Best iOS 14 Battery Tips That Actually Work

Best iOS 14 Battery Tips That Actually Work

Best iOS 14 Battery Tips That Actually Work

Hi everyone, i wanted to share ios 14 battery tips that actually work according to apple there are quite a few battery tips out there and while some of them do work from third parties most of them that apple say will save you the most amount of battery so i’m going to talk about what apple says to do as well as what some third-party people have said to do meaning websites and things like that and so the first thing is if you find that your phone is using a lot of battery.

you go to settings and then you scroll down to battery and under battery what you want to look for this will tell you exactly what’s using your battery my battery but home and lock screen used seven percent now you can actually change this or affect this by mani pulating or changing notifications and so if   we go back to our settings and go to notifications notifications on the lock screen will cause.  

the phone to turn on every time there’s a new notification we can change this if we don’t have one that’s relevant to us so for example if we go to instagram you’ll see i have notifications on and every time a notification comes in it’s going to light up my display even if it’s sitting on a desk or turned off or having the display turned off you want to turn off lock screen now you could turn this off altogether for the specific application.

if you don’t care about it or you can leave it on lock screen but it will light up the display every single time now if you want to turn everything off altogether then of course you could just use do not disturb and it will silence everything but if you want to customize these one by one you can do that so for example i don’t want notifications from say facebook messenger.

so i’m going to turn that off or i want the notifications but i only want them to pop up on my display when it’s turned on don’t use the lock screen use notification center and banners, now the next thing has to do with brightness a lot of people think that turning auto brightness off actually helps and it’s actually the reverse of that using auto brightness in conjunction with   controlling it yourself is actually the best way to do it.

so you want to go to your settings and then under your settings we’ll go back under your settings you want to go to accessibility under accessibility go to display and text size and at the bottom make sure auto brightness is turned on as long as that’s turned on you will get the best battery usage through out the day and the reason is it will use the ambient light sensor to actually sense the light in the room.

adjust the display accordingly now if you’re in a room that’s dark and you find the display too bright bring it down a little bit and it will stay there until you set your phone down for a little bit and then it may adjust accordingly to save you the most amount of battery if you’re not using the phone it will dim.  

the display or maybe in a bright environment you need it bright of course it will auto adjust for you that’s the best way to save battery according to apple now another thing that goes along with the display, and also the lock screen is making sure that the phone auto locks every so often so you want to go to your settings and then go down to display in brightness under display, and   brightness you’ll see i have auto lock never and that’s because i’m tell you this in a artical.  

i don’t want my display to lock but when i’m normally using my phone i have it set to 30 seconds now if you find that you’re actually using your phone more often, and it’s becoming an annoyance then bump that up to a minute or two minutes, that way it’s not locking on you and then having to activate face id again or having to use touch id to unlock your phone that will actually save you more battery that way but in general you want to leave it at 30 seconds.

so that it dims the display and saves you battery when you’re not using your phone again that’s why you have these adjustments to help you out with saving battery, or just not locking as an annoyance so make sure you adjust that properly i recommend 30 seconds unless it’s turning off when you’re using it regularly, now a huge user of battery is location services now apple has actually updated ios 14 with different types of location services.

so again under your settings go down to privacy under privacy we have location services under location services you can see each app individually now to save the most amount of battery you would just turn this off, altogether but then this causes a problem for things like google maps, apple maps, anything that’s going to use your location such as a mapping application. http://tech

maybe a photo you want to take a photo, and know where you took that photo well it’s going to affect those specific things, so you want to be careful what you’re turning off here so i recommend customizing this one by one   again turning off location services will save you the most amount of battery, but there’s many things you’ll probably want to use so for example going down through here maybe with say one of these here google maps.

i have it set to while using i don’t need it always using my location while i’m not using it and you can see we have this new option precise location, you can turn off precise location to save a little bit of battery and to keep the iphone from turning on the gps antenna, and then it will just use what data it already has about your location not having to recheck every time an app wants its location. 

so if you turn off precise location in an app that you don’t need precise location that makes sense, so for example google news it doesn’t really need precise location it needs a general area, because it wants news for the local city, i’m in but other applications like google maps you, want to make sure you have the precise location on this can affect it.

Best iOS 14 Battery Tips That Actually Work

Best iOS 14 Battery Tips That Actually Work

it may not be a huge effect but it will be in effect so for this application for   example everlance i don’t really want it to be on all the time, i want it to ask next time and then it will turn on and this application needs my precise location, so i’m going to customize each one of these based on what i need, and i need to go back through here but most of them are while using or never tesla is always since.

it’s a key to my car and it requires most applications aren’t going to be allowed to have full-time access and again that goes along with security as well now the next one you may have already heard about and that’s background app refresh now, you want to turn this off for applications you don’t use regularly so again go into your settings. 

then we want to go to general under general you’ll see background app refresh under background app refresh, i have it turned on for some now to save the most amount of battery turn it off, altogether and you can change it to use while using wi-fi or off so whichever one works for you again you’ll save the most by turning it off altogether but for applications.

i use regular that i need to actually refresh in the background i have it turned on so for example, i don’t need call of duty or byte to see that or let’s go down i don’t need this application to let me know, so i’m going to go through this and customize it for my use, and that’s how i’ll save the most amount of battery so i don’t need these things refreshing in the background all of the time.

for example so you’ll see as i go down through it i don’t need them again refreshing so turn that off based off what you use most, and speaking of apps you use most don’t close your apps regularly in fact closing your apps regularly is really going to affect your battery, because it’s going to have to reload that app every single time instead apple manages this and suspends that application.  

just how it is so what it will do is actually suspend the application when you go back into it, it’s using it again so if i close music every time it has to reload every time but if i go right back into it, it’s already in the suspend state it just unsuspends it and i’m back in, and so it’s going to save me a little bit of battery as i use it through out the day.  

it will help with that now another feature you want to consider turning off has to do with your app store, so if we go into settings and then we go down to app store so here we go app store, you’ll see that it says automatic downloads now it will update automatically, if you have this turned on so what that means is if you have this feature turned on and you have a bunch of apps in the app store.

you’ll see i have a number eight here i have eight updates it will update those automatically in the background, which will not only use data but it will also in turn use power because it needs to do that if you want to check that later on yourself, and update it you can and that’s normally what i recommend so turn that off in your settings for automatic downloads, and you’ll save a little bit of power.

now the next tip to save some battery has to do with mail and this may be   well known, if you’ve been using ios for any amount of time but depending on how many email accounts, you have and how often it checks for new mail can really affect your battery, so we can change this to check for email less often or not at all until we tell it to and that will save us some battery. 

so to modify that we want to go into settings if we’re using the stock email app then we want to scroll down, and go to mail and then under mail we go to accounts and under accounts you’ll see it says fetch new data now it’s set to push push can use more, or less power depending on who you ask but basically the best way to save battery is to change the amount that it fetches email for every time.

so if you change it to manually you’ll have to check for email every time you go into the mail app as opposed to it automatically checking in the background every 15 30 minutes or hourly, now you can adjust that on each account as well so you can see icloud by default will go to push.  

my zolo tech email is at fetch outlook is it push and so you can change this so let’s go into let’s say icloud for example and then we’ll change it to manual, and that will save us the most amount of battery over time now another thing, i’ve actually found is try using a third-party email app in the time, that i’ve tried many different email apps i’ve found that apps such as edison, and spark and spike and outlook seem to use less battery for some reason.

now that could be due to how often this checks for email and what you have it set to but in general i found that i had better battery life not using the stock mail app, so if you’re seeing that it’s using a lot of battery in the battery app, when you’re using it or in the battery settings rather, if you see mail is listed there you want to adjust those settings to make it look for mail less often.

now of course if you’re using it for business you’ll see it’s using five percent of my battery if you’re using mail for business, and you need it to check more often well then there’s not a whole lot you can do, you just need it to be pushed to you or it needs to fetch often but otherwise i would highly suggest   adjusting that so it works best for you. i’ll see you next time. thankyou.

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