Best Samsung Galaxy M51 – Monster 7000 mAh battery Phone

Best Samsung Galaxy M51 – Monster 7000 mAh battery Phone

Best Samsung Galaxy M51 – Monster 7000 mAh battery Phone

Hey Everyone, my purchases generally circle around my current tech not working for some reason or the other. My s20 + is now out of commission and beingin warranty I sent it to a Samsung service centre to be brought back to life.

My old s6 edge plus is too slow to use, with some functions looking like it’s taking too long to respond. To end this torture, I picked up the galaxy M51, a mid range phone with surprisingly great spec’s.

Let’s check it out in this artical. I have here the Samsung Galaxy M51, yes there are a lot of other phones in this price point I could have looked at but being used to Samsung phones didn’t look anywhere else. Also Samsung did cripple their phones using their exynos SOC, which is why I was looking out for a phone which at least has a Snap dragon processor instead.

The m31 looked good, but is exynos, not that it’s bad but it does have some short comings. Raise the budget a bit and we have the galaxy M51. This phone is part of the new monster seriesof phones, which have massive batteries, this one specifically having a 7000 mAh batterywhich is unheard of. 7000 mAh, I hope that does translate into better battery life. Let’s open the box, we have the phone right on top.

It’s massive, size wise similar to my s20plus, but heft. Yeah, it’s there, it does feel a bit heavy, not much but. We have a 25 watt fast charger, a usb-c to usb-c cable. As usual the documentation and sim tool are present on the top half of the box. Sadly, there’s no case in the box, and also the earphones seem to be missing. Do phones in this price range not provideany earphones, or it only Samsung? Back to the phone, I have the electric blue version.

There is also a celestial black option available. Here’s the back of the phone, electric blue, looks quite nice. It has a glass sheen to it, but this is actually plastic or glasstic as advertised. With a 7000 mAh phone I expected it to be quite heavy, but it feels good in the hand. Samsung has done their home work and the weight distribution seems to be well done.

It’s a heavy phone but doesn’t feel like it in the hand. The sim tray is dual sim and one memory card slot. Samsung, why don’t you implement this in your flag ships. Here I can use two sim cards and a memory card, on my s20 plus I can either use two sims or one sim and one memory card. This is one major feature I feel is missingin your flag ships. Now let’s turn it on.

Hope it has some charge in the battery, generally manufacturers charge up devices to 50% while packing. Oh, i didn’t expect knox at this price point, knox is basically Samsung’s mobile security solution. Great to see that it’s available at this price point. It’s ready, and we are greeted by the huge6.7 inch display. Super a moled plus, Samsung makes the best displays and this is no slouch. Super AMOLED plus displays are quite thin, which effectively reduced some mm on the overall phone’s lateral height.

2400x 1080 pixels FHD+ resolution, 20:9 ratio,393 ppi density with Glass front (Gorilla Glass 3), Samsung should have gone with at least gorilla glass 5 which is a bit disappointing. My s6 edge plus a phone from 2015 has Gorilla glass 4. We have an ambient light sensor on the phone which changes the display brightness as per ambient light conditions. 420 nits, bright enough for out door view ability. Bezels are quite thin, which is a plus.

This panel is 60hz, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for high refresh rate displays. But that aside the colours look awesome. On the side we have the power button which is also the finger print sensor and above that we have the volume rocker. Not sure why they moved the volume rocker to this side, just like it’s flag ship brethren.

Finger print sensor being a hardware sensor,I like the speed the phone unlocks, and it’s quite accurate. Super fast, and you will understand if you’recoming from an in display finger print sensor. Click ness is present, so you know you’ve pressed the button.

Set finger prints on the other hand too how you would generally hold the phone, so that it can unlock that way too. You cannot unlock the phone easily while it’son a table, but it’s fast when you pick it up. Face unlock is also present, which is fine, not very secure. I would suggest the finger print sensor for more security. NFC is also present, which is rare in mid range phones. Dolby sound, which is software based enhancements, it’s there if you need it.

Processor is the Snapdragon 730G, and I havethe 8Gb RAM, 128gb storage which costs around 2k more than the 6gb version. Both versions come with 128 GB UFS-2.1 storage,only the RAM size changes which are LPDDR4X. I picked up the m51 specifically for the snap dragon 730G, as I don’t like the performance and battery life that exynos provides.

The phone uses One UI 2.1 which i’ve become quite used to on all my Samsung devices. It’s polished, the animations are fast and fluid and there are a lot of features which have become indispensable tools for me. Samsung have their own software preinstalled, with some apps like netflix also available out of the box.

Best Samsung Galaxy M51 – Monster 7000 mAh battery Phone

Best Samsung Galaxy M51 – Monster 7000 mAh battery Phone

We have a hole punch or infinity O camera notch top and center on the front display, it’s 32 megapixel with a f2.0 aperture and26mm wide. 16 mm is the sweet spot, let’s see how good26 mm is. The rear shooter or shooter’s are 64 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide) imx 682 sensor,with PDAF which is fast. 12 MP, f/2.2, 123˚ (ultrawide) which is quitewide 5 MP, f/2.4, (macro), which is nice as I don’t need a macro lens to get macro shots.

Even my s20 plus does not have this And the last one 5 MP, f/2.4, (depth) which is used for depth detection, mostly to be used in portrait photos. The 64 mega pixel mode is surprisingly hidden under the aspect ration option, select it from there and you can shoot in 64 mega pixelselse it is always 16 megapixels. Same for the 32 megapixel front camera.

The rear cameras are respectable, the pictures come out really crisp and the colour saturation is quite nice, which is also due to the quality of the display provided. Everything looks nice on this display. But the camera is top notch, dare I say flag ship grade.

I will have to test more which I will updatein a future artical. Video recording can go all the way up to 4k 30fps and the front camera can go only upto 1080p 30. Quality is great but there’s no OIS or optical image stabilization. The camera software is feature rich too, with some newer features like single take also available on the m51 which is a necessity when you have kids, as they keep running around.

Single take takes multiple photos and video which helps you get the right shot. Super slow motion, portrait mode ,hyper lapse the works . Having a Snap dragon processor we have support for Camera 2 api, so will support Gcam or google camera app.

This phone camera has the most important features necessary for everyday use and more. With HDR and Widevine L1 CDM support streaming apps like Netflix take advantage of it and the colors pop, and the videos look beautiful. Speakers, are fine, they’re loud but not stereo which should have been possible looking at the size of the phone.

They’re fine, calls and streaming video sound good, but could have been louder. Another surprising feature is the 3.5 mm jack, which is present on this device, so those who have been dejected with the loss of the 3.5mm jack on their usb-c phones this is one that has it, and it also has FM radio usinga headset. This is cool, if you need it. It has multiple micro phones for noise reduction, and let’s check out the quality of the mic’s on the Galaxy M51.

Connectivity wise we have Dual 4g VoLTE, Wifi calling, bluetooth 5.0 whatever you need it’s present on this phone. And now for the star of the show the battery. Battery is 7000 mAh, and thank god it hasa 25 watt charger, else it would have taken forever to charge. It takes around 2 hours to topup the battery from 0. Life is estimated to be around 2 days for light use, which is the basic selling point of the M series, or monster battery.

I will have to test this out. This phone is great for gaming, especially on the go. And we also have reverse charging where the phone acts like a power bank. If you want to help your friends out witha quick power top-up from your phone with a 7000 mAh battery, you can do that.

Works great. So my thoughts, I chose this phone specificallydue to the feature set available, it has everything i need, great display,long battery life, goodcameras, great performance especially with a snapdragon 730g processor.

This might even be better than my flag ships 20 plus in terms of over all value. But there will be some features missing suchas water resistance, it is splash resistant but not water proof, no wireless charging. The haptic motor also sounds and feels quite different which is what we pay for in the premium variants I guess. At this price point I feel it’s a great all round phone.

The snap dragon 730g is not the best snap dragon processor available and other brands have phones at a lower price with the same processor, but if you want a Samsung phone this is one of the best options available at present, at this price point. i hope this artical helpfull for you. share it with your friends. thankyou.

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