Best OPPO X 2021 Rollable Phone Hands-On: The Future is Now?

Best OPPO X 2021 Rollable Phone Hands-On: The Future is Now?

Best OPPO X 2021 Rollable Phone Hands-On: The Future is Now?

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Today we are going to take a look at the world’s first rollable concept phone: Oppo X 2021. In this artical, I’ll explain how this thing rolls and what’s the possible future we can see from it, hope you will like this artical.

Alright, so this is the OPPO X 2021 rollable phone, it may look just like another normal phone at first glance, but once you slide up around the finger print area, the screen extends! Just like a scroll painting, the phone slowly transforms from a regular 6.7-inch size to a tablet-like 7.4-inch size, When you slide down, it then retracts! isn’t that amazing? And the software interface adapts accordingly for optimal experience.

How “optimal”? Now you can comfortably perform multi-tasks with the extended screen. Like you can view a detailed tweet from the right column while at the same time scroll down all the tweets from the left column like the video shows.

It’s even better if you view those e-commerces Not only that, it offers a better video viewing experience, like when you put to landscape mode, the video size will be adjusted automatically without being interrupted, it’s seamless! Even in vertical mode, the ratio resizes perfectly.

Oppo added that the user can freely customize the screen size, so you’re not just limited to either 6.7 inches or 7.4 inches. Hence the “continuously variable” label. So how Oppo X 2021 rolls? Simply put, the phone is essentially a motorized scroll, with a large part of the OLED panel laminated onto a “Warp Track” for improved strength, as it goes around a “Roll Motor” (with a 6.8mm scroll diameter) on the left to tuck it self into a hidden compartment.

The phone it self consists of a “2-in-1 Plate”body construction: these two parts roll out simultaneously and evenly for better structural support. And with this design, the OPPO X 2021 achieves an almost zero-crease result! Now you may wonder what’s the possible future from this rollable technology.

Well, with this horizontal retractable mechanical structure, the phone will have a less compact internal structural space, so for example, the current lens modules can be switched to retractable lenses, thus achieve longer focal lengths, and take better photos and videos.

The other is the speaker, the sound cavity can be made bigger and provide a better punchy bass those. The official OPPO staff told us that this”retractable” mechanism design even provides more possibilities for batteries and phone antennas. Let’s see! So, are you excited about this phone? Just know that this is a concept phone, sowe may never see an official release.

Even still there are some obvious questions we still want to look at here like thickness, the front camera and durability of the phone. But let’s still respect the spirit, and the courage that OPPO has presented to us today. Never settle! Oops, that’s OnePlus’s slogan. Anyway, you get what I mean. see you in the next one. Bye-bye.

Best Oppo Testing 10x Optical Zoom

Best Oppo Testing 10x Optical Zoom

a PC world fans Adam here and oboes flewus out here for their global innovation event and we’re here to look at one of the features that I’m curious about which is their proto type phone with the10 times loss less zoom so come on in Mike and let’s check this out so this is some sort of a pre-release hardware are not showing us.

the actual phone yet and the camera it self it’s it’s still actually pre-release in the software you don’t really have any settings, yeah right so one of the biggest things I want to look at here is how the OIS works because when you’re zooming in all the way to 10 times you need a really really good, I’m kind of assuming in through the different vocal ranges hopefully hopefully.

yeah this is this is all pre-release but I’m sitting here at 10x so I’m going to take a photo here and as you can see kind of wobbling the camera a little bit because when you’re at these really really tight zooms like you need really good OIS you can see it’s kind of fighting.

my hand a little bit as I hold it steady it kind of solids up and then I’m just gonna do little shakes here like this it kind of jumps a little bit all right that’s not too bad it is actually kind of resisting my hand back and forth is smooth up and down so they touted the abilities of the OIS in here.

it’s got to be real strong like I said it’s a dual dual OS yeah on the prism it self and on the actual lenses sorry about the beeping people are trying to walk away with a phone attached to these stands whenever someone lose too much day off so obviously.

I can’t judge too much about the photo quality here because I got nothing to compare it to I think it’s question is emitted and talked about this in the launch is how does it work Oh exactly yeah so right now I mean we’re shooting at something that’s very bright.

yeah let’s let’s kind of tilt it up maybe maybe this way can you see that still so at 1x I’m at the super old the ultra wide cameras, I like to call it at some point it clicks over each of the different lenses and you can see it’s it’s definitely going to get gray nice and pretty and then this struggling a little bit with focus there’s also they say there’s a software algorithm that works so after you take them.

they will do some cleanup that’s done you know that go missing on Samsung or Google and everybody else yeah of course we don’t know it’s not just for me it’s quarter-sawed way yeah right so they actually final hardware and software to be determined but you can see out.

I’m moving my hand a little bit and that’s definitely every once a while it finds it that locks in even despite me kind of shaking a little more struggling oh definitely yeah but of course the you know it’s gonna work better and brighter images so one of the last things I want to try is I’m going to come back here.

it looks like in this pre-release software it goes all the way to 20 times with the help of software yeah yeah like I said you know the of course at 10 times law you know ten times room, it’s going to be yeah I mean it’s you know it’s it’s pre-release it can definitely change or for mereally curious about that oh is because you need to either keep a steady hand or it needs to to compensate really well 20 times is definitely struggling.

but at 10 times it’s been actually not too bad when I go to Tenex oh yeah this looks like a yeah so it can’t keep up with somebody with really shaky hands but if I just hold here like normal it’s just a one-handed, you also don’t know how it affects video video but I mean I don’t know why they would leave it out.

but obviously yeah I mean so much of it is software processing it’s it’s very new you know let’s see I did notice that they did have face detection let’s see if we can creep on somebody’s face here oh there we go holding strong hopefully maybe it sumedit holds on yeah so hopefully it’s such length the OIS keeps its uh keeps it send of the bargain for the people, who don’t have very steady hands but yeah and hey the the promise of having trying to get around.

the physics of a bigger camera module by placing it side ways and shooting through a prism it’s definitely a huge thing so I’m excited to get one in test it out obviously put it in last cam standing I mean nobody else has a ten times optical zoom out there right now so this is kind of fun so anyway we’ll be testing it further and we’ve got more artical coming out.

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