Best Samsung Galaxy – Good News Everyone

Best Samsung Galaxy – Good News Everyone

Best Samsung Galaxy – Good News Everyone

We’ve been hearing murmurs about the Samsung Galaxy, with everything from the code-name to screen sizes apparently leaking. But in possibly the biggest leak so far about Samsung’s 3rd foldable device, we get to know almost everything about the handset and there’sa lot of good news. First off, this information comes from the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants who says that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a 120 Hz display just like the Galaxy S20 series.

The foldable panel will have a 7.59-inch display with a resolution of 2213 by 1689. There were rumors that Samsung will use the under-display camera technology on the Fold 2 but it turns out the tech isn’t ready yet. Samsung will instead use a punch-hole cutout just like the Galaxy S20 series. And it’s safe to assume it would be at the corner and not at the center.

Another good news is the Fold 2 will havethe S-Pen support. There was a report a few days ago that S-Pendidn’t make the cut on the Fold 2, it was mentioned that Samsung wanted to make the handset lighter th an the original fold but looks like that wasn’t true. The S-Pen support is indeed included and that’sgreat news for the Note fans.

I saw a lot of Galaxy Note users mentioning that they would consider buying the Galaxy Fold if there is support for the S-Pen. So surely this is going to attract a lot of Note fans as well as it will give Samsung a distinct edge over its competitors because companies like Huawei, Motorola or anyone who makes foldable handset can’t have theS-Pen that will push the foldable phone-tablet formula to new heights.

Now, according to Ross, the Fold 2 will have an Ultra-thin Glass to support the S-Pen. Now as seen on the Galaxy Z Flip, the ultra-thinglass has a plastic layer on top keep it all together. But as a result, even after using the Ultra-thinglass, it was easy to make scratches with a pointy object because the outer most layer was plastic.

So I hope the plastic layer on top of theUltra-thin glass on the Fold 2 is resilient enough to sustain pressure from pointy objects such as the S-Pen or maybe let’s hope Samsung would have made an all-new stylus to workon the Fold 2.I guess We’ll know soon enough.

Now coming to the front, it will have a 6.23″display which considerably bigger than the 4.6″ of the original Galaxy Fold. It will have a resolution of 2267 by 819 andthe good news is it won’t have a notch but instead will have a punch-hole camera cut out just like the Galaxy S20. The smaller front display was one of the biggest complaints users had with the original fold so good to learn that Samsung is changing that with the Fold 2.

Now, unlike the inner display which has 120Hz refresh rate, the outer display is 60Hz which sucks to be honest because you’re surely goingto notice the difference. The 120Hz display will spoil you for sure and the outer 60Hz display will feel like crap. Ross tweeted that he will give us more information about the camera, launch date and most importantly the price next week.

According to previous information, we learned that the Fold 2 will be slightly less expensive than the original Fold that’s because there will also be a 256GB storage variant this instead of just 512GB on the original Fold. In any case, I’ll keep you informed whenever Ross decides to share new information on the Fold 2.

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