Best iOS 15 New Features Leaked, Supported Devices and Everything Expected

Best iOS 15 New Features Leaked, Supported Devices and Everything Expected

Best iOS 15 New Features Leaked, Supported Devices and Everything Expected. Hi, everyone. Fahad here iOS 15 is just a month away from being shown to the public for the first time. Apple will start off the worldwide developer conference with a keynote where they’ll have a presentation showing iOS 15, iPad, iOS 15 most likely watchOS 8, tvOS 15, homepod OS 15, and macOS 12 or whatever they decided to call that.

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At 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific. They’ll have that keynote go through all of the features or the major features and changes. And lately there’s been some information about those features. Some are some leaks from reliable sources, such as Mark Gurman for example.

And I wanted to talk about those as well as current supported devices, at least that’s expected at this point. And then when you can expect the betas and the final release as well. Now, the first thing is the supportived devices. A lot of people are messaging me saying, well, my device support iOS 15, and we won’t know that a hundred percent until June 7th.

However, current information says that Apple will drop support for the iPhone six S and success, plus as well as possibly the se. But we don’t know that for sure. That would mean that anything from the iPhone seven or newer will be supported.


Now this could change. They could drop support for the iPhone seven. They could drop support for other phones as well, but it looks like that’s, what’s going to take place. Also on the iPad side, they could drop support for the iPad air, to the iPad mini for an iPad fifth generation that just gives us the iPad,

iPad mini fifth generation all the way up to the iPad. Pro 12.9 from 2021, that’s set to launch pretty soon. So all of those devices could gain support and continue to use iOS 15 or whatever features it might have. Now, as far as features that we expect, I have some great concepts. Best iOS 15 New Features Leaked, Supported Devices and Everything Expected.

The Device Features

but all the concepts I’ll tell you of the device features and things they’re from him. Now, the first thing is that’s expected to change is notifications. Now notifications, some people love notifications in iOS. Some people don’t, but notifications has said to get a little bit of an overhaul with settings.

So currently you have the option for notifications to send an auto reply. If you’re driving a car, do not disturb while driving a car, for example. So you can have it auto turned on when you’re actually driving a car and then reply with a message saying I’m driving with do not disturb I’ll message. You later, something like that. Best iOS 15 New Features Leaked, Supported Devices and Everything Expected.

iOS 15

Best iOS 15 New Features Leaked, Supported Devices and Everything Expected

The upcoming iOS 15 version is said to have a new menu that allows users to select if maybe they’re driving, sleeping, working, or even having custom categories of their choosing. Now, this is according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The menu will also be shown on an updated lock screen and control center, according to him.

So that’s possible. He’s been pretty accurate with these in the past. So we can have all sorts of customizable notifications as they come in with auto, which would be great. Maybe you’re working on something. You could have a work notification. You could have a home notification.

Those sorts of customizations would be great to see. Now, the next thing is, I message. Now this may or may not be coming to iOS 15, but apparently the eventual goal is to actually act more like WhatsApp or Facebook, social media network, but within iMessage, and it would sort of have auto replies, more customization. Best iOS 15 New Features Leaked, Supported Devices and Everything Expected.

Better Customize

And if we go into iMessage, we’d be able to better customize how it looks, maybe have better group conversations than we do now. And much more. I can’t wait to see what Apple has in mind with this, but this may come a little bit
later, maybe not with iOS 15, but maybe a later update, 15.1, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Also Apple is known obviously for privacy and they’re continuing to work on this with iOS 15. It said that privacy will get more options. So right now we have app tracking transparency where we can block apps from tracking and getting information and sharing it with another app such as Instagram or Facebook or more.

But Apple is apparently going to give more privacy protections that would feature a new menu to show users, which apps are silently collecting data as well. So not only tracking you, but collecting your data, maybe to harvest that and sell within their own app.

So it would give more information with that. I think that’s great. Data is yours. It should be allowed to be controlled by you and nobody else. So I think that’s a great move from Apple. So I think we’ll see something like that. Now, multiple sources keep saying we’re going to have an always on display on at least iPhone 13. Best iOS 15 New Features Leaked, Supported Devices and Everything Expected.

Home Screen

Now the first concept shows kind of what this could look like with different notifications or what a home screen altogether could look like with different notifications. So maybe some widgets like this with some different notifications across the top.

It’s just an idea, but it could look something like this and maybe fade to black and white with an always on display,
giving you time and date. So we’ll have to wait and see if they actually do that. I would love to see it. It’s very helpful on things like Android, for example, and it doesn’t really use a lot of battery life,

especially because it just sort of goes into a low power mode and sort of goes down to one Hertz, which makes a lot of sense for an iPhone 13, where it could control the actual speed of the display, just like they do with the watch and the always on display.

So it kind of fades and allows it to use very minimal battery, but still give you information. So that makes a lot of sense. Also it said that the control center is going to get an overhaul. Now, this concept looks exactly what I would
think it would be like being that this looks more like Mac OS.

So last year, Apple updated Mac OS with macOS Big Sur redesigned the control center. And it said that the iPhone and iPad will get an updated control center. This sort of design makes a lot of sense if Apple continues sort of to bring them together and make them more consistent across all devices. thankyou for reading this artical.

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