Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – New Features – Important Setting

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – New Features – Important Setting

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – New Features – Important Setting

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the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has finally been revealed in a new hands-on leak and I’ll be sharing the details right now. the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 a new hands-on League of the galaxy note 20 ultra FCC certification of the galaxy note 20 in a new leak on the pricing of the phones before we get started though.

how much you think the Galaxy Note 20 and the note 20 ultra are going to be   priced at so first of all we have news that the Galaxy Note 20 has passed the   FCC certification, which also gives us some confirmation of specs first of all   we’ve got the confirmation that the Galaxy Note 20 is going to be using the snapdragon 865.

now it’s thought that this should be the 865 plus but that’s not something we get confirmed from the FCC document it also confirms 5g wireless charging a new s-pen and then it’s gonna have an LED view cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra. 

the document focuses on communication instead of the actual design but of course we’ve got a new hands on leak that we’ll be taking a look at in just a second for any one who is concerned about the price rikiya low is advised that the note 20 series is gonna be the most expensive note ever many were hoping that after a huge price on the s20 ultra that samsung may turn things down a bit with the note but that doesn’t look to be the case.

its predecessor launched at a price of 950 dollars so we expect that the note 20 is going to be about 999 dollars and of course the note 20 ultra will be more now the most exciting news. 

we’ve had is of course the hands on leak of the note 20 ultra it was only last week that Samsung accidentally leaked their own renders on their website and now we’ve got Jimmy as promo sharing actual photos on Twitter unlike the first photo leaks.

we normally get with the smartphone these are actually high quality close-up pictures of the Galaxy Note 20 first of all we get a shot of the front display of the Galaxy Note 20.

you can see at the top left we have something covered up with tape and this   is probably to protect himself in its covering up some details so with the   magic of Photoshop.

I’ve removed it for you guys now apologies is it’s not the best job but but I was short of time but it should give you guys a good idea of what to expect from the Galaxy Note 20 ice universe also provided us with the same shot of its predecessor.

Galaxy Note 20

we can see not only does the Galaxy Note 20 have trimmed-down bezels on the top but it also has a much smaller selfie camera Jimmy also provided us with a shop more to the side that shows us just how thin the Galaxy Note 20 ultra is going to be when we also get to see the volume rocker and the power buttons next we get a photo of the back of the phone that gives us a good look at the note 20 ultras s-pen as well as the camera arrangement again there is a watermark here.

so I’m going to remove this with the magic of Photoshop for those that want to get a good look at the s-pen, one thing we can see here though is that the note 20 ultras camera module is huge we have a respectable rectangular bump coming out to the phone.

the rectangle is still fairly thin so if it takes decent photos then I’m happy now finally we’ve got an outdoor shot of the Galaxy Note 20 ultra that again shows off its huge camera bump and back glass now, but personally I think the back and the cameras that do look very premium and I for one I’m happy with the overall design.

the launch is however approaching very quickly and it’s now less than a month away with the day set as an online-only launch event for the 5th of August of course we’ve already covered at the rest of the specs including the design the display the cameras in the hardware.

the Samsung galaxy note 20 is coming with a six point seven inch AMOLED display with a punch hole selfie camera top center what many were hoping for the in display selfie camera.

it’s not gonna happen and it’s most likely gonna be for the S range the dimensions come in at one hundred and sixty one point eight by seventy five point three by eight point five millimeters which makes the no 21 millimeter thicker than its predecessor and significantly larger overall.

the display on the note 20

one thing that you may have already noticed is a flat display on the note 20, the curved display you can see that on the note 20, we’ve got the volume and   the home buttons on the right hand side leaving the left side completely clear.

if we take a look under neath we’ve got USB type-c port a microphone a speaker grill and the s-pen at the far left the SIM tray is now located at the   top of the galaxy note 20 on the rear, we’ve got a rectangular camera module   similar to the S range and it’s 38.1 mil longer by 21.9 wide Samsung reportedly still working on these cameras.

so we don’t have any confirmation on what they’re gonna be but it’s expected it will contain either the HM one or the GN one from Samsung we can of course see that we’ve got three lenses on the left with a periscope lens on the right under neath the LED flash you can see the back panel is curved on both edges.

we’ve got slight curves on all corners and overall it looks like a comfortable device to hold and still a very premium smartphone next up we’ve got my favorite which is the samsung galaxy note 20 plus, these renders were provided by Pigtown on leaks and what we have most of the details that there’s still some unconfirmed information.

the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 plus is coming with the largest 6.9 inch curved AMOLED display and we’ve got a punch hole camera top-center we’ve had plenty of display leaks from Ross young but he has since deleted the tweets.

so we can only assume there’s an issue or he’s been asked to remove them we’re expecting an LT Pio display but again we’ve got the punch hole selfie camera as in display cameras just aren’t ready yet the note 20 plus dimensions come in at 165 by 77.2 or by seven point six millimeters but with the trim down bezels it is pretty much all screen.

power buttons

we’ve got the volume and power buttons on the right hand side with the left completely smooth the bottom layout is the same as the note 20 with the S Pen at the far left followed by speaker USB port and microphone on the rear.

we’ve got another rectangular camera housing but you can see it is a little bit different from the smaller note 20 and I have to say I much prefer this one it looks a little bulky with bigger lenses but I actually really like these camera rings.

I think it adds to the premium look of the device, we’ve got two cameras on the Left which reportedly could be the Samsung HM one and the GN one we’ve got the periscope lens under neath over on the right hand side you can see a true depth camera under neath the LED flash again the edges are curved on the back and overall it looks like it’s gonna be a great device.  

we still haven’t had any details on the pricing and probably won’t until closer   to the launch towards the end of the year but it’s gonna be interesting to see where they price it the note line is always the most premium of the range will apart from the newly added fold but the S range was priced relatively high and it sold less than expected.

so this could affect the pricing on the note when it comes to pricing it will of course be an expensive device prices are expected to start at about 1100 to 1200 dollars for the standard note 20 and around 1,400 to 1,500 dollars for the galaxy note 20 plus or galaxy note 20 ultra as it may also be called given the success of this year’s.

Lite models it’s also likely that we’ll get a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lite released further down the line it’s a great time to be a Samsung fan with so many phones being released by the company.

we’ve got a huge selection in the a range the premium and the note line on top of the Galaxy fold and the galaxy zed flip phone now I have to say the Z flip phone is the only one that doesn’t really excite me but that’s just because I see it is a little bit unnecessary.

it’s sort of trying to solve a problem that isn’t really there in the first place   being over complicate did for very little reason of course that’s just my opinion though and I’m sure it will be a successful phone being priced much lower than the fold of course that’s all the information and estimates we have today but as soon as any solid information comes to light.

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