Best One Plus 9 New Features – Finally Revealed!

Best One Plus 9 New Features – Finally Revealed!

Best One Plus 9 New Features – Finally Revealed!

the one plus 9 has finally been revealed, i’ll be sharing the details right after this. so today we’ve got plenty of news about the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro we’ve got leak schematics for the oneplus 9 pros camera, the first live photo of the oneplus 9 in news about the new chipset powering the smartphone.

the first story of the day is that the chipset powering the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro is going to be the snapdragon 888 it was announced in their   keynote last week that because 12 of their 14 partners are Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

they’ve decided to label it the snapdragon 888 instead of the snapdragon 875 now the reason for this is because 888 symbolizes luck and prosperity and the company wishes for continued success, they also announced that the chipset powering the oneplus 9 is a five nm chipset with the first ever arm cortex x1 performance core that works at 2.84 GHz.

they advise that we’re going to get 25 better performance over the predecessor that the new adreno 660 gpu also promises 35 faster graphics   rendering the new chipset supports up to 16 gigs of ddr 5 ram so it’s going to be interesting to see how much of this is utilized in the oneplus 9 variants next up.

we’ve got the elite camera schematics for the oneplus 9 pro that fall in line with the other information, we’ve received so far the schematics were leaked by digital chat station and show us two large cameras and we also believe that we’ll get two additional sensors on top while no detail on the extra sensors have been given yet.  

they’re likely going to be a timer flight sensor and maybe a laser auto focus the oneplus 9 pro schematics also show us a punch or selfie camera in the top left of the display but apart from that it hasn’t really confirmed much else next up.

we’ve got the first live photo of the oneplus 9 that’s appeared on slash leaks and it falls in line with a lot of the previous leaks, we’ve seen we get a full screen device with a punch hole selfie camera but interestingly enough the punch hole on this image is in the top center and not in the top left now that doesn’t make this or the other leak wrong as the other leak was schematics for the oneplus 9 pro.

this is for the standard oneplus 9. it could be that the placement is different between the models it could also mean that one of these leaks is incorrect or it could mean that this is an early proto type and the positioning was changed   the photo also shows a snapdragon 888 system on chip a quad camera setup.

a 120 Hz fluid amoled display it shows that we’ve got 12 gigs of ram and 512 internal storage which seems very high for a standard model of course there are some clear in consistencies and there’s just no way to verify, this leak so for now just take it with a grain of salt.

we’ve also had news of a more budget-friendly oneplus 9e but until more surfaces on that then we won’t be covering it as there’s still very little known and it’s all just speculation when it comes to the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro though they are looking like another great offering from oneplus for those interested in either smartphone.

we’re gonna run through everything that you can expect to see so to start with we have the standard oneplus 9. the only leak we’ve had for the standard oneplus 9, it’s just a full screen display with the punch hole selfie camera and it’s a 6.5 inch 120hz fluid ammo led display but one thing, we haven’t had confirmed yet is if it’s going to be a full hd plus or quad hd plus.  

it’s going to have hdr 10 support and it’s expected to be protected by gorilla glass 5 with the in-display fingerprint scanner on the back we’re reportedly getting a quad camera setup with two 48 megapixel sensors along with an 8 and a 5.

the phone’s going to be powered by the latest snapdragon 888 and we’re expecting a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of ram and if the latest leak is correct then we could also see up to 512 gig storage, we’re expecting roughly a 4600 milliamp hour battery on the oneplus 9 and reports are suggesting.

we could get a 65 watt fast warp charge along with 30 watt wireless charging it’s going to ship with the latest oxygen os based on android 11 but we’re yet to find out if it’s going to be ip68 water resistant no pricing information has   been leaked on the standard oneplus 9, but we’re expecting to start around 750 to 800. 

next up we’ve got the oneplus 9 pro now rumors are stating that the oneplus 9 pro is going to come with a 6.8 inch 120 hertz fluid amoled display with a quad hd plus resolution again we get hdr 10 support protected by at least gorilla glass 5 in the in-display fingerprint scanner.

we’ve got a punch or selfie camera in the top left of the display and many were hoping for another pop-up selfie camera but all the leaks are suggesting another punch hole on the rear of the oneplus 9 pro, we’re expecting a quad camera setup with two main lenses and an additional two sensors rumors are suggesting that on the pro.

we’ll be seeing an upgrade to 64 megapixel sensors so it could be a 64 plus 64 plus 8 plus 5 setup on the oneplus 9 pro the phone’s going to be powered by the latest snapdragon 888 we’re expecting a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of ram if the latest leak is correct then of course.

we’ll definitely be seeing 512 storage on the pro we’re expecting a 4800 milliamp hour battery on the oneplus 9 pro and reports are suggesting 65 watt warp charge with 30 watt wireless charging, it’s again going to ship with the latest oxygen os based on android 11 and the oneplus 9 pro is very likely to be ip68 water resistant with no pricing information leaked yet.

we can only go on estimates we’re expecting the oneplus 9 pro to start around 950 to a thousand dollars so still a lot of information is missing on both models but as soon as we hear anything i’ll be updating you guys straight away many manufacturers are bringing their releases forward next year and we have news the oneplus 9 series may actually be doing the same.

they’ll be changing their launch from april to march of course as soon as we get some more solid information i’ll be sharing it with you guys straight away.

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