Best S21 Ultra Leaked Specs – Crazy Zoom Camera Phone From Xiaomi

Best S21 Ultra Leaked Specs – Crazy Zoom Camera Phone From Xiaomi

Best S21 Ultra Leaked Specs – Crazy Zoom Camera Phone From Xiaomi

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So it’s a well-known thing at this point that Samsung is launching the Galaxy S21 earlier than usual but people don’t know why Samsung is actually doing it. We speculated it could be to steal some market share from Huawei and also to capitalize on the late release of the iPhone 12 variants.

Turns out, those are the exact two reasons we’re seeing the Galaxy S21 earlier this time. Reuters is reporting that Samsung is pushing forward its release of the S21 to be a better competitor in the smartphone market as a whole.

On the Android side, they want to seize as much market share as possible from Huawei, Reuters report that Huawei’s stock piles were expected to run out sometime early next year and hence Huawei’s consumers

will beon the lookout for new devices, so Samsung wants to attract them with better deals on the Galaxy S21.

On the dark side, the earlier release will give Samsung a better chance to compete with Apple’s latest iPhones. But then again, people who wanted to buy iPhone12 have already bought them, so I don’t think it’s going to affect Apple a lot.

Anyway, Ice Universe has mentioned a few more specifications of the S21 Ultra. Those include a 45W charger which is surprising since the Note 20 Ultra maxes out at a 25W charger.

So good to know they are still committed to the 45W charging speeds. He mentions the S21 Ultra will have nearly symmetrical bezels all around which means the chin will be the thinnest out there and it should look like this.

He also confirms the display can support 120 Hzat QHD resolutions unlike the previous models and the camera will be a 108 MP HM3 sensor which is an improved version of the 108 MP.

we have on the S20 Ultra. So Xiaomi, at their developer conference, show cased a telescopic camera developed by the brand’s research and development team. Inspired by traditional camera designs, this phone features a retractable optical structure that compactly lodges within the smartphone and automatically extends out when needed during photography.

According to Xiaomi, this design allows the camera to have a larger aperture to increase the amount of light input by a staggering 300%. The new technology is claimed to show case better performance in portrait photography and night photography compared to currently-used camera structures.

Also, this in corporates a new image stabilization technology that offers a larger anti-shake angle, making the images more stable and increasing sharpness by 20% so you get to capture a clear shot that isn’t affected even if the hand shakes while trying to take a photo or video. Pretty cool I must say.

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing a retractable telescopic camera on a phone. Samsung did it back in 2013 with the GalaxyS4 Zoom but it wasn’t practical since it featured a massive camera bump that puts the Note 20Ultra to shame. But really impressed with Xiaomi how they managed to shrink it into a modern smartphone.

It may also allow Xiaomi to get away with just one camera on its future smartphones, as the zoom lens could the oretically act asa telephoto and primary camera. There’s no word on when we might see this in a commercial device, but let me know what do you think? Are we looking at the smartphone zoom king of the future or you don’t see this getting main stream because periscope zoom cameras are good enough? Let me know and as always I’ll see you in my next artical …Peaceout!

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