Best iOS 14 Accessibility New Setting – What’s New?

Best iOS 14 Accessibility New Setting – What’s New?

Best iOS 14 Accessibility New Setting – What’s New?

the accessibility features of ios 14. and so whether or not you have animpairment or not these features can be helpful to you either way if you want to navigate your device a little bit differently and solet me first go over the new voice over accessibility options.

so in order to access those what we’ll do is we’ll go to settings under settings scroll down and go to accessibility and everything we’ll talk about is under accessibility, now the first thing is voice over recognition now you can see that we have voice over here at the top if i tap on voice over.

we now have voice over recognition about halfway down and so voice over recognition gives us four new options and the first one is image descriptions if we have image descriptions turned on it will actually explain what’s in the image based off of a i that the device recognizes.

it also has screen recognition so it says your iphone will automatically make apps more accessible by recognizing items on the screen we also have text recognition so it recognizes texts and will speak that back or text and speak it back and then we can select the feed back style that we want such as play a sound speak or do nothing and so if i go back and i turn this on it will start speaking everything on the display.

so let me turn it on you also have practice but it also gives you visual cues as to what you’re selecting so whether or not you’re hearing impairedor visually impaired you can use this either way to to better help select what you want so i’m going to go home will slide up i wait for it to jiggle and give me haptic feed back and then we’ll be on the home screen.

now if i turn the volume up you’ll hear that it’s actually describing everything i’m doing so i’m going to go through each one of these things to tell you exactly how it works to scroll with voice recognition turned on or voice over turned on you use three fingers.

so it’s a little bit hard to navigate you double tap on an object to open it or tap on it to understand what it is so let me turn up the volume so you can hear and then we’ll go through some of the new features doc safari double tap to open safari address solid secure and validated connection double tap to show controls.

so it’s explained to me what’s on my website what website i’m at and whether or not the website is secure and how i can access controls now what we’ll do next is have it recognize what’s in this image right here so take a listen to this iphone 10s max one year later image a cell phone on a wooden surface e year so it understood that there’s a cell phone on a wooden surface.

i didn’t tell it that that’s not the name of the image or anything just understood that’s what’s there we’ll slide down or scroll down and now that we’ve scrolled down we have some text so let’s see if it can recognize the texti’ve been using iphone 10s max for an entire year.

i share my experience with the iphone xs max over the past year and talk about its durability performance cameras and more now that we’ve heard that it actually can understand images understand text let’s go back home and see if it can understand what’s on the screen double tap page two of three siri suggestions widget stack create new direct message swipe siri suggestions app store wednesday july 29th apple arcade five through page two of eight and uh page three of eight apple arcade.

this week on apple arcade so if you’re visually impaired you can see how this can help you better navigate around an iphone so for those of you that actually are visually impaired hopefully this helps out you’ve got voice over recognition that now recognizes images texts and screen recognition as well as gives you audible and visual and also a haptic feedback.

as well now i’ve turned voice over off so we can take a look at the next accessibility update and that has to do with audioor headphone accommodations so again under accessibility if we scroll down to where we see audio slash visual under the hearing section tap on that and then you’ll see audio accommodations or headphone accommodations.

now specifically you need apple or beats headphones for this to work so i’ve got my air pods too here you can use air pods air pods pro beats headphones but let’s go ahead and use this one and then go into headphone accommodations.

now under accommodations you’ll see that we have the ability to customize the audio for supported apple and beats headphones by adjusting the settings below or through custom audio setup and the settings are things such as balance tone better settings for vocal range or brightness and then you can adjust the amount it will be boosted.

so slight moderate or strong and then you can apply it with only the phone only the media or both so let’s go ahead and go to custom audio setup and here you can see you can adjust speech for phone calls hear more musical detail and dialogue in movies and then audio gram use an audio gram from health to customize your audio.

so we’ll go ahead and hit continue and it says before getting started look for a quiet environment and then connect your headphones to continue so we’ll cancel that for now and if we want to adjust this maybe we want to change the vocal range so it has a little bit of a different sound maybe we want it moderate or strong and then we can play a sample.

if we want to so you can set this up however you’d like whatever works best for your hearing ability and if you’re having difficulty hearing voc voice for example boost the vocal range with in different movies or just in your surroundings so we’ll go ahead and turn that off and take a look at the next update now the next new feature has to do with recognizing sounds or sound recognition it’s under the same heading under accessibility.

you’ll find it under hearing and if you go to sound recognition and turn it on what it will do is alert you when it hears sounds so maybe your hearing impaired and you want your iphone to recognize when it hears a different sound and let you know it can now do that with ios 14.

so if we go into sounds you’ll see all of the different things that it can recognize so under alarms we have fire siren and smoke for animals it will recognize a cat or dog under house hold it will recognize appliances a car horn door bell door knock water running and then under people it can recognize a baby crying or shouting and it will recognize that and then let you know via notification.

now i actually have do not disturb turned on so you won’t see this if you just actually leave that on but if you turn that off or look at our notifications here and i play the sound of a door bell so we’ll play that the phone will actually recognize it and it pops up a notification saying a sound has been recognized that may be adoorbell.

so it lets you know that it heard a sound so it will let you know that visually on your phone and if you have it turned on as far as your notifications you’ll see that pop up on your phone so it’s a really helpful way to let you know that there’s something going on if you’re having trouble hearing it now the next function got a lot of attention.

when it was first discovered and that’s called back tap back tap allows you to tap the back of your phone to activate a function on your phone and what you can do with it is set a double tap or triple tap to activate that feature now this feature works specifically with the iphone 8 the 8 plus the iphone 10 the iphone 10 the iphone 10s max iphone 11 iphone 11 proiphone 11 pro max.

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