Best Samsung Galaxy A71 New Features – Whats New?

Best Samsung Galaxy A71 New Features – Whats New?

Best Samsung Galaxy A71 New Features – Whats New?

Hello and welcome, this is Samsung Galaxy A71 and our first impressions. The Galaxy A71 is a big brother of Galaxy A51, and this is basically the successor to Galaxy A70. Galaxy A70 was launched last year and and at that time I did its unboxing and full review, and I really liked that phone, it only had a couple of short comings.

Along with it, we just did a full review of Galaxy A51 a few days ago, and I really liked that phone’s camera, I also liked its overall build and profile. Galaxy A71 is basically same as the Galaxy A51 but there are some upgrade in some places and is bigger in size as well.

In Pakistan the phone is launching with 8GB RAM and 128GB built-in Storage and it has 5 colors Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush Silver, Prism Crush Pink, and our today’s device meaning Prism Crush Blue. The retail price of the phone is set to Rs. 70,000.

That is all for the intro Now, lets move towards the unboxing, and then provide you with its first impressions. Lets start the unboxing by removing the plastic from the box. The phone’s warranty card is present along with it.

So, here is the handset of Galaxy A71, but first, there comes a SIM ejector tool with the phone, some user manuals, which are in Urdu, Cheers to it! And a Silicon protective case. Moving forward, there is a Super Fast charging power brick of 25W, a USB Type-C cable, and a hands free headset.

Now, lets take a closer look at the handset. The design language of Galaxy A71 is same as we saw in Galaxy A51 and Samsung’s Lite series. There is the protection of Gorilla Glass 3 at the front of the phone where as the back is of this shiny “Glastic” material which flexible and durable like Plastic but its shine and scratch resistance is like a Glass.

There is this geometric prism type pattern at the back On which, when light falls from different angles colourful shades are produced. The overall profile of the phone is really slim and the plastic rail in the middle of the front and back is also blue by matching it with the colour of the body.

If we talk about the button placements and ports the Power and Screen On/Off button and Volume rockers are at the right side of the phone, where as there is no Bixby button at the left side only the phone’s SIM tray is present. And this phone has a full Dual SIM support meaning there is a dedicated SD card slot present and in this phone you can insert 2 SIMs and a micro SD card all together.

If we look at the bottom here is this phone’s headphone jack, USB Type-C port, mic, and a speaker grill. In Galaxy A71 there is a huge 6.7 inches of Super AMOLED Infinity-O Display which has a resolution of 1080×2400 and its pixel density is 393 ppi where as the aspect ratio is 20:9 In the display the selfie camera is in this hole-punch cutout which has now became common feature in the mid range and flagship phones of Samsung.

You also get features like “Dark Mode” and “Always-On Display” in the phone and in this display, an in-display fingerprint sensor is also given. And previously Galaxy A70 got beaten alot because of its sluggish finger print sensor, so, we will have to see this time how is the performance of this finger print reader, it does not seem fast at first sight but I will have to use to for a few days to find out how its performance really is.

So, now lets talk about the hardware and specification of Galaxy A71 and surely, for me, this phone’s chipset and GPU configuration is an exciting feature. In the phone, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 is added which is based on 8nm architecture and is considered a state of the art mid range chipset to a great extent, along with it, there is Adreno 618 GPU in the phone.

As I told you before, there is 8GB RAM in the phone, and a 128GB built-in UFS 2.1 Storage. If we take a look at it collectively this is a very powerful configuration Galaxy A71 is a great setup for power users and gamers Along with that, there’s full Dual SIM support in the phone, and out of the box, this phone ships with Android 10.0 on top which, Samsung’s own One UI 2.0 has been added Personally.

I am really happy with this configuration specially in this price point and I think that Samsung will give a great fight to its competitors as well, I admit competitors like Xiaomi are still offering lower priced phone, but the brand name of Samsung is a really strong brand name and with that giving a Snapdragon 730 is a really great move in my opinion.

Moving forward if we talk about the battery size and the charging speed inside of Galaxy A71 there is a huge battery of 4500 mAh and Samsung’s 25W Super Fast charge is also given in this phone which we also saw last year in A70, and surely this is one of my favoutrite features.

This configuration means half a battery will charge in half an hour and the phone will take about 1.5 hours to charge the full battery which is a really great thing with this big of a battery. And I don’t think you will face any isuues with this huge battery, and surely the huge battery, 25W fast charging, Snapdragon 730, and with 8GB RAM, this phone, for gamers and productivity users, and high performance users, is highly suited for them.

Now, lets talk about the cameras of Galaxy A71 there is a quad camera setup given at the back in which there is a 64MP Wide angle camera with f/1.8 aperture, a 12MP Ultrawide camera with f/2.2 aperture, a 5MP Dedicated Macro camera with f/2.4 aperture with which you can take pictures of very small things from very closely, and this gives an interesting perspective, and a 5MP Depth sensor.

The maximum video recording resolution of the back camera is set to 4K at 30 frames per second. If we talk about the camera at the front in this hole-punch cutout there is a 32MP selfie shooter with f/2.2 aperture.

This camera setup, to a great extent, is similar to the camera setup of Galaxy A51, the only difference is that there was a 48MP main sensor in that one where as this one has a 64MP main sensor, but I am really excited for this setup because for me a favourite feature of Galaxy A51 was its camera I think the mid range phone of Samsung are getting benefits from the RnD of their bigger brothers and are also seeing some improvements in their cameras.

I am interested to see, that by increasing the megapixel count does the image quality gets better or not? Keep in mind, that I will do the in-depth analysis of this phone’s camera for the full review of this phone, I really liked the last year’s Galaxy A70 but their were some quirks in it firstly, its fingerprint sensor was very sluggish and there was Snapdragon 675 in it which was not really impressive, it was fine had a good performance but wasn’t very impressive, so, I am really interested to see how this phone will perform with Snapdragon 730.

Along with it I think the camera of this phone is going to be great because I really liked the one in Galaxy A51. And I hope that in Galaxy A71, the fingerprint issues in Galaxy A70 would have been resolved. Surely, in mid range price segment Galaxy A71 is the closest to a flagship you can get. Now, I will use this phone for a few days and will report back with its full review. That is all for this artical. I hope you liked it. I will meet you in the next one. Goodbye!

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