Best Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9T – Real Camera Comparison!

Best Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9T – Real Camera Comparison!

Best Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 9T – Real Camera Comparison!

the camera comparison between Redmi Note 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9t, let’s begin! Lets start with 1080p, 30fps as you can see the lighting conditions aren’t ideal from the screens of the phones right now, I can’t spot major differences Let’s test the auto focus.

I have the impression that Mi 9t is slightly faster I have the impression that Mi 9t has less noise and better color reproduction but to be sure I must see the shots in the same monitor later But I’m sure that the color reproduction will differ Let’s test the image stabilization.

It looks good on both devices Lets try at 1080p, 60fps I think that Mi 9T resolve more details in this case the RN8 Pro have more noise and lacks details Let’s test again the image stabilization the odd is that at 60fps the RN8 Pro is slightly better Lets take the same shot at 4K 30fps.

the maximum capability of the phones none of the devices support video 4K 60fps, Again I have the impression that the RN8 Pro have more noise and lacks details the dynamic range is about.. equally good Let’s test again the image stabilization the stabilization at Mi 9T is a lot better that’s all for 4k 30fps.

now we test the the video with the ultra wide lenses and as I have told you in most of my artical the secondary cameras in any case is not even close to main camera in terms of quality and as the lighting conditions gets worse.

the more the quality will drop and this is a live example and especially from the RN8 Pro’s which is.. really useless the shots from the ultra wide camera the quality in Mi 9T is mush better, i think and now let’s take the same shot with the ultra wide, but in better lighting conditions in order to see the difference and to understand better what I have told you before.

RN8 Pro are much better than before but again is behind the Mi 9T and this shot is with 2x zoom 2x optical zoom for Mi 9T and 2x optical zoom for RN8 Pro because it doesn’t have telephoto, we would say that the devices are very close with few differences between them, But in the 64mp mode it is obvious that the Redmi Note 8 Pro can capture more details.

But where you can see their weakness is in the ultra wide camera which is below expectations even in relatively good lighting conditions As for 2x zoom, the lack of telephoto lens is not a problem at least in good lighting conditions.

Depth activation in portrait mode is quite different from each device so comparing each other is precise, but you can get an idea while in selfies the results are good for both devices though the mi 9t seems to be doing a little better.

In slow motion video at 120fps the devices do just fine but at 960fps the rn8 pro crops the image and the result is below average. It is time to test the cameras on low light conditions As I can see from the phone’s screens Is that Mi 9t has much better quality the RN8 Pro loses in terms of quality and it have much more noise also the white balance is better in Mi 9t but of course the results may be differ when I’ll see it in my pc monitor.

So you must judge which devices is doing better that’s all from the main camera, let’s try the video with the selfie as regards the the selfie camera, It’s difficult to judge right now the devices are really close but again i have noticed a difference in white balance but in the rest of the characteristics.

It’s really difficult for me to judge the result its pretty good in both devices that’s all from the selfie camera lets see some photo samples As for the night mode, I find it to be behind the competition in both devices and in combination with the fact that sometimes you need to hold the devices steady for several seconds.

sometimes the shots are shaky In low light conditions things aren’t as clear. As you can see in some shots Mi 9t is better while in others the RN8 Pro, Where it certainly looks the difference is in the Ultra Wide camera which seems to be mainly for decorative use on the RN8 Pro.

I find it unnecessary to refer to the differences between the devices as from all these samples you can judge for yourself where each device is superior. I just want to make some notes, As you may have noticed, the sound on the mi 9T is not only inferior but its volume is also significantly lower than the 8 pro.

I also noticed from the files information that the 2x zoom on the Mi 9T in low light conditions is digital and not using the telephoto lens because of the smaller aperture. In closing I would like to tell you something that I often repeat in my videos We never should judge the photos from the devices displays, as they can very easily deceive us Also, we can’t compare two devices if we do not test them at the same time as lighting conditions are never the same.

You can find the link to download the photo samples and also link to buy these devices, if you like this artical then share it with your friends, So, that was the camera comparison between the RN8 Pro and the Mi 9T, What are your thoughts about the photographic performance of the two devices? of course if you liked my artical then share it with your friends. thankyou.

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