto FPS based on the overall brightness in the frame. So if you’re in low light, for example, it will optimize the frame rate tobring up the quality of the video. So maybe you’re in very dark conditions.

The frame rate could change. So I’ll turn the lights off here and maybe we’ll point it at a darker area and turn that back off. And you’ll see, So hopefully it improves it. Of course, but it should improve it. If you have one of those, it’s only specific to this device though. And so those were the updates to the iPhone and the iPad air, but there are a ton of bug fixes as well. So let’s go over those.

Now, the first major bug fix has to do with the dock. For some people, the dock apps could be out of order all of the sudden, and this should be resolved now. So if you were having that issue, it should be resolved. Also. I know quite a few people were having this issue last time they fixed it for the iPhone seven series, but now it’s fixed for everything.

If you open the camera, sometimes it would just be a blank screen or it would never turn on the camera module. It appears they fixed that on all phones now. So it should be working properly across all of them. Now, the next thing has to do with the lock screen, if you’re on the lock screen and you’re trying to enter a passcode for example, and maybe you had some issues, let’s see if we get the passcode. Maybe you had some issues putting in your passcode.

The touch responsive ness has been improved for this. So it should now work properly. So we’ll try it again. There we go. And we’re in. Now, the next thing has to do with reminders. If you use reminders, there was an issue where some of there minders could revert to a previous date. That’s now been resolved. Now Apple has also fixed quite a few issues with their widgets. So for example, one of them they fixedis the weather widget. So where the temperature may show Celsiusinstead of Fahrenheit for the high. So they’ve fixed that. i hope you like this artical. thank you.

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