Best iPhone 12 – More Than Just Specs

Best iPhone 12 – More Than Just Specs

Best iPhone 12 – More Than Just Specs

This is iPhone 12. If you look at the specs on paper, you’ll think it’s a very ordinary phone that’s pretty over priced. But there in, as the Bard would tell us, lies the rub. I’ll tell you that this is more than just specs. First of all, let’s discuss something that you notice first which is the design of this phone.

It’s flat, it’s clean, it’s minimal, it just screams Apple a esthetic. If you ask me, I’d pick this design over the last. But I’m fully aware that design choices are subjective. Many of you would find this design ugly and like the previous iPhone more in that regard.

So, let’s not get into a subjective debate. And let’s talk about something more objective. Like the screen. And the screen is amazing. I use iPhone X everyday which has the same OLED as this but they worked way too hard on this because it’s a completely different experience.

I’ve never used a better screen in any other smartphone, any Apple smartphone at least. Then, we have the battery life. And the battery life is not that great. You probably thought that I would praise it a lot but the battery is just average. It’s not great, not even bad. But here, I want to talk to you about the title of the artical which is “more than just specs”. Apple never focuses too much on specs.

If a 4GB phone is competing with 8 or 12GB phones in the market, then Apple must be doing something right. And talking about things that Apple is doing right, we have the cameras. Talking about the camera, Are you expecting me show you how to make noodles in this? Ladies and gentlemen, to make our noodles, we will boil 2 cups of water first… In photography.

I think iPhone has one of the best smartphone cameras in the market right now but still “one of the best” because it depends on your preference. It depends on how you like your saturation, your sharpness, or whether you edit your photos or not. But arguably, it is one of the best. Samsung, Huawei, and even Google Pixel would put up a tough competition.

But since the processor is faster, like other phones, all of them can take multiple pictures. So with multiple photos, shadows have the same detail as highlights which is something a regular camera can’t do. A regular camera takes only a single photo at a time. So that’s the best best thing about smartphone photography and iPhone photography specifically.

But, where this phone truly shines, where it’s actually worth all the money the real game, that is artical. And it’s not just this year. For the past 3 years, iPhone artical has been the best. No competition whatsoever. iPhone 10, 11, and even 12 have no match in artical, iPhone 12 has 4k 10 Bit HDR. Some of you might know about 4k and I’ve told you a little bit about HDR in the photography part.

But 10 Bit, I think, is a game changer especially if you grade your artical. For example, this is a 1400$ Sony camera which has an even more expensive lens up to thousands of dollars, but it only shoots 8 Bit footage. And it’s pretty recently launched. But this is a 1000$ phone and you can make a 10 Bit artical with it. And the best part, you can even make a call with it.

I don’t want to go into too much technical detail but 8 Bit footage only has 256 shades per channel And 10 Bit footage has 1024 shades per channel. So if you grade your artical and if you have an iPhone 12, then this phone has changed your world. Changed your feelings too. And, also, this phone has 5G. 5G was one of the things that Apple talked the most about during their product launch.

5G this, 5G that, 5G just got real but I can’t really talk about 5G because I can’t test 5G. But at least I’m satisfied knowing that if I have this phone for 3-4 more years, I won’t be out dated in case 5G comes here. Till now, we’ve talked a lot about things that you will get with this phone. Now, let’s talk about the things that you don’t get with this phone. And that is the charger. You will not get a charger with this phone. And Apple says that if they remove the charger, they’ll reduce wastage.

They’ve apparently done this for environment protection. Do I believe that? No. I think this will benefit Apple in the supply chain department. The environment protection thing just sounds like lies. But the space that iPhone 11 took up can easily fit two iPhone 12’s. So, if you needed 200 trucks to ship phones before, now you only need 100 trucks. I think that’s how Apple is benefitting a lot. They’re saving money, so good scene! I don’t mind.

I already have a charger. There are many things in this phone that I like a lot. And many things that I don’t like as much such as the camera layout. I’ve always liked the camera layouts of the Pro models more. But will I upgrade from my 3 year old iPhone 10 after using this one? No. I don’t see any reason to upgrade. It is what it is.

Let me explain. If I didn’t have that camera and this camera, then it’s a valid case for me to improve my visual quality of my picture and if I want 4k 10 Bit HDR video in a phone, then it would be time for me to upgrade. And I know that I have to carry these cameras in a bag while a phone can fit in my pocket but I already have these two cameras. And I find it easier to wear a bag rather than spending a thousand dollars on a phone.

So, I’ll still keep this phone. That’s my review. But this is my case. What about you? So, I have a summary for you as well. So I’ve been using the iPhone 12 for a month and my conclusion is that when iPhone 11 came, I felt like iPhone 11 is a bit of a compromise. The screen was not that good and it felt a little heavy. I’ve used it. But the iPhone 11 Pro models were the best value for money. This time, in iPhone 12 I think it’s the exact opposite.

If you are in the market looking for an iPhone, the iPhone 12 is the best value for money and the iPhone Pro or the Pro Max models are for a very niche market. The rich. And the pro photographers. Basically the rich. And people who are not rich but they wanna pretend that they’re rich. That’s it. That’s my review of the iPhone 12. Now I’ve to return this phone to those that I’ve been hogging this from for a month. And it’s great seeing all of you after so long. I missed you too. Bye! They’ve been put to work after so long, so I’m a little nervous.

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