Best Making iPhone Live Wallpapers Using Free Apps!

Best Making iPhone Live Wallpapers Using Free Apps!

Best Making iPhone Live Wallpapers Using Free Apps!

Hey guys, so today we are going to make our own live wallpapers using free apps that you can download on the App Store. Live wallpapers have been a feature on iPhones 6s and above right now this is the XS Max and I’m not usually some one that ventures off of the stock wallpaper.

Usually the wallpaper that Apple intended is the one that looks the best on the phone so I usually don’t change it except for this wallpaper just look at this. What is this? It looks like the world if the VSCO girls don’t save the environment from plastic pollution.

So today I am on a quest to make my wallpaper look less like Chernobyl and more serene. So let’s do it we’re gonna make three different types of wallpapers today one of them is a professional type wallpaper one that kind of mimics the stock wallpapers.

The second one is a wallpaper of a person ora pet and the third is a live wallpaper of a static photo so we are going to beanimating static photos and then turning that into a live wallpaper. And we aregoing to be using three apps and the apps are PicsArt, Pixaloop and Into Live and I will link all of these apps in my description and they each play avital role in making your live wallpapers look great.

So first I’m going to open Pics Art and then I’m going to make a new one and scroll down to drawings and and pick canvas and then scroll over to whatever your screen size is and then click Next and then we are going to pick the rectangle tool down on the bottom and then just click on a shape that you want so I’m going to change the color of it to maybe that and then change the shape to that and then drag it through the full screen.

So now that that ison the full screen we’re gonna press the next button and click Edit image so thenwe are going to go into effects > pop art > color gradient and then you can pick your colors that you want it to stick to I’m gonna go blue to more blue and thenit just looks like a nice gradient right there so then I’m going to click apply> next > save > save to my device.

now we are going to open this picture in Pixaloop go to new project and import the picture you just made now you can click an overlay bring that opacity down so that there’s clouds just a little bit okay so it’s like this nice gradient right there it won’t focus it never does but you’ll see it on the screen shot and there is the clouds you could even do a sunset actually.

but I think the sky number one is better and then we are going to save it as a video and then the final step will be to open into live and then all these ads I’m just like what okay there we go okay so then that is there and you can click on which one you want it to stick to so I might pick the key photo to be right there okay so we’re gonna go into make norepeat because I’m gets picked left and then it lets you preview.

it which isgreat so you long press it’s beautiful so save live photo close ad saved photosand then go to settings > wallpaper >choose a new wallpaper > live photos it’s so much better than the other one okay so we did the first live wallpaper.

now we are going to move on to the second type which is a person or a pet and I really recommend using a video for this and going forward I recommend if you plan on using something as your live wallpaper in the future I recommend taking it as a video and not live photo because then it gives you a lot more control.

so we are going to open back up into live and we are going to pick a video and I actually have one of my dog first you click the video and then I’m going to trim this video so I’m going to trim it to where I want my dog to show so he’s just gonna be happy, and then we are going to click on the canvas feature and that is one of the best features of this app.

you’re gonna click the lock screen one that is one of the greatest features about this app is that you can stretchit and you can have it fit the screen so right there probably and we’re gonna stretch his face so that it makes the wallpaper and then we’re gonna click key photo at the bottom and I’m gonna click on the photo that I want to be the wallpaper before you long press so it’s probably gonna be this one of him smiling.

then you can even add text or stickers this app is amazing it’s very versatile and I’m gonna click make > no repeat and then it’s going to make a preview of it and then I’m going to click Save live photo click out of the ad when it times out and then go to settings > wallpaper > choose new wallpaper > camera roll and dog and that’s just a rough cut but I mean that’s like it just looks so nice like having him be my wallpaper so now we are on to the third type of wallpaper.

this one is going to be fun so we are going to animate a still photo so for that you’re going to open Pixaloop and then you’re gonna click new project find the photo that you want so for me I actually have one in mind I went to this garden center that I really love recently and I have a picture thatI really want to use so I have this so you click on anchor points so I’m gonna do the plants.

then you draw a path so I want these plants to grow up ward and then it does this kind of trippy growing upward of the plant and you can make it go shorter so say I only want the leaves to grow so I want to animate all of these leaves and I’m gonna freeze the pots so that the pots aren’t growing.

the surroundings around it but the plants themselves when you tap on them will grow so I’m just gonna freeze the entire background rough draft but okay so I’m freezing the entire background and now I’m going to pick more anchor points so let’s pick boom boom boom and then path, upward, anchor point boom okay now I need to freeze the pot in here the little pots here.

and that table now I’m gonna keep animating them and it’s kind of trippy I mean I didn’t spend that much time on this if I had more time then I would change it but this is kind of cool with in itself.

So then when we play it, the plants are moving in a kind of cool way so then I’m gonna save it as a video export and then we are gonna open into live again and we are going to click on the video.

we just made okay then we’re gonna click on that and then I’m going to click my key photo which will be the first one and then I will click make > no repeat so as you can see by it self it’s static but if I wanted to long press on it the plants are moving in a trippy way not in like an organic way per se but it’s okay we did what we could and I mean if you spend a long time on it you could get it better.

but for right now this is great so I’m gonna save live photo wait for the ad to close okay I’m going to settings > wallpaper > live photos > this one and then you can see it move again and i mean yes it is kind of like a strange movement but not when you do it like that like that looks kind of cool so then let’s see tapping on it will get it to move so yeah that was it we did three live wallpapers.

they were all kind of rough edits but it just shows you what you can do with the apps on your phone you can make your own live wallpapers so you’re not stuck with the green Chernobyl world that I was stuck with for ten months because I kept tricking myself into telling myself that I liked it because I love Apple so now I have plants that grow in a trippy way.

I could do my dog or I could do the coolone with the clouds at the beginning that was really serene and calm so yeah thanks for reading it, if you liked this artical please share with your friends. thankyou.

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